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Monday, November 30, 2009

Going "wild" with Leopards.....

I used to think that any leopard prints is just too "old-fashioned" for my liking.  Maybe I just happen to see so many older ladies here wearing leopard prints which made me feel that way.

But I completely changed my mind when I see so many fashionable models wearing leopard prints on the runway, which is the actually the trend for fall.  Now I have all kinds of leopard prints.....scarves, tops, shoes, socks etc....:P 

So, I want to share with you 2 ensembles today which feature LEOPARD prints.....hope you like them.

- French Connection gray leopard tunic with extra wide bat sleeves

- Vertical Club black fitted pants

- Miu Miu Bow Satchel in Amarena color w/ silver hw

- Zara gray long boots with multiple side buckle details

- Scarf: French Connection purple long wool scarf
- RingChanel 08A black&white ring from the "Le Duc" collection

- Earrings: Gray floral dangling earrings with beads (no brand - bought from a local shop)
- Sunglasses: Tom Ford "Jaquelin" black/orange rim sunglasses with brown gradient lens

I want to keep this outfit simple because the emphasis is on the extra wide bat sleeves.  So I didn't add any layering at all, except for the extra long purple wool scarf.  I chose the purple color to give a bit of contrast to the dull colors of black and gray.  Purple goes very nice with gray and black.


Here are some close-up pictures of my Miu Miu Bow satchel....
 (I bought it last year from Saks but have never carried it till now.....:P  This is actually my only Miu Miu in my entire bag collection.)
Love the rich purplish-pink color of this bag...

And the side bows are just too cute...

Close-Up of my Zara gray boots...

Close-Up of my Accessories...

  This is another ensemble with leopard print which I posted in my August Chanel reveal thread on tPF....
- Bottom Layer: b+ab gray long camisole w/ layered lace & ruffled hem at bottom
- Middle Layer ==> eHyphen World Gallery Brown/Black Leopard print chiffon top w/ assymetrical hem
- Top Layer ==> Backless black vest (no brand - bought from a HK local shop)

- Slim fit indigo jeans (no brand - bought from a HK local shop)

- Chanel 09A Taupe Classic Caviar Jumbo w/ silver hw

- Christian Louboutin Tan color "Gabin 140" peeptoe pumps w/ chunky wooden heels

- Necklace: Mango coral/red ethnic chunky necklace
- Earrings: Satellite Paris ethnic red/turquoise/coral/orange dangling earrings
- Ring: Chanel 09 Prefall Paris-Moscou "Tsarina" light gold ring w/ strass
- Belt: Mango red elastic belt
- Sunglasses: Chloe "Myrte" sunglasses in chocolate color with gradient brown lens
Close-Up of my CL tan-color "Gabin" platform peeptoe pumps w/ wooden heels....
(They are 140mm high but not that hard to walk in...hehe!)
Close-up pictures of my ensemble....

This is a backless vest with only a belt at the back....
I love the asymmetrical finish of the trim, and also the flare sleeves of the top....
Close-up of my Mango red/coral ethnic necklace...
Close-up of my earrings from "Satellite"...
Close-up of my Chanel 09 Prefall Paris-Moscou "Tsarina" Gold Ring...


  1. Hi Mia! I love your taupe Chanel!! I've never been really big on beige or taupe but looking at your pictures, I think I'm going to have to add this to my Chanel wishlist :P

  2. Love your style!

    Lovely blog!

  3. looking good in both outfits.

    i only have one miumiu bag in my collection too.

    love that CL very prive pumps on your feet!

  4. I love both outfits, most people when they wear leopard all you see it the leopard, but the way you styled it is perfect, really blends in. Love the taupe Chanel, I just did a post on the history of the Chanel 2.55 you might like, have a great week xx Pearl

  5. Hi Purse Addict! Thanks! Yes yes, please add this taupe caviar to your wishlist! It's really a great versatile color, I love that it's with a pinkish-beige tone, not too yellow not too beige. Just right for a neutral bag. It actually kind of resembles the color of the 08 prefall goatskin camel patent flap, but more pinkish. :D Just left a comment on your blog too!

    Hi Dylana, thanks and welcome to my blog! I visited your blog too! You have great style. Your photos look like straight out from magazine shootings. Oh, you look very cute with red lips! :D Thanks again for stopping by!

    Hi Julia, thanks! Which Miu Miu bag do you have in your collection BTW? Oh those CL heels are actually called "Gabin". They look like Very Prive, but the platform is thicker and heel height is higher at 140mm. :D Can't wait to see your new shoe loot too!

    Hi Pearl! Thanks so much for your compliments! It's really encouraging. :D I must read your post about the history of Chanel 2.55 February 1955 later. Thanks for stopping by and have a great week too!


  6. I love the leopard blouse w/ that fancy necklace...busy but pretty!!

    Oh, yes, the CL pump is pretty but the taupe Chanel is just gorgeous!!

  7. omg that miu miu bag is to die for!! i love miu miu, one of my favorite designer labels :))


  8. where do i start??! LOVE the CL tan heels, chanel ring (omg, it's gorgeous), chanel and miu miu bags....accessories make all the difference, don't they!


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