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Friday, July 3, 2009

Confession of a Shopaholic....aka. Moi!!!

So, it's the US sale season. Since I haven't really bought anything before during US sales season, I got so "carried away" this year.

After making a list of what I have bought, I was so shocked (but proud at the same time...hahaha!) that I actually bought 42 pairs of designer shoes in total!! I've set a new record I think!!

For the record, I bought:
- 14 pairs of Louboutin (and this is my 1st time buying Louboutin)
- 10 pairs of Chanel
- 5 pairs of Ferragamo
- 4 pairs of Lanvin
- 4 pairs of Valentino
- 2 pairs of Givenchy
- 2 pairs of Marni
- 1 pair of Pedro Garcia

Not bad huh?! You know, I am actually a shoe addict. I used to have around 500 pairs of shoes when I was still working and single. But after I got married and gave birth, I gave more than half of my shoes to my cousins as my feet grew 1.5 size bigger.

That's why I need NEW SHOES!! LOL!! Besides, it's so hard to buy shoes here in Hong Kong coz I have large feet for an Asian. I wear size 40 to 40.5 which is so hard to find here in Hong Kong.

Anyway, I'm still waiting for some to arrive. I'll take pictures of my shoes after I receive everything.

Stay tuned!
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