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Sunday, November 15, 2009

I Love Owls!! :D

Hey gals,

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.

Finally, it's getting cold here in HK, so I can now wear my fave knits, scarves, boots etc!!  I love winter very much as I always think clothes for winter are much nicer than summer.  LOL!

Anyway, just want to dedicate this post to one of my favorite....OWLS!!  Owls are such mysterious and cool creature, so I really like anything with tanks, shirts, knits, accessories etc.  I kind of collect them and buy whenever I see a nice "Owl".

So, here are a couple of my ensembles with something "owl" to share with you, some have been posted before on tPF Mommy thread.  Hope you like them!

My ODJ today....very very "street casual"...hehe!

- Bottom Layer: b+ab orange knit pullover with puffy sleeves and black owl print
- Top Layer: Coigirl Magic cream color turtle neck with extra long sleeves

- Chevignon stone-washed straight cut jeans (rolled up to become a pair of cropped jeans)

- Prada rusty brown deerskin bowler (from 2007)

- Staccato olive green wrinkled shiny calf leather lace-up booties with metal heels

- Scarf: b+ab black wool scarf with loops/fringes
- Socks: Dark teal/gray/mustard/fuchsia square dots knee socks (from Japan)
- Earrings: Satellite Paris 3-dimensional dangling earrings w/ beige tassle

You can see the Owl better now....:D

Paired my olive green booties w/ printed socks for some contrast..

And this is my one and only Prada....I really love the deerskin leather and the style is just so classic....

Close-Up of my earrings...

2nd Owl Ensemble......w/ my sequined Owl tank top

- Bottom Layer: As Know As De Base electric blue lace trim camisole
- Middle Layer: Mango black loose tank w/ sequined OWL design
- Top Layer: Zara black/white striped blazer w/ dotted trim

- French Connection black wide leg pants

- Chanel 09A Metallic Gray Lambskin Jumbo w/ ruthenium hw

- Pedro Garcia black denim round-toe pumps w/ pearl & strass embellishments

- Earrings: Vintage off-white w/ brushed gold effect loop earrings w/ leaves prints (bought from a local costume jewelery designer)
- Necklace: Vintage off-white chunky caged heart pendant necklace w/ black rose (bought from a local costume jewelery designer)
- Belt: Pewter thin belt (no brand - bought from a HK local shop)
- Sunglasses: Tom Ford "Jaquelin" brown gradient sunglasses

Close-Up of my Owl sequined top....

 Close-Up of my Necklace and Pedro Garcia Shoes...

3rd Owl Ensemble......w/ my special hand-made chunky leather necklace w/ Owl

I really love this necklace soooooooo much! Bought it from a Japanese designer, and only 1 was made for each of his design as it's quite complicated to make one. So it's very unique. I'm so happy to have the opportunity to purchase it.

- Bottom layer: French Connection cream cotton long tank top
- Middle layer: Nanashi chiffon diagonal stripes cream + beige top w/ exposed shoulders tied by ribbon
- Top layer: b+ab olive green cotton vest with floral pattern and embossed polka dots khaki trim

- Wide leg jeans (bought from Korea)

- Chanel SS09 Navy "Pearls Obsession" Small Accordion Tote with silver chains

- Nine West Camel studded flats (Nine West)

- Necklace: Beige/Bronze color theme leather hand-made chunky necklace with owl,leaves, flowers, crystals and faux gray/white pearls (bought from a Japanese designer)
- Earrings: Chanel Heart + CC multicolor dangling "mosaic" earrings
- Sunglasses: Chloe "Myrte" sunglasses in chocolate color with gradient brown lens


Details of my layered the different texture and patterns of the tops...

Close-Up of my Chanel earrings

4th Owl Ensemble......w/ my special Owl necklace and earrings

I actually love wearing a different earring for right ear and left ear....:D

- As Know As De Base khaki-brown polka dot dress
- As Know As De Base brown "dual" long sleeves turtleneck (brown + khaki neck)
- b+ab dark fuchsia chiffon long jacket with hood

- Giordano Ladies brown washed leather long boots

- Chanel 07A "Bubble Quilt" Lambskin Bowler in Dark Beige with matte gold hardware

- Necklace: No Being gray Owl w/ painter's hat necklace
- Earrings: No Being purple Owl Earrings (left & right different pieces)
- Sunglasses: Chanel "5120" sunglasses in tortoise w/ brown gradient lens

 Haha..this picture was taken last year at the Club House of our old residential place...

without wearing the dark fuchsia chiffon jacket....

5th Owl Ensemble......w/ my chunky Owl brooch


- Bottom Layer: Yellowish orange turtle neck (no brand)
- Middle Layer: Electric blue cotton "tulip" short sleeves turtle neck long top (no brand)
- Top Layer: Orange/red/blue checkered wool cape w/ detachable black vest inside (bought from a local boutique)

- Vertical Club black slim fit pants

- Chanel 2007 Bronze Python Timeless Classic Clutch
- Chanel 08 Fall Act 1 Dark Silver Reissue w/ ruthenium hw Size 227

- Millies Camel/"yellowish brown" brushed leather cowboy boots w/ side buckle

- Earrings: Satellite Paris Ethnic 3-dimensional dangling earrings w/ beige tassle
- Brooch: Vintage-look cream/brush gold chunky brooch w/ dangling OWL, ANGEL, CROSS, HEART, LEAF etc. (bought from a Hong Kong local designer)
- Sunglasses: Tom Ford "Jaquelin" sunglasses w/ gradient brown lens

With Chanel bronze python clutch... 

With Chanel Dark Silver Reissue w/ ruthenium hw Size 227

Took off the checkered cape and used just the detachable black vest which came w/ the cape.....I also used the chunky brooch to connect the 2 button holes so that the vest can be "closed" (this vest only have button holes, but no buttons at all).

Love the tulip sleeves of this blue top...

See how the colors mix together...

So, that's it for my "Owl" theme....hehe!  Well, I have more owl accessories in my drawers, will incorporate them in my ensembles in the future.

That's "Owl" Folks!!  Hope you enjoy the pix...:D

Have a nice weekend to you all!

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