Pictures by Bella Pilar

Friday, November 20, 2009

My 1st Giveaway....for Christmas! :D

Hi girls,

How are you doing?  I'm not feeling too well these days coz of the change of weather here.  Having running nose and sore throat I'm a bit slow on everything.

Anyway, I stumbled onto something when I was searching for a top in my closet.  I haven't worn it even once, but it's a very nice black top/blouse from Gay Giano (a local brand which sells very chic/classic clothing).  I can't wear it now as the size is too small for me after giving birth to my son.  LOL!!!!  So, I thought, I want to give it out to you girls as my first GIVEAWAY!

I'll take some pictures for it tomorrow and let you know how to join this giveaway. 

Hehe..this is my first bear with me. :D

Till then...good nite.

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