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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Another batch of new shoes from........

Salvatore Ferragamo!
It has been quite a while since I bought a pair of Ferragamo shoes. The last pair I bought was way back in 2006 when I was in Milan. Ferragamo shoes had been my work shoes ever since I started to work. Yup, they are boring, but they are formal and comfortable enough for work, that's why I bought them. So where are all my Ferragamo shoes now? Haha.....all gone after I gave birth as they don't fit anymore because my feet are now 1.5 sizes bigger than before I gave birth. So, I gave them all to my cousins.

Recently, I visited Ferragamo boutique again supposedly to buy a tie (turtle tie for my husband) and a pair of cufflinks. But instead, I brought home these shoes! LOL!! Women can never stay "focused" when it comes to shopping. We always get "carried away"....hehe!

I have been wanting a pair of Varina flats since this style was first released a few years back. I finally pulled the trigger and got myself 2 shocking colors. I love these patents leathers! Yummy yummy!

1st Pair: Fuchsia/Candy pink patent "Varina" flats with gunmetal hw
(got them on sale here in Hong Kong Ferragamo boutique)

Quick modeling pictures....

2nd Pair: Coral/orange patent "Varina" flats with silver hw
( US$157.90 from Saks!!!! How cheap can that be??!! This color was released in 2008 and the one this pair I got is the last pair and only size (my size, Yay!!!) left in the company. I was lucky to get them at such a bargain "unbelievable" price. It feels like Cinderella..LOL!)

Quick modeling pictures....

3rd Pair: Metallic "blush"/champagne "Ribes2" open toe pumps with kitten heels
(got them on sale here in Hong Kong Ferragamo boutique. I love this special champagne color because it's not always easy to find such color. )

It looks more lavendar/gray in these pictures, but in real life, it's more pinkish)

Quick modeling pictures..

4th Pair: Nude with brush effect "Mia" open-toe pumps with wooden heels (US$344.90 on sale from Nordstrom)

Love the blackish brush effect on the nude leather....

And I'm loving this wooden heel (I am in love with all sorts of wooden heels...hehe..don't know why. :P)

Quick modeling picture....

I really love the silhouette of these pumps

5th Pair: Taupe "Metz" peeptoe pumps with wooden platform and special "cage" heels (got them on sale here in Hong Kong Ferragamo boutique)

I love this special designed heels with the "cage" effect!

Not to mention the black jewel in the middle of the front it!

Quick modeling picture...

And finally, the group picture of my new Ferragamo family!

That's all folks! Hope you like them!
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