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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My CHANEL LOOT from PARIS and some SHOPPING tips! :)

Hi dears,

As promised, this post is about my little CHANEL shopping spree in Paris.  Well, if you've read my last post on Hermes, you know that I don't have much left in my wallet to shop for CHANEL! LOL!  But I'm very contented with my current CHANEL collection, so I'm happy to bring home only these goodies this time.

For those who might be travelling to Paris and NOT residing in the European Union (E.U.), I just want to let you know the current "rules" of CHANEL boutiques in Paris (may not apply to department stores like Lafayette/Printemps/Le Bon Marche which have a CHANEL shop inside) in case you are planning to buy any Chanel items:

1. For Bags - each passport is ONLY allowed to buy 2 bags maximum
2. For Costume Jeweleries (CJs) - each passport is ONLY allowed to buy 4 pieces of CJs maximum, and among these 4 pieces, you cannot exceed a maximum of 2 pieces for each category of jewelery (so, you can buy 2 necklaces and 2 bracelets, but you cannot buy 3 necklaces and 1 bracelet because your necklace purchase have exceeded the limit of 2 pieces for each category)
3. For Wallets - each passport is ONLY allowed to buy 4 wallets maximum
4. For Shoes - NO LIMIT (phew!!  I love CHANEL shoes! LOL!)
5. For Ready to Wear - NO LIMIT (phew!!!  I love CHANEL RTW and will venture into this category maybe next year! LOL!)

** CHANEL in Paris is doing this because they want to prevent resellers (especially from Asia) from buying everything and anything from the boutiques.  I think this is a great policy because I really HATE RESELLERS who charge such high prices vs. boutique prices and then in the end, we as the end-user suffer as there are nothing left in the boutiques to buy at normal prices because of these resellers snatching away everything, and then some end-users who are really desperate will have no choice but to buy from resellers at a huge premium.

Anyway, some shopping tips for purchasing at CHANEL in Paris:
(a) You are entitled to tax refunds if you are not an EU resident and leaving EU within 3 months.  For CHANEL, you can opt of a CREDIT CARD REFUND (which is 13% refund on your card but will take at least 6 weeks to process), or you can opt for a CASH REFUND AT AIRPORT.  But for Cash Refund at the airport, you are only entitled to around 11.5% refund.  Also, when you submit the tax free form at the airport, there is a Eur3.00 per form processing fee.  So, you will need to less the Eur3.00 processing fee from your final tax refund amount if you're taking cash refund.  Which is better?  Well, depends on the exchange rates and service charges of your country's credit cards.  You can do the calculations. :D  For me, I prefer cash refund because I don't like to wait that long, and I can take the cash to my local bank and exchange it to any currency anytime I want. :P

(b) For CHANEL BOUTIQUES, you are entitled to 13% tax refund for credit card refunds.  But for CHANEL SHOPS INSIDE DEPARTMENT STORES, the tax refund is ONLY 12% even if you opt for credit card refund.  So, please be aware of that difference.  And the tax refund papers processing queue in the department stores are simply TOO LONG!!  LOL! 

(c) If you are into Costume Jeweleries, I find that the CHANEL boutique at Avenue Montaigne has the most selection, even better than the mothership store at Rue Cambon!  If you have only limited time to shop for CHANEL and cannot go to all the 4 stand-alone boutiques, definitely choose to go to Rue Cambon and Avenue Montaigne for the best selection of goodies!

(d) I find that the SAs at Rue Royale are the friendliest, while SAs at Avenue Montaigne are always toooooo busy and it's hard to get an SA to serve you (since this shop is super busy, SAs tend to be not as friendly as the ones at Rue Royale)!  SAs are Rue Cambon are great as well.

Anyway, hope the above will help those who are travelling to Paris for the first time and want to buy some lovely "souvenirs" from CHANEL! :D

Now let's go to my Loot!  I've actually revealed my CHANEL loot on tPF already below (please click link): 

But for those who don't visit tPF, here you go! :)  
(For those of you who have seen my reveal on tPF, this is the no need to read...LOL!)

I am a "good girl" this time...haha!


Chanel 11P multicolor beads dangling earrings

I really love the combination of colors in this bunch of have mauve, glittery gray and black beads with some pearls!

I am really fond of this collection since I saw these from the Chanel website:,3,7,30,3,8,30

Well, I couldn't find the exact same necklace and cuff that I like....but I'm so happy to bring home these instead! (I think they might be from the same collection!)
11P gold/khaki Leaf dangling earrings with beads

I love the fact that this is a little twist to what Chanel usually does for earrings such as dangling pearls and flowers......this "leaf" is more special with the little khaki brushed effect on the gold.

And what else came home with me??? Ta da!!

The matching "leaf" necklace in the same gold/khaki color!

A quick modeling of the necklace...

And still on a "Green Mode"....

11P Khaki Green CC Dangling earrings

The dangling green bead has a slight pearly finish with some vague glitters on it.....and I love that the metal color of this pair of earrings is copper (not the usual gold or silver) to add that "vintage" vibe to it...

11P Butterfly pearl dangling earrings (this one is for my good friend!)

I didn't plan to buy to buy any of these sunnies below...but I just couldn't resist when I tried them on!!! LOL!

Chanel 5193B "Collection Bouton" Oversized Black Round Acetate Sunglasses

Loving the special patent case for this particular collection...

Love the magnetic mirror button with 31 Rue Cambon Paris signature.....

The white CC Logo is very discreet at the inside of the temples...

Some quick modeling pix of my new "Collection Bouton" oversized black sunnies...


Chanel "5171" Oversized rectangular acetate Bow sunglasses in Purple

Matching purple Ribbon with CC logo at the temples...

Model number on the temple for your reference..

Quick modeling pix of my new purple Bow sunnies!

Me wearing this purple Bow sunnies with one of my new Hermes Paris-Bombay raisin box bag (you've seen this modeling pix in my last post)...

And now.......Shoes Galore!

First off....

11P Chanel Beige suede wedge with black cap toe and white stitched CC logo

I remember this style was available before last year and I really wanted it but was too late in the game! When I found this pair at Rue Royale and it was my size, I was absolutely ecstatic!!!!

Quick modeling pictures of my new Chanel wedge...
(I took half a size bigger than my normal Chanel size because the toe box is a little short.)


Next up is a classic pair which I need to buy to replace my old bronze pair which was soooo bashed up! :P

11C Coral/Champagne classic cap-toe ballet flats with bow

Love the color combo! A fun pair to wear esp. during spring!

A quick modeling pix...

11P "CC Mesh" stretch ballerinas in Taupe Mesh with black patent cap toe

Front embellished with gold CC made of pearls..


Quick modeling pix..

 And from the same collection...

11P "CC Mesh" stretch ballerinas in black/charcoal "lace effect" calfskin

This time, the front is embellished with silver CC made of pearls....

Side view..

Quick modeling pix...

11P Gray suede thongs with signature Medallion

Love the Medallion!!

This style is also available in black and brown..but I really like the gray the best!

Quick modeling pix...
(please excuse my pedicure as I didn't have time to do it yet..LOL!)

Last pair of shoes! :) Then we can go on to the last 2 remaining bigger boxes.....

11P Linen Canvas stretch ballerinas with white patent cap toe embroidered with crochet flowers

I am so in love with the massive flower embroidery perfect for spring! Totally an exquisite pair of flats!

Back of the flats..

I was debating between the red color or this pale blue color as both are so pretty! But after I tried on both pairs, I really like this blue color on me better for the more understated color combo.

Quick modeling pix...


As most of you know, I have been collecting Chanel bags since 2008 and have grown to a massive collection of almost 70 bags at one point in time! LOL! Well, I've trimmed down my collection already as I need new closet space for my new Hermes bags. Hehe! I am very contented with my current Chanel bag collection so I only brought these 2 bags home. (Sadly, the current season bags don't really excite me that much so I stick to the classic pieces....)
11P Ivory Satin Calfskin "vintage effect" 2.55 Reissue (28cm Medium Size) with matte aged gold HW

I like the uneven colors (some dark patches) on the leather as it gives such a vintage vibe to the bag...



Lining is in tan-colored fabric..

It's hard to capture the real color of the bag. The above pix are closer to the real life color....the pix below made the bag a little bit grayish-white but it's more creamy ivory-ecru IRL.

Last indoor pix...

Modeling pix....

ODJ Details:
- OZOC multicolor brown/pink/yellow floral wide-leg jumpsuit with ruffles
- OZOC cropped cotton knit cardigan with bell sleeves
- Kookai gold belt
- ASOS 70s Floppy Wide Brim Hat in Tobacco color
- Chanel 11P Ivory Satin Calf 2.55 Reissue with matte aged gold hw
- Chanel 11P gold/khaki "Leaf" dangling earrings

- YSL iconic "Arty Ovale" gold ring with Coral stone (a new score from Paris)
- Louis Vuitton SS2011 brown monogram wedge with gold (a new buy from Paris)
- Chanel 5120 sunglasses in tortoise with gradient lens (from previous seasons)

Wide Brim hats are so "in"!! LOL!

Close-up pix of my ensemble..

Close-up of my YSL Arty Ovale ring in Coral! I absolutely adore this ring and I got a turquoise color too!!

And surprisingly (as I'm no longer into LV), I bought this pair of LV monogram wedge while waiting for my friend to buy her mom an LV bag...LOL!

Outdoor pix of 11P Ivory Satin Calf Reissue...
(again, the real life color is not that "grayish")


Last but not least, something small, something cute, something green....

11P Khaki Green Caviar Classic Mini Flap with Silver HW

This is a softer caviar with a shinier finish and without the stitches around the border as compared to the stiffer classic caviar...

This is really a nice neutral green color from Chanel!

Modeling pix..

My ODJ Details:

- Kookai pale pink camisole
- American Apparel white 3D mesh rose top
- H&M multicolor green/white/nude floral pants
- Chanel 11P Khaki Green Caviar Mini Classic Flap with Silver HW
- Chanel 11P multicolor mauve/glittery gray/black/pearl beads dangling earrings

- YSL Vanilla Nude Tribute platform sandals
- Chanel 5193B "Collection Bouton"Oversized Black Round Acetate Sunglasses with 31 Rue Cambon Paris magnetic mirror button on temples

Single chain on the shoulder...

Hand-held with chains shortened...

On the wrist with chains shortened...

Cross body Messenger with single chain...(5 ft 2 or below is the best height for wearing messenger...not for me as I'm 161cm LOL!)

Single-chain on the side...

Love this 3D floral mesh top! I got a black color as well...

Close-up pix of my YSL Vanilla Nude Tributes....YSL is one of my fave shoes brands!!

And of course outdoor pix of Miss Khaki Green Mini Caviar!!

Hope you like my mini CHANEL shopping spree in Paris!  

Till my next post...

Gros bisous,

P.S.  I have a guy crush on Gossip Girl's "Prince Louis", a French actor named Hugo Becker who is only 24!!!!!  Ah...French guys....just too sexy!  (No worries my hubby watched with me so he knows I'm crazy about Prince Louis...haha!  My hubby said I might be starting to have "mid-life crisis"....LOL!)

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