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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

T-Shirt or Scarf? Hermes "Monsieur et Madame" and other new buys..:)

Hi dears,

It has been quite a while again since my last post.  Tonight I found some time to post since my husband is not in less duties for wife...hahaha!  He went to Europe for business trip (wish I can tag along! LOL!).

Anyway, I want to share with you some of my new purchases from Hermes. :)  Now you know I am a total "scarf addict"! LOL!
**(For those of you who are tPF regulars, you might have already seen these pics at the H forum so you can totally skip my post. :))

For this 1st scarf, it's the first time Hermes has done this type of material for their scarf.  I really enjoy wearing it in different ways!

"Monsieur et Madame" in Gris Chine/Orange/Rouge Vif)

It's 100% Cotton, and it's a stretchable fabric. It's exactly the material you use for T-shirts, except it's comparatively thinner and softer.

Just hanging on the neck...

A simple knot..

Cowboy style..

Tie it as a halter top...

Now these are the different ways I wore it...

First off, wearing it as a halter top....

ODJ Details:
- Bottom Layer: Slip-on nude pink dress taken from my Marc by Marc Jacobs sheer dress
- Middle Layer: Heidi's Secret black sheer mesh long maxi dress
- Top Layer: Hermes "Monsieur et Madame" gray T-shirt scarf
- Outerwear: JDC black satin boyfriend blazer
- Bag: Hermes special order birkin 35cm Rubis Togo GHW with Pink lining and leather covered lock
- Shoes: Christian Louboutin black "Astraqueen" studded booties
- Earrings: Chanel 09A "Pearls Rock" dangling earrings in white pearl/matter aged silver
- Ring: Chanel 09A "CC Follies" black/pewter ring w/ dangling crystal CC
- Sunglasses: Tom Ford "Jaquelin" black sunglasses w/ orange rim and brown gradient lens

And I'm so happy that my leather locks for Rubis and Iris have been fixed already and Paris sent them back to me! Looks much better with the striped H on it right?

Close-up of my Chanel earrings and ring...

And close-up of my CL it!

Next, wearing the T-shirt scarf as a full length dress/cover-up...

ODJ Details:
- Bottom Layer: Heidi's Secret black sheer mesh long maxi dress
- Middle Layer: Hermes "Monsieur et Madame" gray T-shirt scarf
- Top Layer: H&M long black button-up knit vest
- Bag: Alexander Wang "Rocco" tan mini quilted duffle bag
- Shoes: Chanel 11P Gray suede thongs with signature Medallion
- Earrings: Carol Marie matte aged silver "Morocco" hoop earrings
- Bracelet: Chanel 09P "CC Army" dog tag bracelet
- Sunglasses: Chanel 5193B "Collection Bouton" Oversized Black Round Acetate Sunglasses with gradient lens

Close-up of one of my fave Chanel bracelets...

Close-up of my earrings....

And my new Chanel thongs I bought from my Paris trip this time...
 Last but not least, wearing the T-shirt scarf as a one-shoulder Tunic with a skinny belt...

ODJ Details:
- Bottom Layer: Kookai white camisole
- Middle Layer: Hermes "Monsieur et Madame" gray T-shirt scarf
- Top Layer: United Colors of Benetton red cardigan
- Bottom: Mango wide leg jeans
- Bag: Alexander Wang "Rocco" tan mini quilted duffle bag
- Shoes: Valentino nude pointed toe 3D bow pumps
- Earrings: Chanel 09A Paris-Moscow "Lioubov" burgundy/gold heart dangling earrings
- Sunglasses: Tom Ford "Jaquelin" black sunglasses w/ orange rim and brown gradient lens

Close-up of my Chanel earrings...

Close-up of my new Valentino pumps bought from this Paris trip...

And now, sharing with you some of my other newest Hermes acquisitions!  
(** If you are not a scarf lover, esp. Hermes scarves, you can totally skip this!!I)
Ex-Libris Cotton Stole in Noir/Rose/Vert
Ex-Libris is one of Hermes most classic prints.  
This print has been issued in 90cm scarves, 140cm GM cashmere shawls, 70cm scarves, Gavroches is one of my favourite!

pink color on this black is not too "shocking". It's a bit muted hence making this color neutral enough to wear. The green stripe adds a fun element to this classic scarf...

It's made of 68% cotton and 32% silk. Very lightweight, soft and has a certain sheerness (but not as sheer as mousseline). This fabric is kind of like "voile", but voile is much more softer.  Love this scarf for summer!

Just to see the "sheerness" of the fabric...

How it looks when hanging loose on neck...

All "curled up" around the neck...

A simple knot in the middle with long draping...

A double knot with shorter draping..

And I can't stop at one color!  Here is another colorway!
I can't resist anything purple, so I bought this Ex-Libris cotton stole again in Purple....

Ex-Libris Cotton Stole in Violet/Jaune Vif/Rouge

It's really hard to capture the real color of this purple (like how it is with Iris leather color). In real life, this purple is a true purple, no bluish undertone at all...

And actually, my black Ex-libris cotton stole can mix well together with my purple Ex-libris.....

Mixing these 2 colors together gives the outfit even more pop of color!

I didn't expect to bring this home. But this color is just so versatile and soothing to the eyes, and unexpectedly, it matched well with my white/gray outfit that day!

"MARCELINA" 90cm carre in Orange/Ciel/Taupe

These colors blend so well together...can wear with warm or cool toned outfits!

Tying it in different ways...

Using Hermes "Charms Fer à Cheval" scarf Ring in Permabrass..

Using Hermes "Trio" scarf ring in permabrass...

And this last one, I have waited for sooooo long since the beginning of the season! At last, it has arrived the store!!!

"BRIDES DE GALA EN FINESSE" 90cm Carre in Encre/Blanc/Gris Bleute

Love the contrast purple hem against the white!

More white color showing..

Or more purple color showing...

Single Knot..

Cowboy style..

Using Hermes "Trio" scarf ring again...

Double loop around neck...

Wearing the scarf sideways...

That's all for now.
I'm soooooo done with SS2011 scarves! Now let's see what FW2011 has for me. Some started to arrive already but still haven't seen anything I like!  Phew!!

Anyway, I have a Hermes package arriving soon!  Some of my orders I've placed in Paris back in March are ready now!  Yay!!


Gros Bisous,

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