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Sunday, August 30, 2009


Sorry for not posting for a while.....had been really busy because of apartment hunting!!!

FINALLY!!! We are going to move to a new apartment during the 1st week of October, which is only 10 mins walk to my son's pre-nursery at the south side of Hong Kong island (we're now living in Kowloon side)!!! My son loves riding on his Thomas the Train bicycle (while we are pushing at the back) so he can be on his bicycle going to his school along the seaside. So cute!!

So, it will be extra busy for us as:
1. We have to pack up, esp. difficult for me as I have soooooooooo many clothes, shoes and accessories to pack!!! LOL!!
2. My DH and I are going to Paris at the last week of September to celebrate our 3rd Wedding Anniversary (and for me to do some crazy shopping...LOL!!!), leaving us not that much time to organize our move.
3. I have to accompany my son inside the classroom for 3 hours daily for his prenursery class which is pretty exhausting as I have to run around to chase after him (he's too hyperactive)! Again, this will give me less time to pack as I'm already so tired after getting home.....haha!

Anyway, that's just a quick update. The BIG THING I'm going to share aside from our move is my CHANEL SHOPPING SPREE from May to August. I bought a total of 53 Chanel items over these past 4 months!!!

The Chanel items I've bought:
- 2 pairs of Sunnies
- 1 silk Scarf
- 24 pieces of Costume jeweleries
- 14 pairs of Shoes
- 12 Bags

I've already done my loooooong "reveal" on tPF on Friday (took me 10 hours to finish the reveal as I have got like 500+ pictures to post including 12 sets of different modeling ensembles). I'm going to post them here too but please give me some more time to organize as it's a totally different process posting here (picture sizes have to be different here). If you're a registered member of tPF, you can go there to view my reveal too!

Here is a teaser.....:D

Got these........................

And these..........

And these...........

Hahaha....these are extra things I bought since these aren't included in my current Chanel collection. I've posted pix of my current Chanel bags collection in my previous posts if you search the label "Chanel" here in my blog.

So stay tuned!!

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