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Friday, September 18, 2009

Winter Wool Coat...which one?

I'm sorry to be M.I.A. as I'm busy packing for my house move. I don't have much time left to pack after I come back from Paris, so I'm doing as much packing as I can now before I leave for Paris next Tuesday. I'm really so exhausted!! Not to mention taking my son to school and accompanying him inside the classroom everyday. I really think I deserve my short break!! LOL!

Anyway, I tend to buy a new wool coat every fall/winter...and I'm now thinking about which one to buy this year...hopefully buy it from Paris as I think it will be cheaper there.

I tried on these 3 coats last month (1 from Stella McCartney and 2 from Sonia Rykiel), and I can't make up my mind at all!! I love coats which are classic enough but with some sort of details / with a twist. So, I've selected these 3 coats...all special in their own unique ways. If you were me, which one will you choose? I have all sorts of wool coats in my wardrobe, so it doesn't really matter what I already have.....

1. Stella McCartney Black Long Wool Coat with Drape Pleats at the Back (Around US$2300)
==> I originally thought that the drape pleats will make my hips look bigger, but when I tried it on, it fits so well and that drape pleats at the back is really cool and chic! Not at all bulky or clumsy. You can't even see the drape from the front.....but when you look sideways and at the back, the "drama" is there!
** It doesn't look too good in the pictures, but it looks really good when tried on...hehe.

2. Sonia Rykiel Navy Double-Breasted Wool Coat with asymmetric Mongolian wool trim (Around US$2000)
==> the fluffy mongolian wool "collar"/trim is detachable. Also, the shoulders are quite "architectural" as it's not really flat and squarish, but a bit like "Balmain" exaggerated shoulders except that it's not THAT exaggerated. I totally love the "luxurious" and uptown look of this coat. This has the shortest length among the 3.
(You can also see this coat from net-a-porter below in black color:

3. Sonia Rykiel Black Long Wool Coat with flare "bell" sleeves (Around US$2000)
==> love the "kimono" look of this coat, esp. the special flare "bell" sleeves that were used. The shoulders are also the exaggerated type like Balmain (but not too much). Oh...that "Lips" belt looks so cute too on this coat (too bad it's sold separately...). Instant "Parisien" chic look....!

I welcome your votes! Hehehehe!

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