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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fun at the Beach!

We went to the South Bay Beach with the whole family a couple of weeks ago, including my younger brother's son (Ethan) who is 2 months younger than my son Mason. Mason is now 19 months, very talkative and hyper-active!!

South Bay Beach is a nice small beach at Repulse Bay. Since this beach is not directly accessible by public transport, it tends to be quieter and less crowded than Repulse Bay Beach.

So, here's me and Mason:

Mason very busy doing his "sand-work"....I'm amazed at his concentration and seriousness. The funny thing is his sitting positions!

Look at how his left foot is holding the red bucket....hahahaha!

And sitting with 1 foot up....

I love to take pictures of his chubby hands and cute!

And here's Ethan (my nephew, Mason's cousin). Do they look like my 2 sons / twins? People always ask me if they are twins....hahaha! How I wish!

Ethan looking cool with his sunglasses. (Mason doesn't like sunglasses and takes them off instantly when we try to make him wear them.)

I enjoy going out with our entire family very much, including my mother and my in-laws. (Too bad my in-laws were out of town so they didn't join us). My father-in-law is from Nanjing China, and has been living in Hong Kong since my husband was 9 years old. He is a professional photographer and is an extremely nice guy. So, Mason and Ethan have lots of nice pictures taken by him. My mother-in-law, on the other hand, is a Chinese from Indonesia. She is a very wise home maker, and likes to make all sorts of food for the whole family. So, when she's around, we always have good food!

What about my parents? My mother is a business woman and loves to shop. (Haha...I think I know where I got my love for shopping.) My father is a great musician and looks like Elvis Presley when he was young. He was a famous organist in the Philippines in his early twenties and had a couple of records released then. He had so many fans back then. Haha! Well, my father is living in the Philippines now since he had a mild stroke a couple of years ago and his heart doctor is over there. So, he lives there now so that he doesn't need to always fly over there from HK for his regular check-ups.

My brother is 3 years younger than I am, and works for United Airlines. So, we have cheap companion tickets every year to go to different places.

Haha! Of course, not forgetting my beloved husband, he's a banker and works for a French-Swiss bank. He's born in Nanjing China, grew up in Hong Kong, studied in the US for university and worked there for a couple of years. Then had his Masters in Switzerland.

So, that's my family. One big happy family. :D

My Givenchy New Scores....on sale!!

I've been obsessed with these 2 pairs of Givenchy shoes since I saw them at Net-A-Porter. Even if those are in British pounds with tax refund shipping to my place, the prices are still pretty expensive. So, I waited and waited and waited.....till the USA big sale!!

So, here they are!!

This 1st pair is from Saks. The original price is US$840. I scored them at the 1st cut when the discount was 30% off. So, I paid only US$587.90. I'm so happy!

I love this lace effect on mesh, and the all-in-one "bootie-sandal" style. Haha! I plan to wear this with cropped pants.
(Side Note: What's with the mesh material these days? I can't help but notice a lot of designer brands are using mesh for their shoes!! I've seen it on Chanel, Givenchy, Valentino, Christian Louboutin...just to name a few. Maybe it's the trend.)

Quick modeling pics...

Now....on to the 2nd pair.....

I bought this from Barney's New York. I've asked my SA to keep an eye for me when this pair hits the sale. The original price was US$890. My SA contacted me for pre-sale before it hits the sales rack at 40% off. So, I paid for it at US$619. Then, after 1 week, I saw on Barney's website that this exact same pair had further made it to the 2nd cut!! So, I asked for a price adjustment (I learned about this US-exclusive tactics from my Purse Forum friends) and she did it! So, I finally paid only US$464.25 for this pair!! What a great price for a pair of Givenchy!

The heels and platform are all coated with chocolate brown leather...

I love taupe/gray colors very much (I don't really wear black that much so taupe/gray/khaki are my kind of "black"), that's why I fell in love with this pair when I saw it in this taupe/brown color combo. I love the lace-up style of this peep toe ankle bootie. The "shoe lace" is made of leather and the actual taupe color of the body of the shoes has some sort of "brush" effect which makes the leather even more unique. I love the color combo very much. It will go well with any kind of outfit, be it casual or formal.

Quick modeling pictures.....

Hope you enjoy the pictures. :D

A little peek into one of my Chanel goodies...:D

It's been a long time since I did my Chanel reveal....the last time was 3 months ago in April.

So, here's a little peek into one of my Chanel buys.....guess what it is? I didn't buy 1 but 2 of these in different colors.

Voila! 09P Chanel "Smoking Tuxedo" high heel sandals!

A very quick modeling picture of the sandals....

I love these sandals, the booties with 2 bows, and pointed bow flats from this Smoking Tuxedo Collection. This collection is available in the following 3 materials:
1. mesh with polka dot/CC logo/no. "5" logo prints with grosgrain bow and trims (the version that I bought)
2. all satin version
3. sequined quilting version with a statement Chanel brooch-like jewel in the middle of the bow (this version costs more than US$2K though)

Well, I can't convince myself to splurge on the US$2K sequined version, and the all-satin version is way too common for me, so I opted for this cute and fun mesh version. I'm loving the polka dots and the Chanel logos on the mesh material. And of course, I'm crazy about bows!! Anything bow will make me "melt" instantly. Hehehehehhe!

But it's not the end of the story yet.....
I originally bought the above all black version in mesh (the mesh is in black color) which my friend helped me bring back home from Paris in June. However, after 2 weeks, I saw this white/black version which is even better! So, what the heck?! I bought it instantly!

Left shoe: White/Black color combo
Right shoe: All-Black version

Quick modeling pictures of the white/black version...

This white/black version is unbeatable! I love how the white-colored mesh shows the logos/polka dots way more clearly than the black version, and the white/black color contrast makes this pair of shoes much more interesting.

What do you guys think?
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