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Saturday, August 14, 2010

A "Tribute" to YSL!! Pictures Overload! :P

Hi Gals!

Maintaining a blog isn't as easy as I thought it would be!  Hahahaha!  As much as I want to update my blog everyday, I find that I don't have time to do so, LOL!  But I'll try my best to update my blog at least once every week, ok ok?  Thank you very much for all your patience. :D

Anyway, I promised that this post of mine will be all about shoes - and this 1st post will be all about YSL which is currently my favorite brand for shoes.

I started my "love affair" with YSL shoes last year, around November.  It wasa casual conversation with my friend Charm from Manila.  She was actually the one who wanted to buy her first pair of YSL Tributes.  So, what I did was do some research together with her on the colors, leather, availability etc.  And the more I dig into it, the more I'm convinced I should buy a pair!!  LOL!  So, after so many late night discussions with Charm, I ended up getting my 1st pair instead of her!  Hahahaha! 

Then, after a few months, I started to love the look of Victoria Beckham pumps, and always wonder why she can walk in those heels carrying her sons and still look so poised.  So, I went to our local store to try on a pair.  OMG!  The pumps are so comfy, esp. the arch is done very very well!  That's how I started to love the Tribtoo pumps, especially the lower heel "80s" version which is my "go-to" heels whenever I want to wear a pair of stylish but comfy pumps!  It's HEAVEN!!!  LOL!

So, this post is all about my YSL Shoe Family.  I'll do similar posts following this to share with you my other shoes collection, such as Christian Louboutin, Givenchy, Lanvin, Miu Miu, Chloe, Nicholas Kirkwood, Fendi, Guiseppe Zanotti etc....

Without further ado,  here's my collection of YSL Tribtoo pumps......hope you like them!

1. Tribtoo 80 Pumps
Leather:  Bufalo Iridescent
Color: Tortora (Metallic Taupe)
Indoor pictures without flash (daytime)

Outdoor pictures without flash (daytime)

2. Tribtoo 80 Pumps
Leather:  Vitello Vernice Soft
Color: Nude
Indoor pictures without flash (daytime)

Outdoor pictures without flash (daytime)

3. Tribtoo 80 Pumps
Leather:  Nappa
Color: Cognac 
Indoor pictures without flash (daytime)

Outdoor pictures without flash (daytime)

And my newest buys recently.....hehehehe!

4. Tribtoo 80 Pump
Leather: Kid Scamosciato
Color: Notte
Style No: 209947 C2000 4100

Now something special in the finishing....I am so in love with this pair!!

5. Tribtoo 80 Pump
Leather: Nappa Degrade' Petalo
Color: Scarlat Sfuma.Prugna
Style No: 209947 BEZ00 6179

Can you see the degrade effect from Dark Purple/plum to berry to burgundy?? So hard to describe the color but it is sooooo pretty IRL!

Now for this one, it is some new invention of's a pump,'s a Tribute!!

6. New Tribute 105 Pump
Leather: Vitello Vernice Soft
Color: Prune
Style No: 247914 B8100 5052

This new Tribute pumps reminds me of the Christian Louboutin "Bianca", but this YSL pair is far more comfortable than the CL Bianca's!  You should try them!

This color is so hard to's in between dark plum and brown. But more brown I think. This close-up picture is more true to the real color...

Note: For Tribtoo 80s pump, there is also this same PRUNE color with the same color number "5052", but the leather is nappa/kid. The patent version and the nappa/kid version colors look the same.

A comparison picture between the Prugna degrade color and the Prune Patent color...

Now, how about a family picture of my Tribtoo's and Tribute pumps?

Hope you like my little Tribtoo 80 pumps collection.  I really strongly recommend them if you want a pair of modern, stylish, and comfortable heels!

Now, onto my YSL Tribute sandals collection...the first pair which got me into this YSL shoes craze!  LOL!

My first pair of Tributes...

1.Tribute 105 Sandals
Leather: Cuoio Paint
Color: Dark Cuoio

Comparing the colors of Dark Cuoio Tribute with Cognac Tribtoo.. (dark cuoio color is redder, while cognac color is more tan..)

2. Tribute 105 Sandals
Leather: Vitello Vernice Soft
Color: Bourgogne (Burgundy) 

A comparison picture between my Tribute Patent Bourgogne and also my new Tribute Pumps Patent Prune color....
(The Bourgogne color is redder, while the Prune color is more brown...)

And my newest additions to my Tribute Sandals family.....

3. Tribute 75 Sandals
Leather: Vitello Vernice Soft
Color: Fumo

Take note that the lower heel version of YSL Tribute sandals doesn't have the "T-strap" like the higher 105 heels version.....

4. Tribute 105 Sandals
Leather: Vulcano (crackled leather)
Color: Sahara

Perfect pair to spice up any outfit!  I got this on sale at Hong Kong Lane Crawford and it's the only pair left in my size!!  :D

5. Tribute 105 Sandals
Leather: Bufalo Iridescent
Color: Tortora (Metallic Taupe)

This is a perfect taupe color.....

Together with my Tortora Tribtoo's..they are the same color...see how I love this color! LOL!

There is actually another iridescent color named "Mastice".  So what's the difference between the colors "iridescent Mastice" and "iridescent Tortora"?

Here you go....

(Note: The "Mastice" pair is not mine.  It belongs to my friend Charmaine.)

Left: Mastice; Right: Tortora
(Actually, both colors look quite similar to each other. But Mastice has more gray undertone in it, while Tortora has more brown)

Left: Tortora; Right: Mastice

Right: Tortora; Left: Mastice
(The heels of Tortora is a darker color and more brown, while the heels of Mastice is a lighter color and more gray.)

And this most recent addition.  I adore this color so much!

6. Tribute 105 Sandals
Leather: Bufalino
Color: Vanilla (Nude)

It's a very nice pinkish blush nude color....LOVE IT!

And comparison picture with my Tribtoo Patent Nude color....
(The patent nude color is more of a "milk tea" color, while the Vanilla "nude" is more of blush pink..)

How about a family picture of my YSL Tribute sandals?

Together with my Tribtoo and New Tribute pumps...

Now to the "miscellaneous" YSL heels that I own.....:P  
Scored this recently on sale at Barney's.....

YSL "Essentiel" 105 Sandals in Gray Suede w/ white trim

I'm in love with the special heels!

Last but not least,  a special pair of YSL booties which I scored from Nordstrom sale last year....

YSL "Divine" black booties with cigarette heels

Remember, DO NOT GO SHOPPING in these...LOL!

Finally, my complete YSL shoes Family Picture ...

For those of you who might be considering buying a pair of YSL Tribute Sandals or Tribtoo Pumps, I would like to say something about the sizing.  YSL heels are slightly larger in size than Christian Louboutin heels.  But still, if you compared YSL heels to normal US sizes, they do run a little small.

For your reference, I'm mostly a size 40 or 40.5 in Christian Louboutin.  But for YSL Tributes, I am a size 39.5 (I can also do Size 40 but the feel is not as stable as Size 39.5 when walking).  For YSL Tribtoo pumps, I'm a size 39.5 as well (but for Tribtoo pumps, I can't do a size 40 like Tribute sandals because I have serious heel slippage problem in size 40 for this pumps version).  Hope this little guidance can help if you're ordering the shoes without the chance to try them on first.

So, that's all folks for this Part 1 of my shoe craze!  Any favorites?  Hope you've enjoyed the pictures. :D

Stay tuned for my next shoe post.  Have a nice weekend!

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