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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Colourful Stripes!!


Hope you had a nice weekend!

I don't know what's got into me.  Maybe it's close to Xmas time, or maybe it's the influence of GLEE....I want cheerful colours on me.  I simply love colours, the more the merrier!! 

Speaking of GLEE, OMG, I am soooo hooked with the TV series.  Maybe this show has revived the singer in me..hahaha!  I used to be in the Drama Club and also choir during my high-school and college years.  Also participated in singing contests in the company where I used to work.  LOL!  Well, I must say that singing/music is really a big part of my life.  I just can't live without music!!

And I'm soooo in love with the actor Cory Monteith ("Finn Hudson" in GLEE)!  He's simply too cute, handsome and haven't had a crush for a long time already!  OK...lame. :P  (Secretly wishing my son's look to be like Cory's when he grows up..hahahahahaha! Yah...I'm a crazy mom!  "DREAM ON"!)

Enough about GLEE..........back to my ODJ!  LOL!

This was what I wore when we went to Disneyland.......I was suppose to be carrying my Balenciaga Part Time GGW in Raisin but the water bottle inside my bag was accidentally spilled, so my bag was wet all over!!!  Grrr..left it in the car finally to dry off.....


 French Connection bluish gray knit oversized cape/poncho
Bossini Gray striped turtle neck
H&M multicolor knit maxi dress

Balenciaga Part Time Giant Gold HW in Raisin color (not shown in pictures)

Amaya light brown/tan distressed leather short boots with chain

Hermes yellow "Tonkin" Buffalo Horn & Lacquer necklace
Chanel multicolor dangling earrings
Calvin Klein Gray knee socks 
Tom Ford "Jaquelin" black sunglasses w/ orange rim and brown gradient lens
This is one of Mason's favourite spot right before going to the Entrance of Disneyland...
It became really hot during the day so I had to take off my turtle neck.....

Mason enjoying his fave cotton candy!!!

Voila!  My family picture! :D  Can't help it..but I really love Mason's smile...hehehehehe!!!

Photos I took separately for my Balenciaga Raisin Part Time GGH...

Fastforward.....this is another colorful outfit I wore at a Birthday party of Mason's classmate....


 Kookai multicolor striped shimmery knit sleeveless top
Kookai taupe military-inspired cardigan with pockets & shoulder pads

H&M dark gray sweat pants

Alexander Wang "Rocco" tan mini quilted duffle bag

Nine West deep tan suede wedge booties with side buckle

Hermes yellow "Tonkin" Buffalo Horn & Lacquer necklace
Chanel multicolor dangling earrings
Tom Ford "Jaquelin" black sunglasses w/ orange rim and brown gradient lens
Recently, I really love the idea of dressing up sweat pants with a pair of heels or wedge.....

You must be really tired of seeing my yellow Hermes Tonkin Buffalo Horn & Lacquer necklace......but it's such a beautiful handy piece for mixing & matching! :D

The collar of this Kookai cardigan is actually made of chiffon which I really is these kinds of interesting details which make a simple cardigan special..

Tan + Gray?  Yes for moi!

 I've bought this A. Wang Rocco bag for quite a while already....didn't have a chance to post it here yet.   Really love the special quilting/stitching of the bag...a slight twist to the usual Rocco bags..

 Love the vintage effect of the brushed tan leather with uneven colouring..

I like the zipper details's an "A" shape....

Look at those metal studs at the base of the bag!  These really made the bag heavy!  But come to think of it.....I don't need to be scared in case I am being attacked by somebody....LOL!  I have this great weapon to just throw the bag at that person...I'm sure this will make the person unconscious! :P

Are you ready for the festive season?

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