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Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Series of Unfortunate Events......and An Inspiration!

Hi Gals!!

Still remember me???!! How is everyone? You must be wondering why I am missing!!

Well, right after our Manila trip, I broke my left knee and my right ankle since I was too concentrated in looking at my son riding his bike that I didn't see a huge "dent" in front of me when I was walking. So, voila!! I fell really hard and I couldn't walk since then. I had to go to the Chinese doctor every day to heal my feet. I am better now but my knees are still swollen. Anyway, good that I can walk now.

And then, after my "fall", 2 days ago, I had my "tooth accident". I had a root canal done on one of my molar teeth before I left for Paris last month. I was suppose to go back to the dentist to have it "crowned". However, 2 days ago, my tooth broke into half when I was brushing my teeth!!! Literally half where the tooth part near my cheek is ok, but the other half near my tongue was moving and you can really see the crack in the middle and it was soooooo painful!!

So, I went to the dentist immediately and I am so pissed that she had no choice but to pull out the tooth completely. :( After spending a fortune on my root canal, I still loose my tooth!! If I've known that this would happen, I would have saved that money to buy something else!! LOL!!! But it was not an easy tooth extraction as the dentist had to do a small operation with lots of anesthesia and cut out my gums to pull out the tooth. So now, my left cheek is swollen like my left knees and the wound is still so painful. I have to take 1 week of antibiotics and also pain killers. And I can't eat anything solid. Now I share my son's congee!!!

So that's what I'm up to now. But tell you what. Since I can't carry my son now and I wasn't able to accompany my son to school when I broke my legs, I have cleaned up so many things at home, and I realized something.......that I REALLY REALLY HAVE TOO MANY CLOTHES THAT I CAN ACTUALLY OPEN 1 or 2 ZARA STORES!!!

Now, that inspired me to SHOP IN MY OWN CLOSET!! As my DH and my mom always say, even by the time I'm old and dying, I still won't be able to wear all of my clothes even if I change 2 or 3 outfits every day!! So, that explains how many clothes I have!!! LOL!!! I have so many clothes that I still haven't worn yet!! Maybe I should do a GIVEAWAY to you gals for the clothes I haven't worn and won't wear anymore. What do you think?

Aside from clothes, I have too many bags (mostly Chanel), shoes, costume jeweleries, scarves, socks, tights, bras/panties and cosmetics/make-up items too!! LOL!! I am really a "collector" of anything a woman needs. Bad bad bad!! With so many varieties of clothes and accessories that I have which can compare to Zara store, I'm really inspired to shop in my own closet and see how long I can survive. I think it forces me to wear EVERYTHING in my collection. I will post outfits I wore from my closet every week. I'll start next weekend when my cheek is not swollen. :P

Hope you're with me on this. I'm ready for the challenge on myself, and I think my DH will be more than happy about this as I won't take up more and more of his closet space! LOL! Good luck to me! :D

Anyway, just to share with you some pictures I've taken when I was in Manila (before all the unfortunate events that happened to me). I met with my tPF friend Charmaine in Manila and both our families had lunch at Edsa Shangri-La Hotel. Her son is so handsome and her daughter is soooo cute!!

** Just click on the pictures to enlarge them**

Here's me with my "soon-to-be-2-yr.old" Mason..

(I'm wearing a red tiered ruffle top in jersey, indigo wide-leg flared bottom jeans, Chanel "Golden Vine" pearl earrings, Chanel "Russian Pearls" long pearl necklace (worn with double strands), Chanel "Moujik" beige/gold flap and also Marni platform sandals. Mason is wearing Comme Ca (a Japanese brand) navy/white striped collared shirt with H&M white pants. :D)

Charm and Carl (her son) and me! Charm is a true Filipina beauty!!

Charm and cutie-pie Cadee (her 10-month old daughter); me and Mason

Mason strolling around the pool area and doing his various "poses"...LOL! He loves wearing his sunnies so suddenly!!

And this is me and my cousin's daughter.....she's soooo chubby and I want to bite her cheeks!! LOL!

Mason happy running around my grandpa's home..

It was Mason's first airplane trip so I was super nervous to take him on the plane!! He's basically OK on the plane, except that he will cry when he's forced to wear the seat belt. He detests anything which will prevent him from moving around (so he doesn't use car seats at all!!). The most difficult times to control him are during take off and landing as these are the "must-wear-seat-belts" moments. But overall, I'm really proud of my son.
I'll be posting some of my new purchases (before my "Shop-in-my-Own-Closet Resolution") as well during the weekend.

Have a nice week ahead!

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