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Monday, November 23, 2009

Modern Gypsy? Feminine Rock? Bohemian? Whatever...LOL!

I'm not good with the fashion names although I read a lot of fashion magazines. I tend to forget the naming conventions for different seasons.  I just feel that fashion really rotates and what's in will be out and what's out will be in again.  Well, I don't really care what the look is called as long as it looks good. :P  I just don't like stereotyping the looks...

Anyway, I have the habit of keeping my magazines and I love to re-read them to get some inspiration from time to time.  The other day, when I was organizing my wardrobe, I saw a silk/chiffon dress and a cropped faux leather jacket which I have bought last year but never worn yet.  I was thinking...sell??  Keep?  Giveaway??  Or what??

Then I recalled something from the Japanese fashion magazines I was reading the other day and got inspired.  I love doing mix and match and this is what I came up for my ensemble.

- Mango black printed silk chiffon long dress with ruffles
- Light brown cropped faux leather jacket with zipper details (no brand bought from a HK local shop)
- Prada rusty brown cervo antik (deerskin leather) bowler bag with matte gold hw (from 2007)
- Hush Puppies light brown brushed leather motorcycle medium-length boots
- Earrings: Pilgrim red/black leather heart dangling earrings
- Necklaces: (a) Mango multi-color burgundy/olive/cream/brown beads w/ gold chain long  double strand necklace
                        (b) Mango multi-layered silver/gold short chunky necklace with charm & beads
- Ring: Folli Follie red/black bead & strass chunky ring
- Sunglasses: Chloe "Litchi" CL2161 seashell/black acetate oversized sunglasses

I like the tough feminine look of this Mango silk dress with the motocycle boots that I have.  Haha....they call it "feminine rock"!

Originally, I didn't have any necklaces on me, but then I am not really a "minimalist" when I dress up (well, unless I go to some formal events which simplicity will be the best).  I tend to do layering and accessorizing very often to complete the whole look.  I put on this long necklace first, and then feel that something is lacking around the neckline.  So, I added another short multi-layered silver/gold chunky necklace and voila!  Here are my necklaces together!  So many layers....hehe!

Close-Up pictures of my the zipper detail on the both sides of the jacket...

Close-Up pictures of my shoes, bag and jeweleries....

So, what do you think?  Yay or Nay?

BTW, for the Giveaway I mentioned in my previous post, I'll post the details tomorrow as the pictures I've taken today for the blouse are not good enough.  Sorry about that.  :P Stay tuned.

Hope you had a nice weekend!

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