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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My new Marni and Chanels.....with modeling pix!

It has been 2 weeks since I last wrote on my blog. Sorry about being "MIA" (Missing In Action) coz I have actually been sick with flu and just recovered. The weather here is too hot and it's our rain season. Very easy to catch a cold! Good that it's not the H1N1....!! I've also been so busy preparing for my driving final road exam tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow is my "BIG DAY"! Well, we are having typhoon no. 3 right now and it's raining cats and dogs. If tomorrow morning is typhoon no. 8, then my driving exam will be canceled. Oh well, hope not as I've prepared for it very hard. Wish me luck!!

Since it was a bright sunny day last Sunday, my husband proposed to take some pictures of my ODJ. Well, I wore my new pair of Marni shoes (not the one I have blogged about last time) which I got on sale at Lane Crawford (around US$400+). It's super comfortable and I fell in love with them instantly when I tried them on! I wasn't planning to buy this pair at first, but the SA kept on asking me to I caved in! How easy it is to tempt me! Hahahahaha!

So here's my new pair of Marni platform sandals...

I love anything gray or taupe or beige color, so naturally I fell in love with these sandals. I love the vertical details on the taupe grosgrain material and how the straps were "arranged".

I love the fact that the platform was made of leather and in a different camel-like color for contrast...

And here are some modeling pix of my shoes.....(will show the entire outfit later)

Here's my ODJ last Sunday:


Multicolor floral maxi dress
(Bread n Butter - a Japanese inspired local brand)


Washed light denim biker jacket (Zara)
SS09 "CC Button" collection Pink Wallet on Chain with special button logo (Chanel)


Taupe/Black/Camel strappy platform grosgrain sandals (Marni)


(1) Necklace: SS09 "Elegance" collection ivory oval pendant with crystals (Chanel)
(2) Earrings: SS09 "Elegance" collection ivory oval dangling earrings with crystals (Chanel)
(3) Sunglasses: Deep violet "5154" sunglasses with CC logo at frame corner and mustard/camel temples (Chanel)

I haven't worn maxi dresses in ages (I used to have lots of them when I was younger) but I'm feeling the dress all over again. Maybe it's because of the sunny weather...hehe.

I am wearing my Chanel pink WOC cross-body in messenger style...

My pink WOC can also be worn as a shoulder bag with long single chain (you can adjust the chains freely to make the length work for your height). This WOC is so versatile because you can also double up the chains to make it as a hand-held or short shoulder bag, or you can hide the chain to make it as a wallet or clutch. Love it!

Here are some close-up pictures of my outfit and accessories...

I'm loving the distressed look of this denim biker jacket from Zara

Love the details of this pair of earrings and necklace which are from the same SS09 "Elegance" collection (they are not really newly bought...I bought them in April which I have done a reveal thread for them in April at the Purse Forum). Actually, my first impression of this collection is that they have to be worn with more formal clothing like cocktail dress or suits. However, I think in reality, it's not really the case. They can be worn casually too with jeans!!

This is a new pair of Chanel sunnies that I bought recently. I love that the CC logo is, for the first time, placed at the front frame at the brow area (not at the temples on the side), and the front is delicately shaped into a camellia (well, hard to imagine but that's the "concept" of this pair of sunnies). And the most I love is the deep rich violet frame color matching the camel/mustard color temples. Love the color contrast and matches with the color theme of my dress and shoes! There are lots of colors available for this 5154 style, but I love this color combo the most. So hard to find! My friend helped me buy it from Paris!

Some close-up modeling pix of my new pair of 5154 Chanel sunglasses..

And of course, close-up pictures of my pink "CC Button" the special button logo design! This is not a new buy...bought it in April as well...

Hope you enjoy the pictures! Wish me luck tomorrow!!
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