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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Bling it on with my new Lanvin Wrinkled Lambskin Shoulder Bag & new Givenchy booties!

Hi dears,

Hope you are having a great time preparing for Christmas!  I can't believe it's already the Christmas Eve!!  Now, where is my package from Hermes??!!!  Yes it's going to be here tomorrow!  Yay!!  (Thanks again to all of you who have voted which colorway to get for the Kelly on Caleche cashmere GM shawl in my previous post....I'll reveal to you what color I got when the package arrived.)

I love to wear bright colors and "bling bling" items during festive I thought of combining these 2 elements into my ODJ.  What more, I think both my new Lanvin shoulder bag in taupe wrinkled lambskin (actually not "that" new coz I purchased it in Paris in September and didn't post it yet) and new Givenchy black chain wedge booties work well with this outfit!  So bling it on!!

First of all, here's my new Lanvin shoulder bag in taupe color.....

 (Note: You can find this @ US$2,750 at net-a-porter:

I really love the texture of this bag as the wrinkled lambkin gives an extra dimension to the bag.....

The matte gold hardware looks beautiful against the taupe lambskin...and I'm loving this extra large matte gold lock!!  Such a statement and very different from the usual Happy Sac!

Of course, Lanvin's signature blue ribbon handle with coin and large ribbon detail....


- Bottom Layer: Purple/Dark Gray/ Black striped cotton turtle neck (no brand bought from a local shop)
- Middle Layer: Bread n Butter Fuchsia Pink Wool top with exaggerated princess sleeves and "black leather belt" embellishment
- Top Layer: H&M Gray long knit vest with glitters
 - Overcoat: Giordano Ladies black 100% Wool double breast overcoat 

- Black leggings w/ fleece (no brand bought from a local shop)

- Lanvin taupe color wrinkled lambskin shoulder bag with matte gold hw and large ribbon detail

- Givenchy black wedge booties with chain details

- Scarf: k.a.t. black lace with gray mesh ruffles scarf
- Leg Warmers: "Miu Miu inspired" black wool leg warmers with crystals embellishments (no brand bought from a local shop)
- Earrings: Chanel 09A Paris-Moscou pink/black Russian Doll dangling earrings from the "Matriochka" Collection
- Sunglasses: Tom Ford "Jaquelin" black sunglasses w/ orange rim and brown gradient lens

Outfit with black overcoat....
(I've owned this coat for a long time already and I love it so much since it's super light weight like not wearing an overcoat but really so warm because it's 100% wool.  I brought this coat to Paris and I feel so warm all over.)

Here's my ensemble without the overcoat...I love wearing bright fuchsia with black and grays......

I've chosen this black/gray ruffled scarf to accentuate the outfit with more "volume".....

Here's the side look....

I love this exaggerated "princess sleeves" shoulders.....

  Close-Up pictures of my ensemble....I love that the long vest is with silver glitters which makes the look more interesting....:D

 I've used this striped purple/gray turtle neck instead of a solid plain color as my base to jazz up the ensemble....
(you can also see my scarf more clearly here...)

 Here's the look with the scarf untied just hanging loose on my neck....

 Close-up picture of my black lace scarf...
(you can see some some subtle golden threads on the scarf which I love along with the ruffles...)

I really love Miu Miu's 2009 Fall Runway sequins embellished socks....but I don't think the price is worth it as you can hand-make one yourself buy sticking different sequins on your own socks....:P

Anyway, when I saw these knee-high leg warmers with crystals embellishments at the price of only around US$35+, I'm so happy that I bought both black and silverish gray!  I'm modelling the black one here with my new Givenchy chain wedge booties....

These leg warmers really jazz up this pair of Givenchy black wedge booties....
(I wore them in a "ruched" style because my calves don't look good when wearing fitted knee socks....)

Last but not least, close up of my favorite Chanel Matriochka earrings!  Don't you just love the details?

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!  Happy Holidays to everyone!


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