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Monday, December 7, 2009

Ruffles! The "Oomph" factor! Volume it up with Chanel and Hermes!!

Ruffles, ruffles, ruffles....!!  I love all sorts of ruffles very much.....tiny ruffles, huge ruffles, waterfall ruffles, crisp ruffles, pirate ruffles, feminine ruffles, tailored ruffles, ruffles around collars, down the fronts of blouses, on the edges of a sleeve, ruffles across a skirt, ruffles on coats, ruffles made from leather...know what I mean?

So, this post is dedicated to Ruffles with 3 ensembles........I can't do all my ruffles modeling pix in one post...coz I just have too many clothes with ruffles!  LOL!  Till next time....hehe!  Hope you enjoy the pictures! 

1st Ensemble: 
- Bottom Layer: Black camisole (no brand)
- Middle Layer: Black/green/pink multicolor chiffon sleeveless tunic (no brand bought from a local shop)
- Top Layer: Black cropped jacket with volume ruffle collar (no brand bought from a local shop)

- Zara black fitted pants

- Chanel 09P Purple medium lambskin classic flap with light gold hw

(1) Givenchy taupe/brown lace-up peeptoe pumps
(2) Fiorucci brown brushed leather wedge long "cuff" boots

- Belt: Steve Madden black elastic belt with gold buckle and studs
- Earrings: Chanel 09P pink camellia dangling earrings from the "Camellia Bouquet" Collection
- Bracelets/Cuffs:
  (1) Hermes "Collier De Chien" Ombre Lizard with gold hw
  (2) Hermes "Kelly Stretch" in Violet Tadelakt with gold hw
- Ring: Chanel 09A multi-color CC ring from the "Fairytale" Collection
- Sunglasses: Chloe "Litchi" CL2161 seashell/black acetate oversized sunglasses

So here's my 1st outfit with my very "voluminous" ruffled collar cropped jacket....


I tried wearing my Fiorucci wedge long boots too with this do you like the Givenchy heels better with this, or this long boots?

Close-up shot of my tops...

And this is one of my favorite colored Chanel flaps in my Chanel flap collection.... (this picture was taken indoor without flash)

 Picture taken outdoor under natural light without flash....

 This purple with the light gold hw is just the most divine combination!
You can hardly find gold hw these days with colored flaps.....I'm such a proud owner of this purple flap! :D

 Close-Up of my Givenchy lace-up peeptoe pumps...

 I think these shoes will look good too with a pair of subtle patterned or colored tights.....

Close-Up of my Fiorucci wedge boots...I love the long cuffs!  They kind of cover up my big calves...hehe!  And this brushed brown leather/color is so yummy too!

Close-Up of my Chanel camellia earrings...

 I chose this Chanel ring to go with my ensemble coz the colors match perfectly with my multicolor chiffon tank top.

And my favorite Hermes CDC in Lizard Ombre together with Kelly Stretch in Violet Tadelakt......
(Hermes leathers are just soooo yummy!!  I special ordered 2 Birkins during my trip to Paris just this September....they will be ready next year when I go to Paris again!  Yay!)

2nd Ensemble:
- Bottom Layer: White w/ black polka dots turtle neck with lace details (no brand bought from a local shop)
- Top Layer: Gray/Black tunic with exaggerated ruffle shoulders (no brand bought from a local shop)

- Vertical Club black fitted pants

(1) Prada gray/navy lambskin cube bag with wide yellow handle (bought from New Zealand in 2000)
(2) Chanel 2008 Hawaii Special Limited Edition Dark Silver clutch w/ CC kisslock

(1) Chanel 09A black tweed pumps from the "Chain Around" collection
(2) Staccato gray suede long boots with diamond heels

- Belt: H&M silver sequined belt
- Hosiery: (1) Black lace socks with golden shimmers (no brand)
(2) Dark Purple tights (no brand)
- Earrings: Chanel 09A black/white dangling earrings from the "Edelweiss" Collection
- Necklace: NoBeing White "wing" long necklace with gray velvet ball
- Brooch: Chanel 09A black/white brooch from the "Edelweiss" Collection
- Ring: Chanel 09A multi-color CC ring from the "Fairytale" Collection
- Sunglasses: Tom Ford "Jaquelin" black sunglasses w/ orange rim and brown gradient lens

For ths ensemble, the ruffles are on the shoulders/sleeves..... and I am loving the fluffy effect!  So dramatic!

I paired my ensemble with a long necklace since the bottom part of my tunic is too "plain" that this "wing" necklace has this elongation effect.  (You can see the detailed design of this wing necklace it!)

I chose a patterned black lace socks with my Chanel tweed pumps to make the look more interesting......

I tried to work my tunic as a short dress too by adding a silver sequined belt and wearing colored tights (this case, dark purple) with a long gray boots...what do you think?  Which one is better?  I changed my bag into a clutch too!

Instead of the "wing" long necklace, I changed to this Chanel black & white "Edelweiss" brooch so as not to clash with the belt....

Close-up of my tops....(oh my turtle neck is actually with polka dot patterns....I love to add some subtle patterns to my ensemble if I'm wearing just plain simple colors to make the look more interesting...)

 My turtle neck is with white lace on the neck and also at the hem of my sleeves.....add to this romantic effect!

And I'm so surprised to find this Prada bag in my closet!!  I nearly forgot about it!  Hahaha!  This was bought in 2000 in Auckland New Zealand.  I love that it is with this "avant garde" feel because of the shape of the bag and the thick yellow handle.  Love the contrast!  Can you see that the main part of the bag is dark gray, while the sides are actually dark navy in color.  Quite a unique design from Prada way back....:D

 The lambskin of this bag is just so buttery it!

 Close-Up of my Chanel "Chain Around" tweed the little fringes around the shoes!
(I actually own a pair of ballerina flats too in this same design too but in a different metalized lambskin leather...)

I'm so happy to find this in Paris Ave. Montaigne!  These shoes were not on the rack yet the 1st day I went to the store....good that I went back to the store again after 2 days to buy something and voila!  There they are waving at me!!  LOL!!

 And these Chanel Edelweiss earrings too were my great finds in Paris!  I've been eyeing this Edelweiss collection since I knew about it.  But no stores in Hong Kong nor the US ordered this collection and nobody knew what I was talking about.  (Sometimes, I think I'm a better Sales Associate (SA) than most of the Chanel SA out there....LOL!!)


 For the Edelweiss collection, I found this brooch first in Paris Ave Montaigne...then the next day I found the earrings above at Rue Royale.  You just have to visit every Chanel boutique in Paris because they carry different stocks.  I would say for costume jeweleries, Ave. Montaigne has a better stock.  Rue Cambon will have more classic styles....

Just love the design/pattern of this easy to wear and yet the details are so nice!

I got inspired to dig out my wing necklace after seeing Julia (a fellow blogger) buy her new wing necklace.  Chanel too has a "wing" necklace and brooch from the 09A Angel Collection which is with strass.  I didn't buy this Angel collection since I think my wing costume jeweleries are more interesting....LOL!

This is designed and handmade by a local jewelery designer.  I love the gray velvet ball on this and the exquisite detail of the wing!
3rd Ensemble:
(modelled this before on tPF but want to include it here as I love this Ruffle vest very much!)

- Bottom Layer: Jeanasis pale pink/blush cotton long sleeves top
- Middle Layer: eHyphen World Gallery violet checkered chiffon sleeveless tunic w/ black satin neckline
- Top Layer: eHyphen World Gallery gray satin cropped vest w/ pale lilac chiffon ruffle details

- Bossini light blue washed jeans w/ flare leg

- Chanel 2008 Dark Silver "Hawaii Special Edition" timeless classic clutch w/ CC kisslock

- Episode metallic dark Silver faux python peep-toe pumps w/ crystal ribbon in front

- Necklace: Long faux pearl necklace w/ antique chair pendant w/ pink ribbon & dangling faux pearl details (no brand - bought from Korea)
- Earrings: Matte gold/Black/White/Pale Pink dangling earrings w/ black rose, ribbon, pale pink crystals, faux elongated "mother of pearl" and white fabric details (no brand - bought from a local shop)
- Sunglasses:  Tom Ford "Jaquelin" black sunglasses w/ orange rim and brown gradient lens

This ensemble will not look as interesting/lively as it is without this ruffled vest....:P



Haha...I just love Chanel's classic timeless clutch!  It can actually hold a lot for a clutch!  Clutches are NOT ONLY for formal evening events anymore!  They are perfect for casual looks too!


Close-up shot of my tops.....really love this ruffled vest...the color is so subtle and it makes the whole ensemble more "interesting" and fun. Ruffles rock!!!


Ribbon at the back of this satin vest...(longer in front, shorter at the back...)

 Close-Up picture of one of my favorite clutches...and this silver was only available at the Hawaii Ala Moana and Waikiki boutiques at that happy to be a proud owner of it.  My Japanese SA in Hawaii is just so sweet to reserve this for me...:D

Close-up shot of my shoes....

Close-up shots of my necklace....I really love this cute little chair with the pink ribbon and faux pearls details......!


Close-up shot of my's very light-weight and matches well with the tone of my ensemble and necklace!


That's all folks for now!  Hope you enjoyed this "ruffle" episode.  I'll model more of my ruffles next time......:D


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