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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Stay or Go? Help! Must Clean Up! :D

Hi Gals,

As you know, I'm an avid Chanel collector.  A crazy one.  My peak time was having almost 70 Chanel bags in my collection.  But ENOUGH is really ENOUGH.  LOL!

Right now, I'm back to around 30 pieces...but I still find myself not using them all.  Some haven't even seen the daylight after I bought them.  Since I'm also building my Hermes collection, I think it's time to let go of more bags to spare some space in my closet and welcome the upcoming "new family members".

But then, I'm having a hard time deciding which ones to let go for the following 4 I'm now posting them here with some modeling pictures to see if you gals have any input.  You can say "Let go of all", "Keep only 1", "Keep all" etc...haha...whatever your thoughts are.  All input are welcome.  I REALLY need to clean up my closet for the holidays!!!

FYI, most of my Chanel bags in my current collection are classic flap style (2.55 reissues with the rectangular "mademoiselle" lock and classics with the CC lock) which I really prefer.  I have all the colors I want so colors don't really matter.  You can just concentrate on these 4 bags and don't need to consider my other Chanel bags in my collection.  Easier job.  Hehehe!

Hope to hear from you gals!  Really appreciate your help!

So without further are the 4 bags I am thinking of letting go of......

1. CHANEL Mauve Color Camellia Wallet On Chain (with silver hardware)

 2. CHANEL Blue/Green Color Tweed Flap (with silver hardware)


 3. CHANEL Dark Green "Bubble Quilt" Medium Hobo Flap (with matte light gold hardware)

4. CHANEL Black "Coco Rider" Large Bowler/Tote (with ruthenium hardware)

Thanks in advance gals for your input!!! :D 


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