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Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas Gathering with overseas tPF friends with my new CL & YSL shoes!


Hope all of you enjoyed the festive season with your family and friends!  I can't believe it's 2010 already!  My most important goal this year is to GET PREGNANT! LOL!!  Haha....we hope to have a baby in the year of the Rabbit (i.e. 2011), so that's why this year is "crucial".  Besides, I'm turning 36 this year (though I still feel like 26...LOL!!), so have to "hurry up" before I get really old!  Oh well, it all depends on God.....see whether He wants to give me another child or just 1 is enough. :P 

Anyway, just want to share with you my ODJs which I wore during the holiday season.  But I'm going to post them in separate posts coz I have too many pictures. :P

First of all, I am so happy to meet with my tPF friends (Charm, Kat and Jackie) from Manila who came to Hong Kong with their families during Christmas holidays.  We went to eat at a Japanese "shabu shabu" restaurant named "Zenpachi" which is famous for it's "wagyū" (Japanese beef).  We were so stuffed because it's "Eat All You Can"!!  LOL!

Anyway, here's my ODJ for the dinner:
- Bottom Layer: Mustard yellow turtle neck (no brand bought from a local shop)
- Middle Layer:  Fluffy gray chunky knit top with shimmering silver threads (no brand bought from a local shop)
- Top Layer: French Connection black wool military coat

- Zara brown/black plaid cropped pants
- Zara dark brown slacks

- Chanel 09A Turquoise/Teal Lambskin Jumbo Classic Flap with silver hw
- Chanel 09C Red Caviar Jumbo Classic Flap with light gold hw

- Christian Louboutin "Mamimo" Gray/Brown Oxford heels with platform
- YSL "Tribute" platform sandals in Dark Cuoio (cognac/luggage) color

- Brooch: Chanel 09A Paris-Moscou multi-color cabochon brooch from the "Bolchoi" collection
- Hosiery : Brown/gray hosiery with square-shaped burgundy prints (a Japanese brand)
- Earrings: Chanel 08A dark burgundy/gold cabochon dangling earrings from the "Cabochon" collection
- Sunglasses: Tom Ford "Jaquelin" black sunglasses w/ orange rim and brown gradient lens


I really love the puffy princess sleeves and the voluminous collar of this military coat...


Without the military coat....

I love the texture of my soft and warm!

I like to match mustard yellow color with gray (and sometimes navy...)

Close-up of my tops...
(love the tie-like design on the collar)

Detailed shots of my new shoes!!!
(Yes, these CL Mamimo's are new and I bought them from Barney's...:D)

I love this "twist" to oxford style shoes with tassel lace-up...and of course, I have a weakness for "wooden heels"...:D

The toe box is a bit "short" and it's better to size up to 1 size bigger....but these are amazingly comfy. :D

Of course, close-up pictures of my Chanel accessories...

This is such a stunning color....

Chanel Earrings & Brooch...


But then, it was too cold during that night, so I changed my ODJ a little before going to the what did I do?   I changed to a longer plain color brown pants from Zara....and used my Chanel Red caviar jumbo flap and wore my new YSL cognac Tribute sandals instead as per Charm's request as she wanted to see them.....:D  (But I actually like my 1st version with plaid cropped pants better....LOL!)

So here's the close-up of my 09C Red Caviar Jumbo w/ Gold HW.
(I love red with gold and I think this is the best red color I've seen from Chanel coz it's not too bright nor too dark...)

YSL Tribute sandals in Dark Cuoio (Cognac/Luggage) color.....
(I so love this "vintage" look of this's the same color worn by one of the Olsen twins...)

I have been wanting a YSL Tribute sandals for a long finally, I got this lovely color and also another color too!!

Finally, a group picture of us in the restaurant....oh..sorry about the lighting....not really good for taking pictures...LOL!

(from left to right: Jackie who is Kat's younger sister and mostly on the BV sub-forum, me, Charm and Kat)

This is another ODJ which I wore when I met with Kat and her family at Starbuck's near her hotel on their last night in Hong Kong.  She has such a sweet family and guess what!  And to my surprise, Kat's dad is actually a long-time friend of one of my uncles in Manila!  What a small world! :D

- Bottom Layer: Kookai black turtle neck
- Middle Layer:  Vertical Club slate gray knitted tunic with layered small ruffles at the bottom
- Top Layer: Max & Co gray chunky knit cap sleeves long vest
- Outerwear: French Connection fuchsia pink wool+rabbit hair long cape

- Black leggings (no brand bought from a local shop)

- Chanel 07A dark beige lambskin Bubble Quilt bowler with matte gold hw 

- Hush Puppies gray long riding boots

- Brooch: Chanel 09P purple/mint green/pink multi-color cabochon brooch from the "Imperial" collection
- Necklace: Mango multicolor tassel necklace with beads
- Earrings: Chanel 08A multicolor mosaic dangling earrings
- Sunglasses: Chloe "Litchi" CL2161 seashell/black acetate oversized sunglasses


It was very cold that day so I had to do lots of will see what I wore inside of the cape later...hehe!

I love the front part of this cape very much...and the bat sleeves too!

This cape is one of my favorite in terms of color and the design...and it's made of lambswool + rabbit hair so it's super warm!
  I love the multi-layered ruffles at the end of my tunic....which adds some "dramatic" effect to the total look....:P

Actually there are several ways to wear this cape where you can play around with the "neck".  The design of the neckline is just a very long (floor length) scarf which is attached to one side of the cape.  You can then wrap the scarf around your neck and "design" your own collar.  This time, I just wrap the scarf around my neck twice and then let the end drape on my shoulder.

One of my favorite Chanel brooches which I bought from Paris just this September...

This brooch has a black version but I like my brooches to stand out I bought this multi-color version instead.

Voila!  Here's my look without the fuchsia pink cape. :D  I really like the texture of this Max & Co. cap sleeves long adds richness to my plain black & gray outfit.

And I have chosen this Mango multicolor tassel necklace to spice up my monotone outfit when I take off my cape. :D

This necklace actually compliments the color of my cape...:P

Love how the chunky knitted vest and the ruffles add "volume" to the total look. 

I'm doing a tone-on-tone for subtlety inside and loud color outside as contrasts.

Close-up of my the details esp. with the little beads.

And one of my "most-used" Chanel earrings....:D  I chose this pair to go with my outfit since it compliments the color of my Chanel brooch...

Close-up of my gray Hush Puppies riding boots...

And of course, picture of me and Kat at Starbuck's
(picture courtesy of Kat)

Did you notice the big Chanel CC brooch and black caviar mini on Kat?  Hehe!  They are Kat's new babies!  I helped Kat buy the caviar mini from the US and have it delivered to me (coz it's tax free here and not so in Manila..:D), and Kat got her new classic CC strass brooch here in Hong Kong.  Very beautiful pieces!

That's all for this post.  Hope you enjoyed the pictures!  Stay tuned for my holiday ODJs in my upcoming posts.....:D

BTW, I'll be out of town for 4 days starting this Friday to attend my tPF friend's (Wai) wedding in Burma.  So, I don't have internet access for those 4 days.  :P  But I will surely post pictures of the beautiful bride...:D

I'll be posting my Christmas gifts too after my Burma trip.  I have received a lot of packages from the US and Europe before the holidays (and recently another one) so I need some time to take pictures of my holiday loot!  Stay tuned!

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