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Monday, August 16, 2010

A couple of random new buys.....:P

Hi gals,

Hope you all had a good weekend!

Shopping has always been a part of my daily life.  LOL!  Can't help it! :P  I shop expensive things as well as inexpensive/dirt cheap things (talking about under US$20 from street stalls).  I absolutely enjoy doing all these mix and match and just bundle everything together.  Well, I don't really like it when people just wear a single brand and throw like 5 or 6 items of the same brand onto themselves and then call it "stylish".  Know what I mean?  Well, for me, I can only wear at most 3 items of the same brand on myself when going out (unless I'm "modeling" some pieces for friends who wanna see how they look on a person, then I'll throw everything on just to let them see, which is of course purely for "modeling" purpose only and you won't see me out like that...LOL!).  Anything more than that is just too much.  Agree?  Oui ou non?

Anyway, here are some of my miscellaneous new buys to share with you.  Haha....I'm a good girl.  Nothing Chanel. :P

So, first of all, 2 new pairs of sunnies......

Louis Vuitton "Conspiration Pilote Canvas" aviator sunglasses with Gradiant gray lens
I picked the silver color because I have a lot of brownish shade already for sunnies....

Love the subtle damier canvas print on the nose bridge and arms...

Alexander McQueen "Mary" sunglasses 
  Made of tortoise-shell with gradient brown lens.... 

Love the "upside-down" frame and the nice logo on the side....  

 And a couple of new wallets...:D

Louis Vuitton Monogram Vernis Zippy Coin Purse in "Gris Art Deco" color 
(Limited Edition color)

I bought this gray Zippy coin purse so that I can have a mini wallet to put inside my Chanel classic mini flap in gray. This Zippy coin purse is just the perfect size....hehe!

2 very special Limited Edition LV Monogram wallets...
(can you tell I'm a sucker for anything limited edition? LOL)

Louis Vuitton Limited Edition 4 Key Holder "Fleuri" with pink floral lining
Louis Vuitton "Insolite" Limited Edition "Fleuri" long wallet with pink floral lining

Something from BV...:P

 Bottega Veneta FW2010 "Opera" color Intrecciato Nappa French Flap Medium Wallet

It's hard to capture the true color of this lovely "Opera" color.  It's like a purplish burgundy....

Bottega Veneta SS2010 "Anemone" color Intrecciato Nappa Continental Wallet

 This is going to be my travel the compartments inside!

Care for some shoes? Again? :P

Paul Smith "Chandra" Oxford style peep toe lace-up heels

Made of suede and Linen...

Love the bright pink laces and brogue punched detailing....

Diane Von Furstenberg (DVF) Gold Wedge Thongs

 Scored this on sale at Lane Crawford...only around US$130!!  What a steal! Yay!

 Love the small wedge which is really comfortable...


Something bling bling from a local shoe store...but this pair is imported from Italy...

Bronze Sequined Peep-toe Mary Jane with special heels (Brand Name: I/C Icy Carpi)

Love the special suede triangular heels with the gold tip...

Scored this on sale as well...and it's the only pair left in my size! Yay!

Another pair from a local shoe store....which is also imported from Italy..

Heather Blue Embellished slippers (Brand Name: Eddy Daniele)

 I love this special blue color which is great for summer..

 Bigger item now....a very cute messenger bag from Chloe.....

The Marcie Messenger in Whiskey color!

Again, I studied Chloe Marcie because one of my college friends from the Philippines asked me about this as she wants to buy one.  Oh well, the more I studied, the more I love the shape and design of this messenger bag - so "boho chic"!  The flap of this Marcie messenger bag is a zippered flap and you can see the lovely stitching details.  The leather is very nice and soft pebbled leather! 

I'm actually lusting for this kind of "rusty orange" color because of its vintage feel.  I'm originally thinking about such a rusty orange color in a Hermes bag (they have 3 colors named "Brique" , "Rouge Venetian" and "Sienne" which looks like rusty orange).  But since these colors are not available now in my desired bag, so I bought this Chloe Marcie whiskey color to stop my thirst for a while. :P

ODJ I wore with my new Chloe Marcie messenger bag....

TOP: H&M olive green tank underneath, Mango beige bat-wing top with lace sleeves,  
BOTTOM: Zara olive/burgundy print pants, 
ACCESSORIES: OZOC brown leather weaved belt, Hermes "Lift" PM Buffalo Horn & Lacquer Necklace, Chanel dangling earrings, Alexander McQueen sunglasses 
SHOES:  DVF gold low wedge thongs
BAG: Chloe "Marcie" messenger bag in Whiskey color

Oops, sorry about my messy hair...need a haircut soon!  My bangs are too long! LOL!

 Some more close-up pix...

And finally, one of my favorite animals for accessories!  As you all know, I have a special love for OWLS when it comes to accessories and I actually collect them. :D

My new OWL necklace!
(bought this from Accessorize ...... they have lots of nice stuff there!  This only costs me around US$20! :D)

And my ODJ wearing this owl and my new pair of YSL Tribtoo's in degrade burgundy color....

TOP: Kookai blush chiffon multi-color floral print baby doll cut top with spaghetti straps, Kookai striped blue-gray long cardigan
BOTTOM: Zara military green pants (folded up)
ACCESSORIES: Accessorize Owl necklace in gold with faux pearl eyes, Chanel dangling earrings, Chloe "Myrte" sunglasses  with brown/matte gold rim and gradient brown lens
SHOES:  YSL degrade burgundy Tribtoo 80 pumps
BAG: Balenciaga "Envelope" clutch with Giant Gold HW in Poupre color

Love mix-matching prints these days....florals + stripes!  Try it!

Some close-up pix of my Balenciaga clutch bag and YSL Tribtoo pumps...
 This is really a very stylish casual clutch (thanks to my friend Wai who enabled me on buying this! LOL)

And my fave YSL shoes...

Can you see the "degrade" color from dark purple to burgundy?

 The color of the Balenciaga clutch and YSL Tribtoo's kind of match....hehe! (But I actually don't like matching my shoes with my bags...:P)

That's all folks for now!  Hope you enjoy some of my new purchases.  (Haha, you're correct, there are more but let's save some for my upcoming posts....:P)

Have a great week ahead!  Stay tuned again for my next post!

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