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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Play Time with Hermes Silks!


Hope you had a great weekend! 

I have been a scarf collector since I started working....and I collect all kinds of scarves/shawls from small "no brand" local boutiques, from Japanese brands, and of course from my current favourite, HERMES! :)

I've never thought that I will collect Hermes scarves (which I started in 2009), as I've always associated them with the word "old-fashioned".  But the irony is that I started my Hermes obsession with Hermes scarves!!!  Never say never!!  I think it's because of my soft spot for prints and colors, that explains why!  There are so many great artists/designers for Hermes scarves (some of my current faves are Dimitri RybaltchenkoAnnie Faivre, Cathy Latham), and Hermes creative director M. Pierre-Alexis Dumas is always on the hunt for great emerging designers to collaborate with for Hermes silks artwork design.  So, every season is really worth looking forward to!  There is something for everyone, for every age!

This is a glimpse of one of my cabinets for my Hermes scarves (I still have another cabinet for my bigger Hermes 140cm shawls since their boxes are longer which can't fit into this smaller size cabinet).

If you notice, not all the boxes have the white Dymo label yet.  I am still in the midst of labeling all my Hermes scarf boxes because as the number multiplies (and I must say on a fast track..LOL....from zero to now more than 150 pieces), I can't remember anymore which box is which scarf!

There are so many ways to tie/wear a Hermes scarf, it's all up to your creativity and that's the fun of it!! :D  For me, anything goes as long as I'm comfortable with it.  I wear my scarves as tops, as an accessory for layering, as belts, and of course as scarves.

So, are you ready to play with the scarves? 

Denim Look 
with Hermes SS11 "Fleurs d'Indiennes" 90cm Carre in Chocolat/Rose Poudre/Violine

 I used my new Hermes "Trio" scarf ring in permabrass to tie this scarf...
(I really love the color scheme of this lovely scarf...especially the contrast trim which is a pale lavender color!)


Bottom Layer: Kookai cream sheer knit sleeveless long top
Middle Layer: H&M coral loose fit tank
Top Layer: Kookai washed denim jacket

7 For All Mankind Bell Bottom Jean in "Pale Blue Whiskered" color

Givenchy "Tinhan" V-shaped tote in petrole wrinkled leather

Miu Miu SS11 blue wooden wedge with white contrast stitches

Hermes 90cm silk scarf "Fleurs d'Indiennes"
Hermes "Trio" scarf ring in permabrass
Chanel 10P "Coco Country" flower earrings in pale pink
Chanel 09P "Elegance" cream/gold flower ring
Chloe "Myrte" sunglasses with brown/matte gold rim & gradient brown lens

My favourite "Cowboy Knot"....

Now just folding the 90cm scarf into a triangle and then simply draping it on the neck with a knot tied behind the neck which shows the most pattern of the scarf.....

Oh this is my 1st pair of 7 jeans and I love it to death!  If you're looking for a dramatic bell bottom with a huge flair, THIS IS IT!!

And how about wearing the scarf as a shawl? 
(I seldom wear my scarves like that but just to show you the versatility....)

Of course close-up pictures of my Miu Miu wedge!  So comfy!  Love the white stitching done on the buffalo leather!  (Available at Barneys...)

Haven't I told you that I love wooden heels a lot?

 Close-up of my Chanel accessories....

2nd up....

"Tone-on-Tone" Look 
with Hermes SS11 "L'Art du Temari" 90cm Carre in Kaki Fonce/Marine/Vert

Tied in a simple knot.....
(I especially chose a striped long knit vest since the white stripes on the vest compliments the lines on the scarf...)


Bottom Layer: Kookai white camisole
Middle Layer: Kookai heather blue knit tunic/dress
Top Layer: Kookai blue/white striped long knit vest

Current/Elliott High Rise Bell Jeans in "Patriot Blue" color

Hermes Soleil "Lindy" 30cm in Taurillon Clemence 

Christian Louboutin "No Prive" 120mm Multicolor Glitter peeptoe slingback with golden heels

Hermes 90cm silk scarf "L'Art du Temari"
Kookai matte gold leather belt
Gara Danielle gold/multicolor beads open filigree round dangling earrings
 Tom Ford "Jaquelin" sunglasses w/ gradient brown lens

I played tone-on-tone (all different "blues" on me) because I want to highlight my Hermes Soleil color "Lindy" bag....

L'Art du Temari 90cm carre worn in a simple drape....
(This is one of my favourite prints from the SS2011 Hermes scarf collection!)

Close-up of my earrings...
(the multicolor beads match well with the color-tone of my Hermes scarf)

And this is one of my favourite Louboutin heels I own!  Love the glittery bling bling on this pair of "No Prive"!  The gold heels match with my gold belt!

3rd up...

"Warm+Cool Tone Mashup" look 
with Hermes FW10 "La Charmante aux Animaux" 90cm Carre in Petrole/Rose Poudre/Canard
Simple loose criss-cross way of tying.....
(I was originally wearing a beige blazer but since the weather was so hot outside so I changed to the above cardigan instead...)


Bottom Layer: Kookai blush camisole
Middle Layer: H&M light beige sleeveless tunic with crystal jewels "polka dot" embellishments
Top Layer: Pull & Bear dark mocha cardigan with golden glitters

Kookai Wide Leg Jeans

Hermes "Medor" Clutch in Fauve Tadelakt with Gold Hardware

Christian Louboutin "No Barre" 140mm taupe peeptoe pumps with wooden heels

Hermes 90cm silk scarf "La Charmante aux Animaux"
brown slim belt (taken from a pair of Zara pants)
09P "Elegance" oval-shaped cream/gold dangling earrings
Chanel 09P "Elegance" cream/gold ring
Chloe "Myrte" sunglasses with brown/matte gold rim & gradient brown lens
I am loving the color combo of this cool teal-blue tone against the warm tone of beiges I have on me....
Again, my favourite simple way of draping to show the print of the scarf....

My favourite and most used clutch of the moment....
Hermes "Medor" clutch in Fauve Tadelakt with Gold HW!

  Tied in a "Criss-Cross Bow Knot" for more volume....

My Christian Louboutin "No Barre" Taupe peeptoe pumps with wooden heels from SS09...(it's 140mm but very comfortable)

Close-Up of my Chanel costume jeweleries from 2009 Spring/Summer Collection..

4th up.....

"Jumpsuit" Look 
with Hermes SS11 "Le Pegase d'Hermes" 90cm Carre in Ultra Violet/Vert/Bleu


Bottom Layer: Kookai white camisole
Middle Layer: Mango black wide leg silk jersey jumpsuit
Top Layer: Kookai gray cardigan

Hermes special order 35cm Birkin in Iris Togo Gold Hardware with Vert Anis contrast Lining, Cyclamen tone-on-tone stitching and Leather wrapped padlock

Fendi taupe/gray suede/tulle cage effect sandals 

Hermes 90cm silk scarf "Le Pegase D'Hermes"
Hermes "Chaîne d'Ancre" Scarf ring in Permabrass
French Connection black/gold sequins belt 
Chanel 09C "Sweet Heart" black bow dangling earrings
Chanel 08A "Le Duc" Black & White ring
Tom Ford "Jaquelin" sunglasses w/ gradient brown lens

Wearing my scarf in a volumnous "Waterfall Knot"....
(since my purple accessories are very sharp colors, I opted for black and gray to mellow down the whole look....)

I am really proud of this "Waterfall Knot" that I've tied!!!  I love the volume and the dramatic draping effect of this knot!
(I learned this knot from the Hermes scarf guru "Mai Tai"....see her wonderful blog here:

I tied it in a way to show off the wonderful multicolors on the scarf...
(the green on this scarf actually matches the "Vert Anis" lining of my Iris Birkin...hehe!)
I used my Hermes "Chaîne d'Ancre" Scarf ring in Permabrass to secure the knot and produce this massive draping...

Close-Up pictures of my Fendi taupe/gray suede/tulle cage effect sandals 

Close-Ups of my Chanel past seasons costume jeweleries...

5th up.....

Playing with Hermes FW10 "Ex Libris En Camouflage" 90cm Carre

Simple "cowboy" style...


Tout A Coup dark gray drape neck knit top
Gray vest with holes (no brand)

H&M dark bluish gray pants (folded up)

Chanel "Coco Rider" black large Bowler bag

Givenchy studded peeptoe booties

Hermes 90cm silk scarf  "Ex Libris En Camouflage"
(worn different ways)
pewter/black dangling earrings (no brand) 
Tom Ford "Jaquelin" sunglasses w/ gradient brown lens

Tied in a simple knot and added a vest....

And my fave way of wearing Hermes scarves is to make them a top for layering....

Close-up of my Givenchy shoes which you've seen before.. 

6th up...

Playing with Hermes FW10 "L'Ombrelle Magique" 90cm Carre in Rose Poudre/Vert Amande/Prune

One shoulder top using my Hermes "Mors" scarf ring...


Bottom Layer: some no brand tube top worn inside
Middle Layer:
Hermes 90cm silk scarf "L'Ombrelle Magique" (worn as one-shoulder top)
Top Layer: Kookai pale rose pink patterned cardigan

Kookai light blue jean colored pants (folded up for cropped look)

Goyard white St Louis PM tote

YSL "Essential" Gray suede with white trim high heel sandals

Hermes 90cm silk scarf "L'Ombrelle Magique" (worn different ways)
Hermes "Mors" scarf ring in permabrass
Chanel pink camellia dangling earrings
Tom Ford "Jacquelin" sunglasses w/ gradient brown lens

"L'Ombrelle Magique" worn as one-shoulder top...

Close-up picture of "L'Ombrelle Magique"...

Close-Up Pictures of my YSL "Essential" Sandals....

Love the special heels!!

Hermes "L'Ombrelle Magique" worn as halter top for layering...
(secured by Hermes "Mors" scarf ring at the back of the neck)

Changed the tops, jeans and shoes to create this "layered" look...
- As Know As De Base mint pastel green cotton long sleeves tunic with asymmetrical hem
- Sugarlink white lace vest (bought from Singapore)
- no brand light blue fitted jeans
- YSL Tributes105 sandals in "Vanilla Nude" color

I love mixing mint green with pink...

Close-up pix of "L'Ombrelle Magique" worn as halter top..

Hermes "L'Ombrelle Magique" worn as scarf in different ways...
(added the following to the outfit:
- Mango cream chunky bat-wing cardigan
- Ted Baker camel color gold studded belt

The classic "Cowboy" style..

Just hanging freely on the neck to show the pattern...

Simple Knot...

Worn on the waist...

And as a belt with Mors scarf ring...

You've seen a couple of ways on how to tie a 90cm Hermes scarf, now let's go to some other types of Hermes scarves.....Stoles and 140cm Cashmeres!  
Love them!

"Vest" Look
with Hermes FW10 "Bolduc Au Carre" Cashmere Stole with Fringes

I am wearing Bolduc stole like a vest and cinching it with a thick belt....


Bottom Layer: Kookai light purplish blue camisole
Middle Layer:
Hermes "Bolduc Au Carre" cashmere stole with fringes (worn as vest)
Top Layer: b+ab cream/white cardigan with peach glitter trim and ruffles

Kookai indigo wide leg jeans

Balenciaga "Part Time" Raisin with Giant Gold HW

Marni SS10 pale blue with luggage color peeptoe platform strappy sandals


Hermes "Mors" scarf ring in permabrass 
 Et Vous taupe studded wrap-around thick belt (bought from Paris)
no brand silver dangling earrings 
Tom Ford "Jaquelin" sunglasses w/ gradient brown lens

Marni Shoes close-up...
(sorry about my pedicure since I still don't have the time to visit the salon to get them done! LOL!)

I really love the color combo of this pair of Marni. This color is hard to find. It's the only pair in my size in Hong Kong. So happy to find it!

Now, having fun with Hermes 140cm GM Cashmere Shawl "Tohu Bohu" from a few years back! 

"Tohu Bohu" is one of my favourite Hermes scarves prints....


Hermes "Tohu Bohu" 140cm GM Cashmere Shawl worn as bustier triangle tunic top 
(worn with another fitted tube top underneath)
French Connection taupe gray color studded cardigan 

Indigo slim fit jeans (no brand)

Chanel 09A teal lambskin classic jumbo flap bag with silver chain 

Christian Louboutin python Simple pump 85 in gray/white


Chanel "Sweet Heart" black/pewter heart with wings dangling earrings
Max&Co black short chunky necklace with charms 
Tom Ford "Jaquelin" sunglasses w/ gradient brown lens

I just folded the shawls into half (triangular shape) and then wrap the inverted triangle around my body so as to become a tube top tunic. Pretty easy! Hehe!

Close-up of my Louboutin Simple85 python pumps...


 Last but not least........ 

Playing with Hermes FW10 "Cent Plis Des Miao" 140cm GM Cashmere Shawl 

Since the shawl is too long for me (I'm only 161cm tall), I have to fold the shawl a little at the top to make the length work for me. That extra cloth which was folded made up the triangular "collar"..

Just need to put the shawl at your back, and then tie a knot in the front using the top corners, and then put the knotted part behind your neck to be able to wear this as a long vest ...


Kookai dusty rose pink shirt dress with ruffles
Hermes "Cent Plis des Miao" 140cm GM Cashmere Shawl (worn as vest with collar)

black leggings (no brand)

Balenciaga FW2010 "City" in Seigle color with Giant rose gold hardware

Millies brown leather riding boots with buckle


Chanel multicolor CC dangling earrings
H&M gray weaved wide belt 
Tom Ford "Jaquelin" sunglasses w/ gradient brown lens

"Cent Plis Des Miao" worn as cape

Changed the outfit a bit:
- Lowry's Farm yellow satin spaghetti strap tunic/dress with layered ruffles at bottom
- French Connection teal color long cardigan with studs
- indigo fitted jeans (no brand)
- YSL Tribute 105 golden "Sahara" color sandalsin "Vulcano" leather
- H&M purplish taupe mesh large flower brooch

Can also wear it as normal scarf of looks like this when tied....

And adding a teal color cardigan and tying it the normal way....I really love the color combo of this shawl!

That's all for today!!  Hope you enjoyed the various ways of wearing scarves.


Gros Bisous,


  1. Words cannot even describe how much I adore your posts!

  2. Everytime I check in here and saw looooong post, I get super excited! I love all your details, modelling pixs (now with special effects to boost!) - it's time well spent for me going through every line! :) bonnie

  3. Ohhhhh

    That tohu bohu is totally unforgettable!!

  4. Mia - Absolutely breathtaking! You are such a fashionista!

    I am amazed by how you wore the Cent Plis des Miao as a vest and cape w/brooch! The purple and jumpsuit outfit is spectacular! And the Fleurs d'Indiennes with the coral top is divine!

    I could go on and on! Love your blog! Thanks for the wonderful inspiration!!

  5. I love your posts! your son is so lucky to inherit your collection! (I wish I was your son. hahahaha!)

  6. adore those miu miu wedges! i am getting them in the camel color. you look so chic!

    xoxo megan

  7. Oh my ... what a long post! All the styles together make such a great reference in being stylish with an Hermès scarf. Thank you so much for sharing.
    I love your fashion sense.

  8. AMAZING! i <3 your bags and scarves!

  9. WOW...amazing collection you got :)

    So so jealous :p

    I love how you match the scarfs with the outfits..especially the Chanel earrings.

    I just pick up the brides de gala en finesse over the weekend...and it is only my 5th


  10. simply, AWESOME !!! keep posting please...:-)


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