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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Please vote: Hermes GM Shawl....which colorway?

Hi girls,

It's been a week since I updated my blog.  Sorry for the silence as we are busy preparing for Xmas.

Anyway, speaking of Xmas, I think I have a lot of Xmas gifts coming my way...:D  Now, it really feels like Christmas! of my Xmas presents from my darling husband will be something from Hermes - a GM cashmere shawl 140cm x 140cm named "Kelly En Caleche".  This is one of my HG GM shawls aside from Tohu Bohu and Coaching. 

My DH managed to find 4 colorways for me but I can only choose one (and need to decide by tomorrow..LOL!!).  Which one should I get?  I welcome your vote.  This is going to be my 1st Hermes GM shawl so I want it to be special.  (Actually my heart is leaning towards 2 of the colors here.....but I can't decide which one!!!)

Colorway 01: rose shocking/prune/rose fluo (the fuchsia pink one on the very left)
==> I think this color is nice but the contrast is not too much for the base color and the Kelly bags....

Colorway 02: ciel/marron glace/blue jean (the 2nd light blue color in the picture above)

==> I think this might be too pale.....but color is nice as well.

Colorway 03: capucine/chocolate/encre (the 3rd orange color in the picture above)

==> I like this muted orange and the different colors of Kelly bags on it.  Here is another picture of it (1st one taken from website and 2nd "blurred" one taken from Hermes catalog):


You can also see this orange colorway in real life in this "spy" picture taken by a lovely tPFer from an H store (I've circled in black the orange color Kelly En Caleche):

And I'm adding these pictures of this 03 colorway from a lovely tPFer "GS" who just got this from Paris as her wedding anniversary gift (how sweet):

All pictures courtesy of tPFer "geminisparklers"


Colorway 05: safran/violet/cannelle (the yellowish one in the picture below which is 2nd from the left)
==> I love this color coz it's so vibrant and special.  I love the purple in this colorway.  But the only thing which is holding me back is if this yellow color is too much for a shawl (you can see the yellow color better in the 2nd picture here with the price tag.)  This yellow is actually a more mellow mango-ish mustard yellow I would say.  I love how this yellow matches so well with the purple and orange in the print.  The contrast is just so nice (BTW, the piping/edge of this yellow shawl is purple).  But is it classic enough or too playful?  Hmmm...

So what do you think?  Any thoughts?  Advice?  To be honest, I have only seen the 01 colorway in real life and another black/orange combo one.  So, I don't know how the other colors above will actually look in real life.  Hahahaha!  If any of you have seen colorways 05 and 03 at the stores, please let me know what you think.

I really appreciate any comments/input/thoughts.   Hermes GM shawl, here I come! Yay!

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