Pictures by Bella Pilar

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Greetings from Paris!

Hello everyone!! Bonjour!!

I'm now in Paris and I'm going back to Hong Kong tomorrow afternoon. Just want to drop by and say "hi" to all of you.

Anyway, I had the most amazing shopping experience in Hermes here and I can't contain my excitement!! My husband went crazy in Hermes too and got himself a bunch of stuff! LOL!! We were served by 2 most amazing SAs at the same time (one took care of my husband and one took care of me...hehe) and we are so happy that we got all that we want!

I'll post my Hermes and Chanel loot when I come back (a lot of orange boxes and black & white boxes in my luggage....hahahaha!). We brought 4 luggages in total but I don't think they are enough. Crossing my fingers now hoping that our luggage won't be overweight. This is going to be my last splurge for this year and the 1st half of next year. Will be a good girl for a while. :D

So, stay tuned for the pix, pals! See you soon!

Bisous (kisses),
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