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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A whole new meaning to "Charlotte's Web": my new-found love for shoes and my collection!!!! :)

Hello dears,

How is everyone?  It has been soooooo long since I blogged.  I came back from Paris 2 months ago from my 3-month study of Intensive Intermediate French.  It has been a very great experience for me living as a "Parisienne".  It really is a dream come true for me and I learned a lot about the culture and their daily lives.  I lived with a very very cute boyfriend/girlfriend couple who are local Parisiens and I had the time of my life!!  Of course, I have achieved what I want to achieve, that is to master my French and be able to talk in French with ease.  I am still continuing my French studies here locally because I want to keep on practising. :)

Anyway, I know I owe you all my posts of my Hermes loot.  That will be coming soon as I am still taking some pictures of yet another new loot I just received recently.  I wanted to post everything in 1 more time that way. :P  So stay tuned for that.

Meanwhile, let me share with you my new-found love.  For shoes, I am a lover for YSL, Louboutin, Chanel, Miu Miu, Givenchy etc....I should say mostly French and Italian brands.  But I have found another designer from London whom I totally adore when I visited her only boutique in London back in May.  (Yes, it was my first trip to London back in May, and I am totally in love with London!  I am definitely going back to London next year for another trip, and thinking of putting my son to the boarding schools there in the future so I can have an "excuse" to live there! LOL!)

Anyway, back to my shoes.  I think you can guess which designer I am talking about.  It's Charlotte Olympia!!!  She has a little store in London Maddox street which is the only store in London currently. I am so happy to have the opportunity to visit her store there, so cozy and cute!

*Please note that I started using my new watermark "Mia's Armoire" for some of my new pictures because I am going to change my Blog Name from "Mia Après Chanel" to "Mia's Armoire".  The reason behind this change is that this blog is not only about Chanel as I have expanded my interests in other brands as well, especially now that my love has transferred to "Hermes". :P  So, I want my blog to become more "neutral to brands" in a sense, and that's why "Mia's Armoire" (meaning Mia's Closet/Wardrobe in English) will be a better fit.  But my old watermark "miacillan (for tPF & own blog use only)" is still valid during this transition period.

The Charlotte Olympia store in Maddox Street, the only boutique in London....

This small street is very cute....look at the reflection of the buildings opposite the store.  Not something we see everyday in my place!

No. 56 Maddox Street....a store I will frequently visit whenever I am in London...hehe!

The famous Spider Web which is Charlotte Olympia's official logo.  A whole new level of Charlotte's Web which is actually one of my favourite books! :P

Even the lamp inside the store is spider look-alike!  :)

My weaknessssss!  This shop is so a home full of shoes!

In love with the gold island platforms on all of her shoes!  They are actually very comfortable at 140mm height!!!!  

I wish all of these are mine!  Yummmyy!

A very nice statue of a leopard inside the store...this was also used in an advertising campaign of Charlotte Olympia....

This display board of shoes belongs to Charlotte Olympia's personal collection.  She has an exact same one at home.  A gift from her mom....

I want one too in my room!

Love the shopping bag!

So, of course, I did a lot of "damages"....LOL!!  How can I simply resist???!!!!  From basically a Charlotte Olympia newbie with ZERO pairs of her shoes, to now 10 pairs in my collection.....!!!!  I am hopelessly in love!  :P  

This was the first pair I bought which got me started!!!
"Ninivah" black/gold pumps with leopard face cute is that!!!

Now, my 2nd & 3rd pairs....
"Greta" teal green ostrich effect pumps and "Dolores" black satin quilted pumps

And then the 4th...
"Penelope" violet satin pumps

And how can I not have the most classic Charlotte Olympia pumps?
"Dolly" suede pumps in Red and Blush-Nude

Red + Leopard = Sexy!  LOL!
"Polly" leopard/red pumps

Red + Leopard + Lips....
"Bisoux" leopard/red loafers

How about some bling-blings? :)
"Priscilla" multicolour glitters pumps

And last but not least, also the HARDEST TO FIND....
The famous "Kitty" flats in black velvet with gold embroideries!  Love these to death!

How about some group pictures?

Finally, a family portrait of my Charlotte Olympia collection!!  I am in Cloud 9! :P

Hope you have enjoyed my 1st post after the long long silence!  Till my next post!  

Have a great summer everyone!


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