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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My new 5 inches heels.....

After all these crazy shopping, I'm starting to "unpack" the new shoes I've bought these 2 months. (There are still 2 shipments coming from the Nordstrom and NM...)

This is the 1st pair of Marni that I own, and is also the highest heels I've got. However, to my surprise, they are amazingly comfortable!!

I love the details of the platform (tweed + wood) and also love how the chunky heels are being made. They are so retro!

So, here's my ensemble which I wore during the weekend, featuring my new Marni platform sandals, and also a new addition to my Chanel family which I bought in March09 (after I took my Chanel family portrait) - Chanel 09P classic jumbo size flap in Fuchsia "washed" Caviar with silver hw.

- Bottom Layer ==> Magenta cotton camisole (Kookai)
- Middle Layer ==> White tank top (Zara)
- Top Layer ==> Blue jean "baby doll" cropped blazer ("Lowry's Farm" - a
Japanese Brand)

- Multicolor Floral Print "sarouel"/harem pants (Zara)

- 09P Fushcia washed caviar jumbo with silver hw (Chanel)

- Brown leather wooden chunky 5-inch heels platform sandals (Marni)

- Hat: Beige "Fedora" straw hat with chocolate brown satin ribbon (a Japanese brand)
- Earrings: 09P "Spring Bloom" Blue/pink flower earrings with dangling CC
in enamel and strass (Chanel)
- Necklace: Sequined and beaded blue/white/black/yellow/matte gold multicolor fabric "ethnic" long necklace (Kookai)
- Sunglasses: 5120 Tortoise sunglasses with gradient brown lens (Chanel)

Without the Fedora hat....

My blue jean blazer is made of very soft cotton fabric with pleated details. I tried to match my ensemble with a very washed-out light blue real denim jacket, but I think this one's fabric and length match the outfit better.

Details of my jeweleries....(picked this since the blue and pink colors of these Chanel earrings match the color tone of my outfit and also the floral print of my pants....)

I chose this ethnic-looking long fabric necklace by Kookai because it fits the "mood" and colors of the ensemble. Kookai sometimes have some nice costume jeweleries and they are at really affordable prices. Nice to have for mix-and-match.

I love the floral and sequins details of this necklace and the different beads and sequins used on the fabric (white cotton rope). It's handmade and I think it's well made for the price of Euro50. This necklace length is very very long, and you can adjust it to 2/3/4 strands. Very versatile.

Close-up pics of my 09P fuchsia caviar jumbo, taken outdoor with natural lighting without flash to reflect the true color........yummy yummy!

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