Pictures by Bella Pilar

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I'm toooooo excited now! The typhoon no. 8 yesterday night was lowered to typhoon no. 1 this morning. So, my driving exam is still ON!

Well, it was still raining hard this morning, so I'm a bit worried if I can handle the exam.....

Anyway, to keep the story short, I PASSED!!! YAY!!! I will get my real driver's license this afternoon! It's valid for 10 years! Yay!! I can't help but I kept grinning! LOL!!

You know, I've worked on this driving exam since November 2008. I had my written exam in December, my mid-term exam in March (which is about parking, 3-point turn and stopping at upward hills), and my final road exam this morning. So, after 9 months of hard work, FINALLY! I GOT MY DRIVER'S LICENSE!!

Now, I can take my son to school myself and no need to take a taxi! I'm so happy! Hehehehehe!

Just want to share my good news with you. Thank you all for your blessings!

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