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Monday, May 11, 2009

My first encounter with Chanel....

I started my love for Chanel in March 2008. It was actually by "accident". My husband was going to Paris for his business trip at that time, and asked me what I would like him to bring back from Paris. I initially thought of Louis Vuitton (which used to be my favourite brand for bags). But then, my husband said, "Why don't you buy a Chanel? It's classic and timeless.". So, this was when everything (aka. addiction) started. :D (Little did my husband know that this will lead to my current Chanel collection of 38 bags and a bunch of costume jeweleries.....hahahahaha!!)

My first Chanel was a limited edition bag from the 2008 Spring Summer Collection. It was what my husband has chosen for me. It was a patent leather "Coco Puzzle" black 2.55 reissue flap in medium size. The quilting is not the classic "diamond shape" quilting, instead, Chanel used a puzzle quilting and the leather was patent crackled calfskin with some texture on it. The hardware used was a vintage-feel aged/matte gold metal for the "Mademoiselle" lock and reissue chain. This bag was really special to me firstly because it's my 1st Chanel bag, but most important of all, my husband secretly put a "love letter" inside one of the zippered pockets in the bag. It was where Coco Chanel used to put her love letters too from her lovers. I was very touched when I saw his love letter. It brought tears to my eyes. This 1st Chanel encounter has been a very memorable experience with sentimental value. I'm officially IN LOVE!!!


  1. Michelle: I am so so happy for you that you finally have your own blog too. Now I get to follow and talk to you here instead of is just harder for me to keep up now.

    Your DH is so romantic...too bad that my DH is shy in words ..not mention he can't write Chinese...:P

  2. Woooooh! Rachel! I'm so touched! I have a first commentator! Hahahahaha! Thank you for stopping by and being the first.

    I so want to make this blog work and write about each of my Chanel (or maybe post the series of modeling shots from Mommy's thread too). Hope I have time to update it. You're really doing a great job on your blog! Bravo! And you're such a genius to start the mommies thread. Now it has become 2nd "home" to a lot of us! LOL! DH loves to write. He said he plans to write a book when he retires.

  3. Such a cute story, Mia. I love it! That's definitely one romantic and memorable way to start your passion and love for Chanel. Please keep it going as I really do enjoy reading about you and your fabulous Chanel collection.

  4. I LOVE reissues! Your bag is fantastic, congrats!!!
    Your hubby is so sweet! Mine also writes little love notes and hides them in my presents! So cute!

  5. Hi friends!! I'm so happy that you gals stopped by. Hi Betsy, hi Rachel, hi White Lily!! I haven't written anything for 2 months already! I guess it's time to update my blog and really make it work..Hehehehe!

    Betsy, thanks for your encouragement. I'll try my best to update my blog more often. I feel so embarrassed that I've deserted my own blog for 2 months...hehehe. I will keep it going! Thanks so mucb Betsy!

    Hi White Lily, I love reissues too! I think it's the best bag ever made. Hehehe. Your hubby is so sweet too! Don't you just love discovering surprises in the gifts from hubby? Thanks for stopping by!

  6. my husband never said things like that.

    good for you, Mia. no wonder you are so sweet, your sweet hubby constantly soak you in his honey pot. hehe..

  7. Wow, I am so touched by what your husband wrote, that was very sweet of him.

    Love your chanel collections and hope you will get pregnant soon!

    Love your blog, thanks for sharing!

  8. Mia, it's my first comment here. No wonder you look so sweet and happy all the time, I am also so touched by what your husband wrote for you, so sweet.

    Love your blog and all your chanel collections, wish I could see you in Hong Kong.

    XXOO, Ana


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