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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Which "Heart" to choose?

I am the typical girl who likes things with hearts, bows/ribbons and ruffles. So, whenever Chanel releases accessories with hearts or bows, I'm all over it.

These 3 necklaces from the Fall/Winter 2009 (Act 1) collection is no exception. This collection is called "Sublime Hearts". The heart shapes in this collection are all with different designs.

I "must" buy 1 from this collection. So which one will it be? Which one will you vote for?

This one is a choker with black beads and white pearls, with a heart-shaped pendant made up of 3 CC logos (Price: US$990)

This one is a 16-inch necklace with a little small pearl in the middle of the strand. The heart-shaped pendant design is more complicated than the 1st one and a bit bigger. (US$1,080)

This last one is the most expensive one. It's a very long necklace with black beads and white pearls and the heart pendant is the most complicated among these 3. From my experience, I think the price of this one will be around US$1800 to US$2000.

Well, since I've already bought a very expensive piece of costume jewelery from Chanel Prefall collection (which is almost the same price as a Chanel 2.55 flap bag and the only most expensive piece of Chanel costume jewelery I own), I plan to buy a less expensive piece from this collection. So, I won't choose the 3rd complicated long necklace one above. Which one will it be among the first 2 then? Hehehe.....I am really hopeless when it comes to Chanel. :P


  1. The black n' white pearl w/ 3 cc pendant necklace and the 3rd one is drop dead gorgeous. ....... drop dead ...... fabulous!!!

  2. Hehehehe...thanks Rachel for choosing one. :D

    I know...the 3rd one is drop dead gorgeous! But I won't let myself splurge on the 3rd one.

    You have chosen the same one as my mom. She likes the 1st one too because she said it looks "richer in content". I have the same feeling as well because I'm a sucker for pearls. Besides, I don't have a choker style necklace yet from Chanel (most of my necklaces from Chanel are long ones). Maybe I can use this to do some layering with my longer necklaces. The only thing I'm hoping is that the pendant is larger than it is now (better if it's the size of the Heart Pendant in Picture 2). Hmmmm....I guess I can't have the best of both worlds.

    Let's see. :D

    Thanks for your thoughts R! Really appreciate it.

    Anyone else?

  3. i pick the first one too. since you won't pick the last one. complicated necklace is still very in this season. it makes a simple outfit look fab.

  4. Julia! Thanks for your thoughts and input! seems like more people like the 1st necklace! So be it! Now off to search...hehe!

  5. Mia...Mia...I've gotta to say 'Hi' at your blog, too! Wow...everyones are having their fashion blogs now. Btw, great job on this blog. I'll come by to your blog whenever I can as I do to Rachel & Wai's photo album at TPF. -jperchen (jenny)-

  6. I might be alone on this but I really like the second one :)


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