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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

All about Valentino Delight!!

I finally have time to update my blog!! So, I'm going to continue sharing with you my new shoe purchases. This's about BOWS!

I have been paying attention to Valentino for quite a while. I especially love their signature bows on the shoes and also their romantic and feminine "Petale" bags. I don't own any Valentino bags yet.....but I'll buy one when the right time comes (Chanel and Hermes first....LOL!!)

So, here you go!

1st Pair:
Black Cut-Out Leather/Mesh Peep-toe Pumps with Patent platform and heels

This pair is the only pair I bought with the signature bow. But I'm loving the cut-out pattern very much....and the soft leather + mesh are really nicely made.

The heels, platform and rims are made with shiny patent leather, making a great contrast against the matte leather+mesh cutout.

Quick modeling pix.....(sorry for the yellowish lighting since it's already very dark outside)

2nd Pair: Patent Dark Fuchsia/Magenta Ballerina Flats with Bow

This was taken with flash....

Loving the big ruched bow in cute!! And not to mention the rich yummy dark fuchsia/magenta color......

And some quick modeling pix....

3rd Pair: Patent Fuchsia "Couture" Peep-toe Slingback with 3D Bow

Really love how special the 3D bow is.....

This fuchsia color is a nice pop to any neutral outfit.....imagine wearing it with a Little Black Dress.......or even grayish outfit with jeans......

Some quick modeling pix....

4th Pair: Patent "Mud color" Peep-toe wooden platform Slingback with slanted Bow and wooden chunky heels

Love this special "dark taupish-gray" neutral color very much. Valentino calls it "Mud" color. It was dark indoor when taking the pictures here....I think the color looks even more stunning when wearing it under daylight. The pictures here don't do the color justice....:P

And again, anything wooden heels is my weak spot...hehehehehe! Even though the heels are quite high, they are amazingly comfortable.

The bow is "slanted" which made this pair of shoes even more special....

Some quick modeling pix...

Last but not least.....a "family portrait" of my 4 new pairs of Valentino shoes.....

This picture was taken with flash.....

Without flash....

Hope you enjoy the eye candies!


  1. so beuatiful, Mia, I love all of them!!! Especially the bow red shoes.

  2. Hey little fishy!! How are you doing? Thanks so much! Valentino shoes are great! How are you liking the Chanel rainboots? Do they have a wide shaft for fat legs like mine? Are they comfy? They are very nice indeed. :D Congrats again!

    Thanks for visiting my blog dear!


  3. Hi, Mia: love all those bow heels. I have the taupe one .. but I hate walking in those though. They really are not that comfortable since the WOOD is so stiff/hard.. haha. The stella Luna has great arch, they are expert on arch/heels. :)

  4. The patent red valentino heels are to die for.



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