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Monday, November 23, 2009

Modern Gypsy? Feminine Rock? Bohemian? Whatever...LOL!

I'm not good with the fashion names although I read a lot of fashion magazines. I tend to forget the naming conventions for different seasons.  I just feel that fashion really rotates and what's in will be out and what's out will be in again.  Well, I don't really care what the look is called as long as it looks good. :P  I just don't like stereotyping the looks...

Anyway, I have the habit of keeping my magazines and I love to re-read them to get some inspiration from time to time.  The other day, when I was organizing my wardrobe, I saw a silk/chiffon dress and a cropped faux leather jacket which I have bought last year but never worn yet.  I was thinking...sell??  Keep?  Giveaway??  Or what??

Then I recalled something from the Japanese fashion magazines I was reading the other day and got inspired.  I love doing mix and match and this is what I came up for my ensemble.

- Mango black printed silk chiffon long dress with ruffles
- Light brown cropped faux leather jacket with zipper details (no brand bought from a HK local shop)
- Prada rusty brown cervo antik (deerskin leather) bowler bag with matte gold hw (from 2007)
- Hush Puppies light brown brushed leather motorcycle medium-length boots
- Earrings: Pilgrim red/black leather heart dangling earrings
- Necklaces: (a) Mango multi-color burgundy/olive/cream/brown beads w/ gold chain long  double strand necklace
                        (b) Mango multi-layered silver/gold short chunky necklace with charm & beads
- Ring: Folli Follie red/black bead & strass chunky ring
- Sunglasses: Chloe "Litchi" CL2161 seashell/black acetate oversized sunglasses

I like the tough feminine look of this Mango silk dress with the motocycle boots that I have.  Haha....they call it "feminine rock"!

Originally, I didn't have any necklaces on me, but then I am not really a "minimalist" when I dress up (well, unless I go to some formal events which simplicity will be the best).  I tend to do layering and accessorizing very often to complete the whole look.  I put on this long necklace first, and then feel that something is lacking around the neckline.  So, I added another short multi-layered silver/gold chunky necklace and voila!  Here are my necklaces together!  So many layers....hehe!

Close-Up pictures of my the zipper detail on the both sides of the jacket...

Close-Up pictures of my shoes, bag and jeweleries....

So, what do you think?  Yay or Nay?

BTW, for the Giveaway I mentioned in my previous post, I'll post the details tomorrow as the pictures I've taken today for the blouse are not good enough.  Sorry about that.  :P Stay tuned.

Hope you had a nice weekend!



  1. love love love the necklaces! It's bohemian, whimisical, and chic. bowhimchic? lol.

  2. I like this outfit a lot. all the colors worked well together. it showcased your good sense of color.

    a chanel flap would not have been a good choice to this outfit; your prada casual style brown bag was a great finish touch.

  3. YAY! I agree the more necklaces the better!! Its a great casual look,
    Pearl xx

  4. hehe... yes, I would also think it is boho style since the pretty dress dominate the look. It is too structured for a gypsy look (even you add a modern to it..haha..)!!

    I like the dress very much and it really has a pretty flock of crinkle look. I would want this dress for a GIVEAWAY!!!! hahaha~~~~

  5. Nice outfit; the combination of the boots and leather jacket pulls it together for a coherent look :)
    I didn't realize Hush Puppies make boots; I've been crazy about boots this season. I have the calf issue, as my friend would call it, lol, so I've been searching high and low for boots that fit me.


  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Hi,

    I love your necklaces and your jacket! Nice ensemble, you did it again!

    Btw, I am still looking out for my elusive chanel. I might get a second hand one. sighs. Am very patient about it. Good things need not rush! If you are selling any of your precious chanel bags, please do keep me in mind! LOLS!

    bonvic :)

  8. Mia! u look very pretty! very very pretty! at least you remember when u bought the dress, for me most of the time i dont even remember how i ended with unworn dresses (then later find out that its not mine and its my sister but i wear it anyway, lol) anyway.. so what i was going to say was that i love the jacket and how it fits the dress very well and the jewellry! you look very pretty (once again, sorry i am saying it like ten times) but i mean it. and thank you so much for the dress and the trouble you went through, Z saw it *he went back to burma for a bit* and loves it! Hope u are doing well, i been meaning to call you be work been killingme.. hope i get to talk to you soon~

  9. Hi gals, sorry for not replying earlier as I'm down with serious flu. I have actually lost my voice.

    Anyway, thanks for all your comments!

    Hi Angela, thanks for your compliments! "Bowhimchic"! Wow I love that word!! :D

    Thanks so much Julia. Yes I find that for certain looks, a Chanel flap just won't work. So it's good that I still have a few of designer's bag which I didn't sell just for some looks which can't use a Chanel flap. :P

    Hey Pearl, thanks thanks! Haha.....I like layers of necklaces very much. :P

    Hi R! So you're into the fashion naming conventions? I don't like stereotyping certain looks so I just type whatever comes into my mind. Yup modern gypsy or gypsy look is more carefree....pairing my dress with a long loose cardigan will do just that. Hehe! Haha...I will think about this dress for the giveaway in the future. :P But it's probably too big for you...hehe! Again, enjoy your time in LA!

    Hi Jane! Thanks thanks! Yes Hush Puppies makes boots every year, and I find that the circumference of their boot shaft is larger than other brands. I have the same problem as you too....calf issue...:P The boots must have at least 16 inches circumference before I can fit into them. So hard to find long boots for me here, and designer's boots are meant for those normal calf people. That's why I don't own any designer's boots. Hope you find your dream boots soon! Good luck! (I love boots too...! Hehe!)

    Hi @~@ , thanks for your compliments! BTW, what's your name? Haha....your dream Chanel will just need some patience to look out for the perfect color/leather/hw. I'll let you know if I'm going to sell any of my Chanels...:D

    Hi Cutie Wai! Thanks thanks thanks! You're making me blush....LOL!! It's good that you can actually share clothes with your sister. I wish I can share clothes with my mom (but she has a perfect 34-24-34 body which of course I can't fit into any of her clothes..:P). Actually, it's fun to shop in my closet coz everything's like new. LOL! I'm so glad that both you and Z like the qi pao! Did you try it on already? Hope it fits perfectly, or else you will need to find your seamstress to do some minor adjustments. Let me know, ok ok? Talk soon and don't work too hard! (I'm having a serious flu as you know so I lost my voice and can't talk on the phone...haha! You can email me anytime. :D)



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