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Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Series of Unfortunate Events......and An Inspiration!

Hi Gals!!

Still remember me???!! How is everyone? You must be wondering why I am missing!!

Well, right after our Manila trip, I broke my left knee and my right ankle since I was too concentrated in looking at my son riding his bike that I didn't see a huge "dent" in front of me when I was walking. So, voila!! I fell really hard and I couldn't walk since then. I had to go to the Chinese doctor every day to heal my feet. I am better now but my knees are still swollen. Anyway, good that I can walk now.

And then, after my "fall", 2 days ago, I had my "tooth accident". I had a root canal done on one of my molar teeth before I left for Paris last month. I was suppose to go back to the dentist to have it "crowned". However, 2 days ago, my tooth broke into half when I was brushing my teeth!!! Literally half where the tooth part near my cheek is ok, but the other half near my tongue was moving and you can really see the crack in the middle and it was soooooo painful!!

So, I went to the dentist immediately and I am so pissed that she had no choice but to pull out the tooth completely. :( After spending a fortune on my root canal, I still loose my tooth!! If I've known that this would happen, I would have saved that money to buy something else!! LOL!!! But it was not an easy tooth extraction as the dentist had to do a small operation with lots of anesthesia and cut out my gums to pull out the tooth. So now, my left cheek is swollen like my left knees and the wound is still so painful. I have to take 1 week of antibiotics and also pain killers. And I can't eat anything solid. Now I share my son's congee!!!

So that's what I'm up to now. But tell you what. Since I can't carry my son now and I wasn't able to accompany my son to school when I broke my legs, I have cleaned up so many things at home, and I realized something.......that I REALLY REALLY HAVE TOO MANY CLOTHES THAT I CAN ACTUALLY OPEN 1 or 2 ZARA STORES!!!

Now, that inspired me to SHOP IN MY OWN CLOSET!! As my DH and my mom always say, even by the time I'm old and dying, I still won't be able to wear all of my clothes even if I change 2 or 3 outfits every day!! So, that explains how many clothes I have!!! LOL!!! I have so many clothes that I still haven't worn yet!! Maybe I should do a GIVEAWAY to you gals for the clothes I haven't worn and won't wear anymore. What do you think?

Aside from clothes, I have too many bags (mostly Chanel), shoes, costume jeweleries, scarves, socks, tights, bras/panties and cosmetics/make-up items too!! LOL!! I am really a "collector" of anything a woman needs. Bad bad bad!! With so many varieties of clothes and accessories that I have which can compare to Zara store, I'm really inspired to shop in my own closet and see how long I can survive. I think it forces me to wear EVERYTHING in my collection. I will post outfits I wore from my closet every week. I'll start next weekend when my cheek is not swollen. :P

Hope you're with me on this. I'm ready for the challenge on myself, and I think my DH will be more than happy about this as I won't take up more and more of his closet space! LOL! Good luck to me! :D

Anyway, just to share with you some pictures I've taken when I was in Manila (before all the unfortunate events that happened to me). I met with my tPF friend Charmaine in Manila and both our families had lunch at Edsa Shangri-La Hotel. Her son is so handsome and her daughter is soooo cute!!

** Just click on the pictures to enlarge them**

Here's me with my "soon-to-be-2-yr.old" Mason..

(I'm wearing a red tiered ruffle top in jersey, indigo wide-leg flared bottom jeans, Chanel "Golden Vine" pearl earrings, Chanel "Russian Pearls" long pearl necklace (worn with double strands), Chanel "Moujik" beige/gold flap and also Marni platform sandals. Mason is wearing Comme Ca (a Japanese brand) navy/white striped collared shirt with H&M white pants. :D)

Charm and Carl (her son) and me! Charm is a true Filipina beauty!!

Charm and cutie-pie Cadee (her 10-month old daughter); me and Mason

Mason strolling around the pool area and doing his various "poses"...LOL! He loves wearing his sunnies so suddenly!!

And this is me and my cousin's daughter.....she's soooo chubby and I want to bite her cheeks!! LOL!

Mason happy running around my grandpa's home..

It was Mason's first airplane trip so I was super nervous to take him on the plane!! He's basically OK on the plane, except that he will cry when he's forced to wear the seat belt. He detests anything which will prevent him from moving around (so he doesn't use car seats at all!!). The most difficult times to control him are during take off and landing as these are the "must-wear-seat-belts" moments. But overall, I'm really proud of my son.
I'll be posting some of my new purchases (before my "Shop-in-my-Own-Closet Resolution") as well during the weekend.

Have a nice week ahead!



  1. hi mia
    i really liked ur blog i folow it as i am a member in TPF
    im sorry to hear what happen to u hopfully ull be fine

    and ur son is soooooooooooo cute :)
    waiting ur pics too let us wait long ;)

  2. Glad to see an update!
    Hope you are feeling much better now!

  3. first of all, i am feeling your pain... so sorry to hear about your painful incidents. especially the tooth part. i felt like reading my own experience. i think what gonna happen next is... Tooth Implant!! it is a very complicated surgery. not many countries offer that Tooth Implant. i hope you have a good dentist there, so you will not have to lose that tooth forever.

    i love your pictures, they looked so much better when i enlarged them. Charm and her kids are also very lovely. I can't believe Mason is so big already. he is pretty big for his age. he is a handsome boy.

    i will stay tune with your 'shop in your own closet' challenge. i have the same issue... but i could not make a commitment to 'shop in my own closet' challenge. maybe only for two months. hehe..

  4. Oh my goodness, I hope you are feeling better now, what a bad time you've had! It is lovely to see your family photos, you boy is very sweet! I too have the same problem of having soo much stuff. My problem is that I have such a small wardrobe so I have most of my clothes in boxes and I forget what I have! Look forwards to seeing your outfits! Feel better soon, Pearl x

  5. oh my, what a journey. I hope you're doing better by now....take care my dear!!

    Looking forward to your action pictures as then they will give me some inspiration!! :)

  6. Mia - Sorry to hear about your recent injuries. It's good you are going to Chinese doctors as well as western ones, as knees and ankles are definitely parts that you'd want to work well for long time to come.

    It looks like you had a wonderful trip to Manila otherwise, esp meeting another beautiful tPFer. It's amazing the friendships that are built from our common passion for purses. :D

    I can't wait to see what you have planned for your shop in your closet challenge. You have so many pieces that I'm sure you will do just fine.

  7. oh my! your accident sounds really painful, glad to know you are feeling a bit better now. your son is adorable! that sounds really fun, to shop in your own closet, i am so envious. maybe you should have an online store on your blog and sell the stuff you don't really wear or need. but then, with the money you might just go out and buy more stuff :)

  8. Hi Mia, This is my first time commenting in your blog, but I've been following you for quite some time. Found your blog site through Rachel's blog.
    And of course I know about you from TPF and your amazing chanel!!!

    I'm sorry to know about your injuries but i'm glad you are getting better.Your son is very cute and you are such a dedicated mother.

    Looking forward to comment here more often :)

  9. Hi Mia! It's a fellow tPF member and Filipina here:)

    I'm looking forward to your wardrobe posts and of course, seeing more of your Chanel collection in action.

    Your entry made me miss Manila... haaay.....



  10. hey, Mia:

    yeh... it is about time!!!! I mean I don't even know how to post comment on your Chanel and Hermes haul since it is overwhelming already. :P But of course, everything is pretty and i do hope you get to use them a lot!!!

    Back to you!! I am so sorry to hear what had happened to you. The thing for teeth is I don't like seeing dentist in Asia!! Mainly is because I had one wisdom tooth which is completely fine but the doctor removed it just because he thinks I don't need it or everyone removes it or because it tends to trap scum. .. oh, well, I'd rather to keep it and take good care of it even I don't need it though. Anyway, in my opinion, you probably need to look for another dentist because right now, most tooth decay problems are able to be solved in just ONE visit. Maybe your current dentist is not that up-to-date!! (like my DH's old dentist and my friend, Yu's, somehow the tooth hurt after their visits on dentist which is not the case of taking Aspirin only.) I would say teeth is really really important for everyone.... that really sets a *looking* of one too!! :) You have great smile so make sure you find yourself a great dentist!!!!

    Ok, it is just too hilarious about your fall!!! I feel sorry at the mean time i gotta say you should be more careful.... :) since it really scary just by hearing your swollen cheek and leg (knee) and everything!! Geez!! Where was your nanny at the time you fell???!! hahah..

    Oh, right, we'd love to see your creativity on mix n' match of your clothes. And seriously, you got way enough stuff to showcase them for quite sometime. I am sure your closet size(quantity) is probably triple or quartet times of mine so it won't be a problem for you and US to have tons of fun just by going throu. your closet!! :)

    Have a great weekend and hope a fast recovery of you!!!! (your son has your sweet smile!!)

  11. Hi everyone!! Thanks so much for your blessings. I am getting better each day. I still can't carry Mason now as my tooth opearation/extraction still hurts, but I hope I will be able to completely recover really soon. My dentist will remove the threads from my gums this coming Tuesday, so hopefully, the pain will go away....

    om comment kuwait, thanks for your blessings and welcome to my blog!

    judebabe, thanks! When my cheek is not swollen anymore, I will be back in action to post pictures again. :D

    Hi Julia! How are you doing? Haha....I'm so scared of tooth implant. We have it here in Hong Kong, but I heard the process is really painful. I don't know what to do for the time being for my missing tooth. I guess just let it be for the time being. Oh well, it's the molar so you can't really see it from outsite. Tooth implant here costs the same as a Chanel bag you know. LOL!! You know what I'll choose over doing a tooth implant! Hahahahhahahahahahaha!

    Yes, Charm's kids are really cute! Chubby chubby! Mason is going to be 2 on the 26th. He's actually just average height for his age. But I guess coz he has a very big tummy, so that's why he looks "big". LOL!

    Oh you're so right about the "shop in your own closet" challenge. It's hard to follow with so many temptations around. I'll try to stick on it for as long as I can. Let's give it a 2 months trial and see. Hahahahaha! Wish me luck!

    Hi Michele! How are you my friend? Thanks for your blessings. Yup, I'll be back in action again once I recover from all these physical injuries. What a month! Take care!

    Hi Betsy! How are you doing? Yes, I guess these joints have to be heeled correctly using Chinese and Western medicines, as it will affect our bones when we get old. I'm already 35 so I think I need to take care of my bones really well.

    Yes, it's amazing how many friends I've made thru tPF. Charm and Kat are both coming to HK for Christmas with their families. So I'll meet with them again! Yay! I'm going to attend Wai's wedding in Burma in January. I'm so excited for her! Hehehe! So, what are you up to lately?

    Hi dos3n! Thanks thanks! Haha...what a good idea for online selling! Oh well, I may not have the time to take all the pictures of the stuff I want to let go of. But I'll think about it. Thanks for the idea. :D

    Hi Pearl! Thanks so much! Haha...actually, my wardrobe space is very limited at well. I also have stuffs in boxes still, and I have a mini-warehouse which I store my clothes when season changes here. And then I forgot about them totally! That's why I've decided to do this challenge because I want to remember all my clothes. Haha! Maybe you should do a challenge too like this? Let's give it like 2 or 3 a "probation period". :D

    Hi Claudia! Thanks for visiting my blog and your first comments. :D So, you're from tPF as well? Are you from Chanel sub-forum too? Anyway, welcome to my blog and I hope to keep it alive as much as I can. Hehehehehe! Hope you enjoyed your weekend!


  12. ***********************************************
    shockboogiedesign! Wow....kamusta! A fellow filipina! Yes, there's so much to miss about Manila. I miss my college days there esp. with all the barkadas - drinking and disco hopping days. LOL! Anyway, welcome to my blog! I'll make sure to incoporate Chanel in all my outfits. Hehehehehe!

    Wow R! What a long post you have above! LOL!! Haha...about my tooth, I actually like to see dentists in Manila coz they are the best (Manila is famous for dentists...hehe). Too bad the dentists here are not good enough. I was actually questioning the dentist why I still feel something for my tooth even though the root canal was already completed. He said it's normal and I might need to wait till 1 month for the tooth to not feel anything. So, that's why I have to wait for that long to do thd supposedly "crown" since I can still feel the pain on my tooth. How on earth should I know that it will be broken into half??!! Really....bad luck! Haha....wisdom tooth. I only have 2 right now and they are all there, not pulled out. I guess as long as you have enough space, you can have your wisdom tooth. So I agree that your dentist is not good insisting to pull out your wisdom tooth even though it's ok. Oh well, you can't see it from the smile, so never mind. :P

    About my fall, LOL! My nanny was beside Mason actually when he was riding the bike, on the other side. I'm on the side where the dent was in front of me and my head/eyes were on Mason and so I fell hard! Careless mom!! It's hilarious but painful.

    Anyway, thanks for your blessings and I hope I won't disappint you gals for my "shop in my own closet" challenge. :D


  13. Hola! Mia, glad to hear you are doing better. I will keep you in my prayers for full recovery. And I hope your tooth is fixed by now because we want to see you smile in your pictures (you have a beautiful smile). I used to hang out on tPF at Julia's wardrobe and chanel mommy chat thread. I don't own any chanel yet :( (sad, right? I'll keep working hard to get one some day. so, I can't really post of the chanel subforum but I make comments in there. I really have so fun admiring and learning about your beautiful collections of bags, shoes etc. It's enticing to me to learn about your passion for chanel and other barnds as well. Now, I don't have much time to visit Tpf, but I do take time and enjoy reading your blogs instead.

    Looking forward to your adventure "shop in my own closet." I'm sure some of us we love to see pictures of you and your closet. I can only imagine how versatile and fun your closet might be.

    Have a great week =)


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