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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fun at the Beach!

We went to the South Bay Beach with the whole family a couple of weeks ago, including my younger brother's son (Ethan) who is 2 months younger than my son Mason. Mason is now 19 months, very talkative and hyper-active!!

South Bay Beach is a nice small beach at Repulse Bay. Since this beach is not directly accessible by public transport, it tends to be quieter and less crowded than Repulse Bay Beach.

So, here's me and Mason:

Mason very busy doing his "sand-work"....I'm amazed at his concentration and seriousness. The funny thing is his sitting positions!

Look at how his left foot is holding the red bucket....hahahaha!

And sitting with 1 foot up....

I love to take pictures of his chubby hands and cute!

And here's Ethan (my nephew, Mason's cousin). Do they look like my 2 sons / twins? People always ask me if they are twins....hahaha! How I wish!

Ethan looking cool with his sunglasses. (Mason doesn't like sunglasses and takes them off instantly when we try to make him wear them.)

I enjoy going out with our entire family very much, including my mother and my in-laws. (Too bad my in-laws were out of town so they didn't join us). My father-in-law is from Nanjing China, and has been living in Hong Kong since my husband was 9 years old. He is a professional photographer and is an extremely nice guy. So, Mason and Ethan have lots of nice pictures taken by him. My mother-in-law, on the other hand, is a Chinese from Indonesia. She is a very wise home maker, and likes to make all sorts of food for the whole family. So, when she's around, we always have good food!

What about my parents? My mother is a business woman and loves to shop. (Haha...I think I know where I got my love for shopping.) My father is a great musician and looks like Elvis Presley when he was young. He was a famous organist in the Philippines in his early twenties and had a couple of records released then. He had so many fans back then. Haha! Well, my father is living in the Philippines now since he had a mild stroke a couple of years ago and his heart doctor is over there. So, he lives there now so that he doesn't need to always fly over there from HK for his regular check-ups.

My brother is 3 years younger than I am, and works for United Airlines. So, we have cheap companion tickets every year to go to different places.

Haha! Of course, not forgetting my beloved husband, he's a banker and works for a French-Swiss bank. He's born in Nanjing China, grew up in Hong Kong, studied in the US for university and worked there for a couple of years. Then had his Masters in Switzerland.

So, that's my family. One big happy family. :D


  1. Nice pictures, Mia! Children are such a blessing from the Lord!

  2. my son loves playing sand too...very focus and serious when he plays. like you said about Mason. haha..

    i enjoyed reading this episode about your family :)

  3. True*F!! Yes yes....children are the best blessing I can ever have. And you have lots of blessings dear! I envy you so much! :D


    Julia, hahahaha! Your son is like my Mason!! Are kids all like that when they are playing with the sand? (And play doughs too....hehehe!)

    Glad you enjoy reading this family episode. I am trying to include a Chanel post, a fashion/shoe related post and also a family post every week to keep a balance. Hope I can stick with this balance! :D

  4. you forgot an introduction about the most impt person : you!! your boy is so cute!! i love babies.

  5. Mia, interesting family background. No wonder you got your pretty face, perhaps from your look-alike elvis father :-) But I am sure your mom is a beauty. Gosh I am finding people come from the same place with me from R's thread ( including her hubbie :-) ). Your mom-in-law came from the same place and same ethnicity with me, too :-)


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