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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Part 1: A Couple of My ODJs and some things from my Xmas loot.....

Hi gals,

So I'm back from Yangon, Myanmar (Burma).  Both DH and I are having stomach problems (diarrhea) after the trip.  I think we are just not used to spicy/oily food even though they are really delicious!!!  LOL!!  No worries though...we're getting better.

Anyway, these pictures are long due already as these are my ODJs from the holiday season.  I promised that I will post them here so here you go. (Don't shoot me...coz there are so many pictures here....LOL!!  Just continue scrolling down and you'll see...)  Any favorites?  Let me know what you think!

I'll be doing a small Hermes and Chanel reveal soon (Hermes first coz some items from Chanel haven't arrived yet), and also a short travelogue of my trip to Yangon Myanmar (Burma).  I'll be posting pictures of our gorgeous bride (Wai) in her various wedding dresses, and of course, the 4 outfits I wore to her wedding.

And some random updates.....I'll be going to Singapore from Feb 3 to 6 to meet with a fellow tPFer from Brunei.  Wai might be joining us as well.  I'm so excited!!  DH is there for his business trip, so I guess I'll just hang out with them to do some shopping if there's anything interesting.

In April, our whole family will be going back to Nanjing China (my husband's hometown) to visit relatives and spend our Easter there.  It's going to be Mason's first time in China...another experience!!  Last time Mason flew to my hometown Manila Philippines and he's ok with the 1.5 hours flight. This time, with a longer 3 hours flight, I hope he's ok too.  Oh well, have to prepare him to fly more as both my DH and I love travelling around.  Next time, it will be USA and Europe trip for Mason. :D here you go with my ODJs....I have a total of 6 ensembles to share with you....which is your favorite? :P

1st ODJ:
(wore this during New Year's Eve)
- Bottom Layer==> Navy/Gray turtle neck (no brand bought from a local shop)
- Middle Layer==>  b+ab gray cotton knit sleeveless knit top w/ volume ruffled collar
- Top Layer==> b+ab electric blue-violet infinity scarf/snood with fringes

- Zara black harem pants

- Chanel 08P Dark Silver "Hawaii Special Edition" timeless classic clutch with kiss lock

- Guiseppe Zanotti electric blue-violet "tulip-shape" peeptoe booties

- Brooch: Black/Pewter large flower brooch with black & white crystals (no brand bought from a local shop)
- Socks: H&M Silver glitter knee-high socks
- Earrings: Chanel 09C black bow dangling earrings from the "Sweet Heart" collection
- Sunglasses: Tom Ford "Jaquelin" black sunglasses w/ orange rim and brown gradient lens


You might this that this shocking blue knitwear is a cape, but it's actually a snood (aka. infinity scarf) and there are so many ways to wear it.  I wore it a cape style here and pinned it with a brooch so that it won't fall off my body...hehe!  (I actually own 4 to 5 pieces of snoods of different colors/textures/styles.....I'll see if I can model them with my other ensembles in the future.)

Here's wearing the snood as a chunky scarf....

And you have probably seen me model my Chanel dark silver limited edition clutch for the millionth time.  But hey, Chanel clutches are just THAT versatile!  It's totally for everyday use and not only for formal dinners! :D

My Guiseppe Zanotti peeptoe "tulip" booties are actually the same color as my shocking blue-violet snood.  This is pure coincidence.  (Oh, I don't usually match my shoes with my bag or my clothes.....I tend to wear different color of shoes.  But just for the fun of it now..hehe!)

Close-Up of my ensemble..

 Do you see the ruffles I made with my gray knit  top? It's hard to explain, but the collar of this gray top is originally flat with 2 strings where you can pull to make this dramatic ruffle effect. I love this vest so much that I bought 3 colors in total!! LOL!!

Close-up of my brooch...

Close-up of my Chanel earrings.....

Close-up of my Guiseppe Zanotti peeptoe "tulip" booties...

It's so cold so I need to wear a pair of socks.....silver glitters go well with the outfit...

I really love the color of this pair of shoes...hehe!

And close-up of my fave Chanel clutch!

2nd ODJ:
(Specially dedicated to Kat....because of her special gift to me for Xmas :D)
- Bottom Layer ==> Coigirl Magic teal turtle neck top with extra long sleeves
- Middle Layer ==> Jeanasis black/gray/white checkered shirt dress w/ 3 pockets
- Top Layer ==> Kookai black v-neck loose wool knit top with rabbit hair

- Chanel 08 Prefall Black large Portobello w/ flap closure and light gold hw

- Hush Puppies black long riding boots

- Belt: Kookai black wide leather belt w/ zipper trim
- Hosiery: H&M gray tights
- Necklace: "Antique-feel" Owl Necklace with resin and crystal charms (a special Xmas gift from my friend Kat)
- Earrings: Antique silver Owl dangling earrings with red stones (bought from a stall at a fair here in Hong Kong)
- Sunglasses: Tom Ford "Jaquelin" black sunglasses w/ orange rim and brown gradient lens


 Remember my previous version ODJ of this same plaid shirt dress with fur as shown here?

Well, I changed the accessories and colors a bit an now I have a new ODJ...hehe!

I like how the plaid sleeves "peeked" out a little bit in between the teal and black sleeves for some contrasts....

  A thick belt is a must to give some shape for this outfit coz the deep V-neck wool knit top is very slouchy/loose....

Close-up of my ensemble...

This is a very special gift from my friend Kat when she came here during Christmas.  She knows I love owls....hence she bought me this very cute necklace!  I love it so much!   See the charms around the owl...very beautiful colors!

I bought this owl earring from a booth of a fun fair here in Hong Kong....I love it!!  I bought this before I got the owl necklace above from Kat.  I think they match well together! :D  Aren't these owls so cute?  Just love the antique feel!! 

3rd ODJ:
(wore this to a fair here in Hong Kong during the holidays)
- Bottom Layer ==> Light pink turtle neck fitted cotton top (no brand bought from a local shop)
- Middle Layer ==> eHyphen World Gallery beige/black/ecru floral chiffon tunic with ruffles
- Top Layer ==> Cream color knitted long oversize cardigan with dramatic ruffles and flare sleeves (no brand bought from a local shop)

- Bossini slate gray cotton leggings

- Chanel 08A Dark Pink (Rose Fonce) Jumbo Lambskin classic flap with silver hardware

- Fiorucci brown brushed leather wedge long "cuff" boots

- Belt: Kookai black wide leather belt w/ zipper trim
- Earrings: Chanel 09P Pink Camellia dangling earrings from the "Camellia Bouquet" collection
- Sunglasses: Tom Ford "Jaquelin" black sunglasses w/ orange rim and brown gradient lens


Now you see how much I love ruffles.....haha!

I think cream, pink, brown and gray colors work well together......that's why I chose to wear brown color boots instead of black.....

See how the end of the sleeves flares out...

I just love the ruffles effect of this long cardigan....

Close-up of my ensemble...

The beige ruffles along the v-neck matches the ruffles of the cardigan...

I love the ruffles texture because it's a mixture of mesh and wool......

 Side view of my cardigan..

Close-up of my Fiorucci boots....

Close-Up of my Chanel Camellia Bouquet pink earrings....I have a ring from the same collection to match this earring too!  Will model the ring next time...

Close-up of my Chanel Rose Fonce jumbo lambskin...this is one of my fave pink color bags since I like the fact that it's a darker muted pink.....:D

4th ODJ:
(a casual wear with my new Proenza Schouler heels)
- Bottom Layer ==> Nice Claup Light beige/nude sleeveless top with shimmering crochet neckline
- Middle Layer ==> OZOC orange/red printed asymmetrical tunic with black chiffon ruffle hem
- Top Layer ==> Khaki beige knit cardigan with ruffle effect  (no brand bought from a local shop)

- Indigo slim fit jeans (no brand bought from a local shop)

- Chanel 08 Prefall Black large Portobello w/ flap closure and light gold hw

- Proenza Schouler runway patent dark brown with bronze-gold cap toe with wooden trim & wooden chunky heels

- Belt: Black 4-strand belt with studs and chain (no brand bought from a local shop)
- Scarf: b+ab black wool scarf with loops/fringes
- Earrings: Chanel 09C black/pewter heart with wings dangling earrings from the "Sweet Heart" collection
- Necklace: Chanel 09C black/pewter 3D heart pendant necklace from the "Sweet Heart" collection
- Sunglasses: Chloe "Litchi" CL2161 seashell/black acetate oversized sunglasses

This is my look with the scarf....(the scarf makes the ensemble looks more fun...:D)

 This is the look without the scarf...

Close-up of my ensemble...
(I like the different textures of my tops.....the crochet part of my sleeveless top just shows up nicely above the neckline of my red tunic.  And I chose this khaki ruffled cardigan to add a bit of flare to my ensemble, matching the black chiffon ruffle hem of my red tunic)

 So you can see my new pair of Proenza Schouler heels.  It's a very nice design with the wooden trim and wooden heels.  The silhouette is very unique.  I love how the dark brown color matches with the dark bronze cap toe, and of course I have a weakness for wooden heels.
(There is a patent black with gold cap toe version for this pair with a white trim around the shoes, so this pair is a different color as the trim is black.)

This is one of my Christmas loot aside from the Givenchy black chain wedge booties, Christian Louboutin Mamimo oxford heels and the YSL Cognac color Tribute sandals I've modelled in my previous posts (of course my Xmas loot includes more stuff which I haven't shown you yet....:P)

These look good with a pair of socks too...
(I'm wearing H&M black w/ gold shimmer knee-high socks):

However, I must tell you that even the design is nice, this pair of shoes is very uncomfortable because of how the arch was made.  You will be tilting towards the front when walking (I mean I can wear other very high heels like this pair without problems but there's really something wrong with the arch of this one).  And it's super heavy to walk in.  Also, this pair that I received from net-a-porter was not in a good quality because the under soles are all wrinkled and some part of the wooden trim has peelings.  With such a high price (more than GBP600+) of designer's shoes, I think the quality is really unacceptable.  So, I had no choice but to return them with a full refund.  Oh well, I'm happy to be able to try it on at home anyway...hahahahaha!  At least, I won't regret not buying them because I've tried them in person. :P

5th ODJ:

- Bottom Layer ==> White turtle neck fitted cotton top (no brand bought from a local shop)

- Top Layer ==> Melani dark charcoal gray oversize tunic with embellished shoulders

- White/black/gray "houndstooth-like" printed tights

- Miu Miu Bow Satchel in Amarena color w/ silver hardware

- Hush Puppies gray shiny calfskin long riding boots

- Necklace: Kookai black wide leather belt w/ zipper trim

- Earrings: Chanel 09A aged matte silver dangling chain earrings with white pearl from the "Pearls Rock" collection
- Ring: Chanel 09P Black/aged matte silver chunky ring w/ tweed & chains from the "Button Trim" collection
- Sunglasses: Tom Ford "Jaquelin" black sunglasses w/ orange rim and brown gradient lens


The key is to have a statement necklace with this outfit so that the front part will not be too "bare" even though the shoulders are with embellishments....and to carry a more colorful bag to give some contrast to the monotone ensemble. :D

A satchel/bowler bag is the best for this outfit since you don't want the chains/straps of your shoulder bag to get stuck within the shoulder embellishments...

Close-up of my ensemble...

Tops with shoulder embellishments are very popular these can see them everywhere like H&M and Zara.  I chose this one which is more "subtle" with some hanging black sequins and square silver & black studs...

Since my ensemble is very plain, I chose a patterned black/white/gray hosiery to spice up the outfit....but still matching the monotone of the ensemble.

Close-up of my necklace.....
(Do you see the white peacock?  It's a cut-out piece with intricate details...This is from a local designer and this piece is the only one she it's unique.)

Here's a better close-up picture of the peacock....the design is vintage inspired with a green can also see a black button with rose...

And to match the vintage feel of my jewelery, I paired the necklace with this special Chanel ring made of tweed and chain....

Do you see the tiny chains mixed with the black tweed?  Very interesting tPF friend (who is my Chanel "partner-in-crime":P) helped me buy it in Paris....she has one too!

And this pair of earrings....I love that it gives a feminine rock vibe....and it surprisingly matches my Chanel ring above (they are from different year and season).

6th ODJ:
(wore this to my friend's son's 3rd birthday party)
- Bottom Layer ==> Kookai knitted black tunic with loose draping neckline

- Top Layer ==> United Colors of Benetton gray/black/purple/navy multicolor striped long wool cardigan

- Indigo slim fit jeans (no brand bought from a local shop)

- Chanel 09 Prefall Paris-Moscou "Dark" Gray Bubble Quilt large hobo flap in faded lambskin w/ matte aged gold "swirl" CC magnetic lock

- Chanel 09A Navy washer caviar and "lacquer" Burgundy cap toe 2-toned quilted booties with burgundy heels

- Belt: Hermes Bleu De Prusse Togo/Black box w/ hammered matte gold buckle
- Scarf: Gray Mongolian lamb curly/fluffy fur scarf (no brand bought from a local shop)
- Earrings: Chanel 09C black/pewter heart with wings dangling earrings from the "Sweet Heart" collection
- Ring: Chanel 09C black/pewter 3D heart pendant necklace from the "Sweet Heart" collection
- Sunglasses: Tom Ford "Jaquelin" black sunglasses w/ orange rim and brown gradient lens


The colors on me are quite "coordinated" this time...hehe!  This mongolian lamb curly fur scarf makes my neck so warm!!


The key is to have the mongolian lamb curly fur scarf which spice up the outfit and make it a bit more "luxurious" instead of casual...

Close-Up of my ensemble...

Close-up of my Chanel "dark gray" Bubble Quilt from the 2009 Paris-Moscou collection (outdoor pictures)

Now this is a bit confusing, as the color name by Chanel is "Gris Fonce" (which means dark gray) for this Paris-Moscou Bubble Quilt. But then, since this is made of "faded lambskin", the dark gray has this faded "vintage" effect which makes the bag look like a light bluish-gray color. Although this color is hard to maintain (but I baby all my bags so it's ok), I had to get it since I so love the vintage-feel of this bag with the matching matte aged gold CC. (There is another "Light Gray" color as per Chanel's naming convention which is even more faded and actually looks like off-white.  Chanel's way of naming colors is always so confusing...LOL!)

Special "swirl" CC logo in aged matte gold...

Indoor picture..

Close-up of my Chanel 09A booties...
(I bought these from Paris Rue Royale boutique last September....I think I saw this color only from this boutique...I was lucky! :D)

Close-up picture of my Hermes Bleu de Prusse togo belt which was I posted in my Hermes reveal thread on tPF in October 2009....

This is a better picture of the special matte gold "hammered" buckle.  According to my SA in Paris FSH, he said this buckle style is very rare nowadays.

(**You can view my entire Hermes reveal from my Paris trip last September in the link below:

Finally close-up of my Chanel "Tsarina" ring from 2009 Paris-Moscou...

And how can I forget my "boss"?  Here are some pictures I took for Mason when we went to the birthday party of my friend's son.....I think Mason was in a good mood that day....hehe!

Mason is doing layering too!  He has a pink Zara long sleeves inside, then the Zara purple plaid shirt and then a cream colored vest from Chickee Duck....hehe!  I chose this purple color theme to match the color of my outfit which has a bit of purple too!  LOL!
(You see I really "need" a baby girl so I can play dress-ups with her!!  Boys don't have much things to play in terms of clothing...hahaha!)

This is Mason's pink long sleeves inside...
(he was sweating too much from jumping up and down the big bouncy castle that my friend has rented for the party..)

OK....since I still have too many pictures and 1 post just can't contain too many pix, I'll be starting another post for part 2, which I'll post the rest of my Xmas loot......

Stay tuned. :D  Have a nice weekend!



  1. Hi Mia, What a fab post! How can I choose a favourite? I love all your looks but my favourite is the first, I love how casual your outfit is but then you dress it up perfectly with the shoes and clutch. I know how you feel about expensive shoes being bad quality, you just cannot pay good money for it, but hey maybe you can always get a pair when they go on sale and just have them as occasion shoes. I have the Chanel booties too but in black with silver toe cap, the are so perfect, I 've never seen them in your colour way before, they are beautiful. Hope you feel better soon, Pearl xx

  2. I love all!!!! Hmm....If I have to choose one, then I will choose the 6th one.
    Actually I love Mason the most!!! LOL!! He is such a cute pie.

  3. my favorite is grey sweater tunic/dress outfit with burgundy miumiu bow bag.

    I love Mason's beautiful sunny smile.

  4. Hi Mia!

    I enjoyed very much reading this post.

    It's tough to pick a favorite outfit, they are all great. My two favorite ones are: 5th and 6th.

    Oh Mason looks adorable with those rosy cheeks and sweet expression!

  5. Hi Mia

    Welcome to Singapore! Hope you enjoy your stay here:)

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. Heyyy Mia, great post. Ah' killer Proenza Schouler pumps *heart*^^ -- And may I say, the gris-foncé Chanel vintage like purse is too die! Enjoy Singapore! ~xoHF

  8. MIA!! I need to get myself over to HK to go visit these "local brands/stores" that you get all your cute cardigans from!!! Your son is SO cute...I love the outfits he has one :)

  9. God bless Chanel!
    I've never saw someone owning so much Chanel stuf until I met u today.

    I have a really stupid question, but: where do u get all the money for all ur designer purchases?

    This is incredible. ^^

    I'm following u btw, may u visit my blog. xxx

  10. The dark pink Chanel bag is amazing!
    I have a medium black Chanel 2.55, because I was scared that I couldn't combine the bag with my outfits if it was any other color,
    but you proved me wrong!

    Love your blog!

    x Krizia

  11. Mia...Mason is just too cute! I'm sure he'll be a great travel companion with you & your DH soon!~

    Need not to say I love the blue outfit, but I just hate to say that the Florucci boots weren't my fave, especially they kind of make your ankles XL! Just my 2c!~


    ps. can't wait to see your 4 outfits to Wai's wedding & of course her many Wedding dresses too!~

  12. Great outfits and I'm loving your enviable Chanel collection! My favorite looks would have to be the 1st, because I really like the electric blue and I'm currently in love with snoods (I just ordered another black fringed one and strangely my husband seems to collect them as well). I also love look 5, because that's the look I chose for myself when I want to be comfy, but chic. That necklace is gorgeous.

    Hope you're having a lovely weekend!

  13. Fiorucci boots is classic n' I would love to have it as well.

    Ah, the bubble is so soft look but I can never convince myself getting it.... too cute of a look for me. :)

    The two tone Chanel booties is also divine!!!

    So, are you going to return the P. Shouler pump?

    Your son is so so cute and he has the great skin tone from you. :)

  14. Mamma Mia! Again, I can't get over your DS clutch...!

    Ok I love, love the blue infinity scarf and the matching shoes but you HKers crack me up. It's hella warm and you guys are so bundled up! It's very funny but I guess very fashionable and cute too. ;-P

    btw-- Mia, you're the master of layering!

    I also love, love the blue and purple outfit (the one with your H belt). The bubble quilt is divine. It's perfect in every way.

    But the cutest thing has got to be your kid. Mason is so cute in the pic where he is poking his cheeks. Scrumptious.

    Hugs and miss you (and HK milk tea-- hah hah).

    xo, -kai

  15. I love your style. I also love that electric blue shade on you from the first couple pics.

  16. hi Mia,

    You have so many lovely Chanel classic flaps.
    May I know if u are selling any of them?
    Where do u usually purchase the unique coloured ones like blue, purple from? They're seasonal, arent they?

    Thanks for your time and your blog is fab!



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