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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I'm back again! Paris Shopping Loot and Giveaway details...

Dear friends and readers,

How are you doing?

I'm really really sorry for "abandoning" my blog for 3 months!  I came back from vacation in Nanjing in mid April, but then my maid went to a one month trip back to Manila because she needs to have an eye operation.  So, I was really busy after the trip.

Then, comes my Paris trip in June, and of course my mother duties in between, so I haven't been able to update my blog.

I went crazy this time during my Paris trip coz it was a girl's shopping trip without husbands...LOL!  So, it means "out of control". Haha!  See these!

Me outside Hermes Faubourg St. Honore....the Mothership...

Ehem...those are not the only things I brought back home......I had 20kg of luggage allowance from the airline, but I ended up with more than 60kg of goodies when I come back!  LOL!  These are the boxes.......

For those of you who haven't yet visited The Purse Forum, here are the links to my "reveal" threads where I posted all the pictures of my Paris shopping loot (Hermes, Chanel and Balenciaga):
==> Hermes:
==> Chanel
==> Balenciaga:

I will be re-posting some of the pictures I posted at the Purse Forum on my blog too, esp. the modeling pix, so they can be consolidated in 1 place here.  Hope you like my loot!

Anyway, I haven't forgotten about the Giveaway from my post 3 months ago.  I still have 2 Giveaways for you.  Here they are:

1.  Volume cropped short sleeves jacket in gray 
(measurement details as follows and also shown in the pictures below)
- left shoulder to right shoulder: around 13"
- armpit hole circumference: around 15"
- total length of jacket from collar to bottom: around 16"
- bust (circumference): around 30" (but this is meant to be worn open so the bust measurement doesn't really matter
- high waistline (circumference): around 26" with elastic garter

Shoulder to shoulder
Armpit hole

Jacket length (collar to bottom)

High Waistline

Bust area 
(but jacket is meant to be worn open so measurements don't really matter)

I have modelled this jacket before here in my blog but mine is the black color.  To refresh your memory....

2. "Alice in Wonderland" by b+ab "Red Queen" black fitted T-shirt

If you wish to enter the GIVEAWAY, you just need to do the following very simple things:
(a) Become a follower of my blog (you need to have a google account I think..)
(b) Leave me a comment here and tell me 4 things:
- if you prefer the gray cropped jacket more or the "Red Queen" t-shirt more (so it's easier to do the allocation of the 2 giveaways)
- how you found my blog
- what do you like most about my blog (go take a look at my postings before coz I haven't updated my blog for a while)
- what you would like to see more on my blog in the future

I will choose 2 lucky winners in total - one for the gray cropped jacket and one for the Red Queen T-shirt.  Deadline is July 23 (Friday). Then I'll announce the winners on my blog and will need the winners to give me their emails so that I can contact them to mail out the giveaways.  I am located in Hong Kong so it will take some time to mail it out to your place if you don't live in Asia.

Anyway, hope you like them both!


P.S.  I will update my blog soon with another fave of new shoes loot and some more stuff I got from Paris (Lanvin and Givenchy)!  Just got a couple of packages recently!  Yay!


  1. I really like the red queen t-shirt :)I found you first when i was reading the chanel mommy thread, from there i start reading rachel's blog and then i found your blog when you comment on her post! I like how your pictures aere alway so crisp and clean and i would love to see more update and other kinds of post too, like beauty and advice!

  2. Hello!! Love the red queen t-shirt! I found your blog thru tpf. Drooling over your purchases:-)) I love your shopping trips and your excitement over your finds. I would love to learn more about where to shop in Asia, and more about Hong Kong! Thanks for doing this:-)

  3. I totally am dying for the cropped jacket! I've been searching high and low for something like this as a cute and original coverup for some of my outfits-- I've tried vests (tossed after one or two uses), cardigans (too hot for the summer), and shawls (just doesn't work). Pick me, pick me!

    How did I find your blog? I've been on the Purse Forum since March 2006 and I have been watching your recent reveals and just loved how you write, your purchases, and especially your action shots of latest acquisitions. I just had to subscribe to your blog.

    I love your writing style and sense of humor, but being honest, I love the photos the most. Nothing like eye candy of your outfits (whether it's just model photos or at a wedding event) and living vicariously through your fabulous life =)

    I love your blog! I'd like to see you post more often, like outfit of the day, or polls to see which bag should go with which (though I think you don't need us to help as you have impeccable taste), maybe "how to" articles on wearing scarves, etc.

    Love the blog, love the cropped jacket, love it. Thanks so much for sharing with us-- it definitely takes a lot of time and energy to take photos, get the right lighting, watermarking images, etc. I've had a blog before and quit last year as I got too busy with other things, so I'm very glad and grateful you do this for us =)

  4. Hello Mia,

    I absolutely adore the grey jacket! It is so my style, plus grey is my new favourite and I'm trying to mix and match around it.

    I believe I found your blog when I googled some item by Chanel and one of your pictures came up. I keep coming back since then!

    I like your style the most! It's inspiring. I love Chanel too. And ofcourse it's my dream to shop like that in Paris like you just did - so I want to be you when I grow up :)

    I'm very interested in Hong Kong so I wish your blogs would reflect your location a bit more but generally just keep the posts and pictures coming and me and all the other readers will be happy.

    Thanks for reading this and keep up the great blog :)

  5. Hi Mia! Glad you had a wonderful in Paris!

    1. I love, love, love the cropped jacket.
    2. I think your blog is fun and I visit regularly ... but you have been MIA for a while so am glad to see your Paris post!
    3. I like seeing you outfit pics in different angles, close-up of accessories and how creative you are.
    4. Please post more about your trips, life in HK and being a mom.

  6. oh my God! those boxes... you have blown me away again!!

  7. Hi Mia!
    I have been reading your blog for a very long time now...glad to see you are back! :)

    As for the giveaway, I am interested in the Red Queen T-shirt! I found your blog through The Purse Forum (your haul threads are surely not to be missed!) and I am amazed with all your amazing finds! I especially enjoy your outfit of the days because you encompass a stunning assortment of never-seen-before pieces! By that, I mean you always get the newest stock of Chanel etc first -- it's just lovely to see it on person.

    I know your blog is fashion orientated but I would love to see more lifestyle blogs, if possible. I would love to see photos of your food, social gatherings, etc! Keep up the hard work though, you've done a great job so far! :)

  8. Hi Mia!

    I'm in love with the cropped jacket! I found your blog on tpf,reading about your paris purchases. I like your blog because of your fantastic pieces that you always match perfectly! I'd like to see more posts about your shopping experiences

  9. Don't know why my last comment didn't submit? :( Anyway, I'm the follower "Ms Ditzy X!"

    I prefer the Red Queen T-Shirt and I initially found out about your blog through the Purse Forum. Can't miss your mega hauls so I slowly wandered my way through to your blog! :P I'm from Hong Kong too and it's hard to find fashion blogs solely in English, so I'm glad to have found yours.

    I like your outfit-of-the-days most out of your blog! I love that you pay attention to details and show us close up shots of everything. I especially love your Chanel Costume jewellery- always looks super cute!

    If possible, I'd like to see more lifestyle blogs such as photos of your daily sightings, food, social gatherings, etc! Otherwise, your fashion blogs are still wonderful - keep up the hard work! & Thanks so much for this giveaway, I appreciate that you are giving back to us readers! :)

  10. Mia Mia! I miss chatting with the past week, but I was so so busy with work (deadline this Sunday). Anyway, I'm glad you find sometime to update your blog again & then I can see the consolidated version of your AMAZING LOOTS again! =p Well, you know the cropped jacket is my fave, still! Can't wait to see the rest of your loots & your lovely modeling photos! BTW, coco turns 14M today & she's already into SHOES!! Yeah, not just she loves my bags, but shoes!! I'll tell you more later! =D

  11. Everythings are fantastic!
    If you want visit and follow:

  12. OMG!
    thats one hell of an orange twin towers!
    whoooottt whoooottt!

    read the reveal in H forum n girl u got my jaw dropped!!! BIG TIME! hhehehehe
    love all ur new acquisitions but i must say that i adore ur vibrant soleil lindy and TDF bouganvillier kelly! & that burgandy metallic python 2.55....simply breath taking!

  13. OMG Mia I just checked out your TPF reveals, you are one crazy shopper!!! Absolutely fabulous buys, especially the Kelly xx

  14. OMG! The cropped jacket is my fav! I found your blog from TPF! I luv your blog because your ODJs are AMAZING! Your style is awesome! Please do some more ODJs, they are great inspiration!

  15. I love both! But I think the Alice in Wonderland top is really special. I saw your reveals from tpf and I literally feel off my chair! I love all your purchases (especially those chanel custom jewellery) and how effortless it is for you to put them together!

  16. Hello! I am wondering if u can share the site where Chanelholic reveals her purchase? Wld love to check it out too! ;)

  17. the cropped jacket wanted!!!!
    found your blog with another yahoo blogger.
    love your blog becoz really like ur style and how u shop crazy and show us! that always give drives me ~~~~
    would like to see more mix and matching ~!

  18. I love your outfit with the dress ;)

  19. 1. Hi Mia, Id love the gray cropped jacket!

    2. I found your blog thru TPF reveal of your Chanel and Hermes loot from Paris!

    3.I love your modeling pictures of anything and everything you have on; whether it is your jewelry; handbags, shoes, or clothing!

    4. I would love to see the beauty products you use. Considering you've covered all the basis, I'd love to read how you take care of your skin, what makeup and lipstick you use :)

  20. Dears! Thank you sooo much for your lovely inputs! Thank you all for your compliments, and I will remember what you have suggested. Well, you have 1 more day to enter this Giveaway. I'll announce the winners tomorrow! Thanks!

    Hi Serene, thanks for visiting my blog to enquire about Chanelholic. She's flattered! LOL! Hehe! Chanelholic doesn't have her own site. She only revealed her H loot in my reveal thread here:


  21. This is another comment from Evelyn (she emailed and asked me to input this comment to my blog coz she doesn't know how to do it). So here you go:

    1. I am still studying, so I will pick a t-shirt anytime! In this case, the Red Queen t-shirt!
    2. I found your blog in year 2009, when I started to read Tpf on Chanel and saw one of your postings, went to click on it, and I entered land of Chanel, gorgeous colours, sizes and types. I had to show my Chanel friends that full, yet crazy collection you have!
    3. I LOVE YOUR CHANELS AND SHOES! ESPECIALLY SHOES FROM STELLA LUNA! PRETTY! I don't think they have it here in Singapore, saw them in Siam Paragon, Bangkok and wish I could take a pair home
    4. Pardon my nagginess, I love Chanel, and same like you, falling in Love with Hermes! and your new Hermes Kelly is TDF! Seriously pretty. I would love more exquisite pieces from Chanel and more Hermes Kelly! (and more Hermes scarfs, thou you already have enough to open a gallery!)

    1 more day till the lucky draw tomorrow for the 2 Giveaway! :D


  22. Hi there Mia!

    How are you? Have been missing your blog for many months. Glad you are back!

    cheers, bonnie

  23. Hi Mia!

    I just finished catching up on your reveal on Chanel of tpf and I am just so jaw-droppingly awed. The python flaps - absolutely gorgeous!! thanks for sharing :)))

    btw, i just followed this blog, the profile pix is my little boy!

    cheers, bonnie


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