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Monday, July 26, 2010

Winners of my 2nd Giveaways...:D

Hi gals,

Hope you enjoyed your weekend.

Summer is actually a busy time for moms like me because there are a lot of extra-curricular activities for my son Mason.  He's now doing swimming, golf, painting, football and music as extra-curricular activities, as well as regular summer school at his own school.  This makes me, the "chauffeur" of my little boss, extra busy.  Not to mention I need to get up early in the morning too coz his 1st class is like 8:30am!  LOL!

Anyway, thank you so much for those who have left me a comment in my last post to enter the Giveaway, and expressed your preference on which Giveaway gift you like more.  I really appreciate and value every input you readers have given me. :D  I will try to make more time to update my blog more often.

So, now, I am going to announce the 2 lucky winners. :D

First of all, for the 1st Giveway - "b+ab special edition Alice in Wonderland Red Queen T-shirt in black/red colorway"...

The lucky winner is:
(Congratulations to you...:D)

Now, for the 2nd Giveway - "Gray volume cropped short sleeves jacket"...

The lucky winner is:
(Congratulations to you...:D)
Note: The above lucky draw was done by inputting the names of the participants into a lucky draw application online (courtesy of

Again, congratulations to the lucky winners this time!!   Winners, ODDINARY77 and MAY, what to do now?  Simple.

Just email me at  Let me know your contact name and address, and I'll mail out the gifts to you as soon as I receive your information.  As you know, I'm residing in Hong Kong, so if you're not located in Asia, your gift may take a while to reach you.  :P

When you receive the gifts, please remember to leave me a comment here or email me so that I will know you got them safely.  Hope you like these little gifts from me.

Thanks again for visiting my blog.  My next post will be all about shoesssssssssssss.....stay tuned!

Have a great week ahead everyone!



  1. Ohhh thank you thank you!!! I have emailed you my info yay!!! My Monday just kicked off to an amazing start =D

  2. Don't know why my comment never posted, but thank you once again and I look forward to your next post! :)

  3. Thank you for posting ALL of your fashion finds. I'm so envious! If you ever decide to part with those Chanel camellia earrings (which I know you love), please let me know. I can't find them anywhere. I would die if I could purchase them from you!

    <3 Erin


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