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Thursday, November 4, 2010

My 4th Wedding Anniversary.....


Wow, I have abandoned my blog again for more than 2 months!  Please don't kill me...coz I've been really busy with my toddler, his education (i.e. kindergarten applications and his "promotion" to Montessori Casa upper class), 2 travels (I went to Taipei in September and Singapore in October), Parent Effectiveness Training class (4 hours per class with lots of reading materials), volunteer librarian for my son's school every week etc.......

I have been wanting to spend some time to update my blog....but I'm always in the middle of something during the day and when it comes to the evening, I'm so exhausted that I just want to watch a good movie with my hubby or sleep!

Anyway, I meant to blog about my wedding anniversary celebration which was around 1 month ago on September 25.  So here you go...just to share with you some what surprises my hubby prepared for me.....hahahaha!

Every wedding anniversary, we usually plan a Europe trip because we got married in Switzerland at a beautiful church in Lausanne and had our banquet at the famous Hotel Beau-Rivage Palace in Lausanne.  We also had our wedding photo shoot in Rome by 2 Italian photographers and spent our honeymoon in various places in Italy.  Here are links to some of our wedding photos (all my wedding dress and gowns are designed and made by my cousin who is a wedding/evening dress designer in the Philippines):
Lausanne Switzerland Wedding Ceremony (please use "Full Screen" view)
Rome Italy Wedding Photo Shoot (please use "Full Screen" view)

So, Europe is a special place for us because we have happy memories there and it's like home for us, especially Switzerland.  The last 2 years we were in Paris during our wedding anniversary.  We didn't travel during our 1st wedding anniversary because I was pregnant at that time in my last trimester.  This year, it's our 4th anniversary but we didn't go to Europe as I already did my Paris crazy shopping trip with my friend in June this year...LOL!!  Instead, my hubby surprised me with something which I didn't expect....hahahaha!  But I enjoyed every second of it!  He did too!!!  I'll tell you later what that is..:P

I didn't wear anything fancy on our anniversary...just something simple with a little twist.  Here's my ODJ that day (picture taken at The Repulse Bay):


Kookai pale pink/blush camisole
Blush chiffon "confetti effect" sheer cardigan (bought from Taipei)
Gray chiffon + linen jumpsuit (bought from Taipei)
Chanel 08 Hawaii Limited Edition Dark Silver Lambskin Classic Clutch 

YSL patent gray Tribute sandals (lower heels)
 Luvlicious gray chiffon sheer embellished scarf (worn as belt) 
Hermes "Quator" Buffalo Horn & Lacquer Necklace in dusty pink
Chanel 09P Pink Camellia dangling earrings from the "Camellia Bouquet" collection
Tom Ford "Jaquelin" black sunglasses w/ orange rim and brown gradient lens

Love the texture of this chiffon "confetti effect" sheer blush color adds a special texture and depth to my simple outfit...
I still don't know why we were at the Repulse Bay in the afternoon (my hubby took a day off work to be with me the whole day for our anniversary celebration).  My 1st guess was we are going to have a "high tea" there at the famous Verandah Restaurant. :P
But then, we didn't go into the restaurant.....!!  The next thing I realize was that we're walking through this hidden tranquil place within the premises....with greenery and fountain......

 Passed through a very Chinese feel passageway...

And voila!!!!  We arrived at this secretive Spa which I didn't know about in the middle of this city!  I thought I was in Phuket Banyan Tree for a moment!!!  This place is called "Sense of Touch" Spa....
I was really surprised that my hubby booked this special couple's spa at "Sense of Touch"!!!  I really needed this relaxation (I think he does too!) and just shut my mind off to enjoy the sweet aroma of the spa room......!  I can't tell you how happy I was!  LOL!  We enjoyed a really good steam bath together using special scrubs, and then we enjoyed a great massage together!  We fell asleep instantly!  Hahahaha!  We're totally rejuvenated after the spa!  So relaxing and soothing!  
Afterwards, we were invited for a nice champagne and relaxing moment outside in their's already night time when we finished our spa. :P
After the spa, we went to a very nice dinner in Tsim Sha Tsui's Aqua Restaurant.  My hubby booked a place by the window where you can see the entire Hong Kong harbour with the night lights. 

Aqua is a very posh restaurant which serves fusion Italian+Japanese dishes, with a very contemporary interior design, and they have a nice bar just above the restaurant. :D  

We had a WHITE TRUFFLE 5-course fine dine dinner that night!  Yummy yummy!  I'm so in love with truffles!  (Actually, my hubby was lucky enough to go to Alba in Italy for a truffle trip 4 years ago, and enjoyed 3 full days of truffle meals to the max, fresh from the soil!)  Ok ok....I know this post is useless without here we go!!!
We started with a glass of Vintage Moet & Chandon champagne....:D

 Antipasti (Appetizer):
Jet fresh from Tokyo's Tsukiji market....

An individual plate of Ika (squid), awabi (abalone), o-toro (tuna), Wagyu, kampachi (Baby Yellowtail), tobiko (flying fish roe), ikura (salmon caviar) and botan ebi (shrimp)

And this bread platter........HEAVEN!!!

 Primo (1st course):  
Adriatic scallops with Italian cheese fondue and Alba white truffle..

This dish is Chef Marco Medaglia's 10th birthday tribute dish...

Contorni (Side Dish):
Aqua home made ravioli stuffed with porcini mushroom and goose liver topped with shaved Alba white truffle

Secondo (Main Course)
Italian seafood trio....
- Wild catch sea bass with baby asparagus and oregano marinated tomato
- Mediterranean wild turbot on Jerusalem artichoke puree with spinach
- Roasted Adriatic sea scampi on garlic puree

Secondo (Main Course)
Char grilled Japanese Wagyu beef tenderloin with onion mustard soy and Mizuna herb yuzu dressing

Love the floral decorations!!!

 Dolce (Dessert):
Crisp hazelnut biscuit topped with Valrhona chocolate mousse aside crushed raspberries and rasberry sorbet

The shape of this chocolate mousse cake is very unique.....and there are some truffles on the plate too!  Yummy!  I can't resist any desserts! :P

We were so full after the dinner!  LOL!  I can still recall the taste of my favourite truffles and Wagyu beef........

Anyway, you might be thinking what gifts I have for my wedding anniversary?  Well, they are not ready yet. :P  Still in Paris now...hahahaa!  They are 2 special order birkins that we placed last year when we were in Paris.  They will be ready any minute now (waiting for Paris's email or call or letter).  My hubby promised to give me 2 birkins every anniversary.  But since he knows that the ordering lead time is about a year, he will need to order the birkins 1 year ahead.  And again, he surprised me on our anniversary celebration that he already placed ANOTHER 2 special order birkins for me for NEXT YEAR's anniversary!!!! OMG OMG OMG!!!

So even though my gifts are not yet with me, I am really really overjoyed hearing the news! LOL!

Will reveal my Hermes loot once they are ready. :P

Hope you enjoyed my little anniversary celebration...:D

With love,


  1. happy anniversary... 2 birkins a year? lucky you! :)

  2. Mia Mia! Stunning! Stunning! I remember I saw a few of your wedding photos some times ago, but now I finally went through all! So amazing! Time flies really fast! However, love between you both is growing! Happy 4th anniversary!!

  3. welcome back ms. Mia! i really enjoy reading your posts and bits of your life (: happy anniversary and keep up posted on your hermes loot!


  4. Thanks so much gals!! It's good to be back posting..hehehehe!


  5. your husband is romantic and sweet! he did great on your anniversary. the spa and the birkin - you can't beat that!!

    can't wait to see your two birkins.

  6. Hi Julia,

    Thanks thanks! It's really a surprise for me that my husband is able to ask someone to place another order for me. I would say this is pure luck. If his colleague wasn't in Paris that time, I don't think I will have 2 more Birkins to come end of next year! And his colleague doesn't even know a thing about handbags and just walked into the store. LOL! He's lucky to have met an SA who let him place the orders. Meant to be meant to be! Hahahhaa!

    As for my 2 birkins from last year, they are still not ready!! Grrr! I think they have some leather supply issues so a lot of us who put in the order last September are experiencing the delay. I'm suspecting they will be ready next Jan/Feb which is good so that I can collect them in person in Paris. :D I promise to post pix once I get them.


  7. so glad to see you posting again!! your wedding and italy photos are EXQUISITE - thanks so much for posting! xo

  8. Just wondering what kind job your husband does,,,perhaps my husband could also do the same lol,,,, Wait maybe I am thinking you belong to a royal family.....Any way you taste in bags and shoes are impeccable,,,love that you have the guts($$)) to buy different style and colors,,,In Brazil were I am from rich people buy the same thing so when we go to an event everybody has the same bag or shoes on even the same colors to,,,



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