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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Chanel Chanel Chanel!! See my fresh little Cruise2011 buys..:D


Sorry that I have been away from my blog for a while.  I had been sick and lost my voice completely.  My son also got a fever right after his 3rd bday celebration at Disneyland.  Also, I have been busy with stuff which I need to do for my upcoming trip to Manila.  I will be there this Sunday for 4 days without internet access.

Anyway, I want to share with you my recent new buys from my fave brand....CHANEL!

These are all new arrivals from Chanel Cruise2011....with special Xmas packaging!!!  Enjoy!!

Even the special edition Chanel beige ribbons are so "Cruise" feel...hehehehe!

How can I ever miss these lovely Chanel jackets??!!!   

They are just gonna be great to be worn as pendant, bracelet charm, bag charm.....

**But mind you, these are not automatically given to you.  You need to tell the SA that you want it gift wrapped before they will give out the special Chanel jacket charms, one only for each box.  Some other countries like Singapore even has a spending minimum before one can be entitled to this cute little jacket charm!  Different countries have different policies though..but I'm sure worldwide Chanel standalone boutiques now all have the same Xmas packaging.  Hurry up Chanel fans!!!

First up from my haul....

"BOHO GLAM" CC Brooch in Pewter color

This is the 1st thing I want from Cruise when I saw the new collection. Love the details so much! It's heavy!

This is a very good size brooch....horizontal is 2.5 inches, vertical is 2 inches...

Look at those fresh water pearls.....irregular shapes, it so much!

I'm so glad I waited for this pewter color because it looks so much better than the light gold version in terms of contrast and depth...

Next up....something matching the above brooch....hehehe!

"BOHO GLAM" dangling CC Earrings in Pewter color

I love the fact that these earrings are not "one-sided" only. Both sides are with pearls!!! The CC is thick! LOL!

The hooks for these earrings are aged ruthenium....a little tarnished effect....but they look great just like that.

Voila!! My "BOHO GLAM" Family!!

3rd item....

"MAHARAJAH" CC Dangling earrings in pewter color with fresh water pearls

Love the contrast of fresh water pearls on the earrings against the black beads..

And again, I'm so impressed that these earrings are also double-faced! Both 2 sides are with fresh water pearls and beads!!!

"Maharajah" on the left, and "Boho Glam" on the right...
("Maharajah" earrings are a little bit longer than "Boho Glam")

I had to grab this to match my earrings!!!

"MAHARAJAH" necklace in pewter color

This necklace has another light gold color with all white pearls...but I love the pewter color more for the contrast.  The gold color falls a little flat.

Great details..

This necklace can be worn in 2 lengths....longer version until the chest area...or shorter version like choker.

My "Maharajah" family picture!

I didn't plan to buy this at first, but when the SA showed me and let me try it on, I'm sold!! 

So delicate and feminine....

"HIPPIE CHIC" necklace with pearls and CC crystal charms in light gold color

The picture doesn't do the necklace justice.  This necklace is way more beautiful in real life!!

This "Hippie Chic" necklace is available in both light gold and silver.  But I think this light gold version which I bought is way more beautiful than the silver one. (Hehehe..biased! LOL!)

There is a more expensive version of this necklace, with more tassels dangling at the bottom. But that version is a choker version and I feel like being choked when I tried that on....(guess my neck is too fat! LOL!) I'm happy that I went home with this version instead.

Close up of the dangling charms/tassels...

This is the truer color of the necklace where the enamel part of the CC is creamy beige color...

Last but not least....something from 2010 Fall Winter Collection which a friend of mine from the US brought home for me all the way from PARIS!!!  
(Thanks C!  You know who you are if you read this...:D) 

One of my fave earrings!

Chanel 10A "Lady Knot" dangling earrings with grayish pearl and crystal bow

That's all folks for now!!!  Hope you have enjoyed the pictures.

Stay tuned for my Hermes reveal soon........

because my 2 special order Birkins are finally ready in Paris after 14 months of loooooooong wait!!!  Muwwwaaaahahahahaha!

Will do my reveal after I receive my 2 some other items from Hermes!!
Thanks for letting me share!



  1. Beautiful! Beautiful! The Christmas jacket is too cute...much better than last year's gold camellia. Now, this make me want to buy something LOL!

  2. Lovely buys! Those jackets would make adorable Christmas ornaments for mini tree!

  3. Oh so pretty Mia. The CC jackets are adorable. I'm happy with that just alone. Everything you got is gorgeous. I love the piwter/silver collection especially.

  4. Wow, amazing items you bought!
    I love the brooch, such a classic.

    x Krizia

  5. Goodness, I love, love you blog <3
    It makes me so happy..To even just see the pictures of wrapped Chanel gift boxes!!

  6. Thanks girls! Hey, go grab sth. at Chanel before they run out of the special jacket charm! Good luck! :D

  7. Hi Mia! Love your blog! I am wondering if you could kindly share with me the code of the 10A "Lady Knot" dangling earrings with grayish pearl and crystal bow. I know it's almost impossible to find these so late, but then my friend is heading to Provence and I thought, why not give it a try. Also if you don't mind can I borrow your pciture so that he knows exactly what I want? With many thanks, Cecilia


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