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Monday, February 14, 2011

Be my Purple Valentine!

Hi dears,

Love in is the Air!!  Happy Valentine's Day! 
 Wishing you all the love and happiness on this day and forward! 

Have you thought about what color to wear on Valentine's Day?  People will usually opt for Red or Pink...want to be a bit different?  Why not try Purple?  Purple is a color of passion, romance and sensitivity.  Isn't it just perfect for this special day?

Here are my takes on the color purple with maxi's + Balenciaga.  :D  Hope you like them!

My Purple ODJ No. 1 
(more feminine look)

Jeanasis gray/white rabbit fur cropped knit vest

H&M 3/4 sleeves purple/gray/pink paisley print maxi dress

Balenciaga Part Time Giant Gold HW in Raisin color

Yves Saint Laurent  FW2010 "Coleen" lace-up booties in tan color

H&M tan color thick belt with gold buckle
Chanel multicolor dangling CC earrings
Tom Ford "Jaquelin" black sunglasses w/ orange rim and brown gradient lens
The hem of this maxi is asymmetrical with a "bubble effect" which I love very much....a little bit of drama at the very end. :D
  Since this is a more feminine look, I wore my hair down instead...
I love pairing maxi's with cropped vests or blazers...they always look good together!
I love the soft colors of this printed dress, and how it blends so well together with the gray and tan tones..
Close-Up Pictures..
My beloved Raisin Balenciaga PT with gold HW again!
This is one of my new buys from November!  
It was at 40% off at YSL boutique in the US....
I am in love with lace-up booties these days!
Oh so high, but oh so comfortable!!  Love YSL shoes!  They are really comfortable for the foot!  Perfect arch design for moi!
Some more indoor pix taken for my new YSL Coleen booties..
Love that the shoes are made up of suede and calf leather
Look at the stitching details around the platform!
Back of the shoes
This is available in black color as well.  But this tan color has much more contrasts which I like. :D

My Purple ODJ No. 2
(more casual look inspired by Japanese "Mori" style)

 Bottom Layer: Light charcoal gray turtle neck
Middle Layer: Jeanasis Dark charcoal gray sleeveless maxi dress
Top Layer: Jeanasis purple/white/gray plaid maxi shirt dress
Valentino for Gap military green oversized 3D ruffled collar long parka

Balenciaga Part Time Giant Gold HW in Raisin color (not shown in pictures)

Nine West "Donley" khaki military-inspired lace up booties with buckle accents

Marc by Marc Jacobs green Admiral Facet Hayley mixed metal & chain necklace with  faceted crystal charms, chain fringe, and zipper details
Kookai tan color soft belt
Chanel multicolor dangling CC earrings
Tom Ford "Jaquelin" black sunglasses w/ orange rim and brown gradient lens
  Without the parka...
Belt on the outside...
Belt on the inside with the long maxi shirt flowing..

I love doing all sorts of layering very much when I choose my ensembles.  I am never a minimalist in fashion. :P  Anyway, you might wonder what is "Mori Girl" or "Mori style" all about.  "Mori" means forest in Japanese, so it means girls who look like they live in a forest.  Mori girls are often seen in loose dresses, puffed sleeves, vintage blouses, A-line skirts, tights/leggings and many-layered ensembles.  Lace, crochet, natural colors, earth tones, dusty pastels, and almost anything with a quaint, old fashioned appeal are Mori style staples.  Mori girls are also drawn to animal, candy, checkered, floral, vintage or polka-dotted prints.  The mori girl often looks whimsical or quirky, which makes her stand out from others in her own unique way.

I was inspired by "Mori" style as 
it is all about layering to create a sweet feminine look that's a bit rough around the edges. 

Details of my favourite Valentino for Gap parka!  
I am so lucky to own this piece.  Thanks to a dear friend from the US (thank you so much J!  You know who you are if you're reading this) who helped me buy it at Colette during her trip to Paris.  I am so in love with the ruffles that I also ordered the other 2 styles from which is a shorter jacket style and a cropped style.
This is a very heavy piece of jacket due to the massive layer of ruffles on the collar.  It gives such an "oomph" factor to the whole ensemble!
It was love at first sight when I saw this khaki-green necklace from Marc by Marc Jacobs!  I adore the zipper details, mixed chains and crystal charms!
And to match the feel of the entire outfit, I chose this pair of military-inspired Nine West booties...
And my Balenciaga Raisin PT GGHW again!  Never get tired of this perfect purple!

Care for some PURPLE on Valentine's Day?

Gros Bisous,


  1. Hi Mia, looking beautiful as always, the first outfit is stunning especially those boots what a find! x

  2. great minds think alike!
    i was wearing purple too!!
    what a coincidence! i mean, just a purple longchamp to work though.. LOL..
    love all your assemble!
    i'm no good in fashion, but hope u don't mind me saying this but the H&M paisley maxi looks overcrowded with the rabbit fur vest.
    just a simple grey toned cardi may look just fine, to accentuate your awesome belt and shoes.

  3. Hi Pearl,

    Thanks so much for dropping by and your compliments! Yup, I really love YSL and the boots are amazingly comfortable. How are you doing? I just read from your blog that you didn't attend the LFW. Hope you get well soon. Take care and hang in there! (P.S. I love the Proenza Schouler runway pieces too from NYFW! :D)


  4. Hi Jelita,

    Thanks for visiting my blog! Haha, I'm glad you were wearing some purple too during the Valentine's Day! It's such a regal and mysterious color. :D

    And thanks for your comments on my H&M maxi dress. I take all sorts of comments - good or bad. :D Hmm...I love mixing prints so that's why I chose a rabbit fur vest (and it's really cold). Also, since the sleeves of the H&M maxi dress are bat-winged (very wide), it's quite hard to fit them in a cardigan. :P I agree that gray tone cardi will work too though. Haha...but if you know me, I go for more unconventional pairings. :P But hey, I welcome any comments. It's good to hear the other side of the story and how my reader feels. Thanks so much for letting me know your thoughts. Really appreciate it.

    Till my next post...:D



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