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Monday, May 9, 2011

"Floral Explosion and Prints Galore" with my 4 new Hermes Special Order Birkins & 2 Misc Hermes bags!

I know I have been missing in action again.  I have been lacking a helper at home the past weeks since one of my helpers went on holiday back to her hometown.  So, it has been a bit hectic at home...:P  Now that she is back, I have a little more time to do some blogging!

Also, I would like to thank all of you who have been supporting my blog since I started it.  I have received your emails for the request to be added on my Friends List in order to continue to follow my blog when I privatize it.  I apologize for not being able to reply to each and everyone of you, but you should have received an email from me on what steps to do to join my blog.  I am really very sorry that I need to resort to this due to those people who have been stealing my photos which I cannot stand anymore.  I am in the midst of working on the privatization as it takes time for the transition.  Meanwhile, you may continue to "FOLLOW" my blog by clicking "Follow" on the upper left corner of my blog page.

Anyway, you might have been wondering - where is my Hermes loot which I've been talking about "forever"?  Well, I have received all my items already, and have posted my looooooong Hermes Reveal at the Purse Forum (see the link below for a complete coverage with 1000+ pictures including 130+ Hermes scarves, 8 Hermes bags, and misc. accessories such as belts, leather bracelets, charms etc...):

Here are some pictures of my crazy "Orange Skyscrapers"...LOL!

Now, I am not re-posting all the pictures of my entire loot here because it will take me forever to re-attach 1000+ pictures, esp. the 130+ Hermes silks I've bought!  Instead, I am consolidating the modeling pictures I've posted on tPF so as to showcase my 4 newly arrived Birkins (as I'm sure most of you are more keen to see the birkins than my silks or leather accessories like bracelets) and also 2 other Hermes bags which I have bought!!  I must tell you - I am absolutely in Cloud 9 and still can't get over my excitement!!!

Well, I just realized that all the ensembles I've worn with my Birkins and other Hermes bags are with prints (esp. floral prints).  I think people mostly associate Hermes Birkins with formal wear such as monotone suits and one-piece dresses.  But I'd like to make Birkins fun to carry and induce more creativity in mix-matching Birkins with my wardrobe and make my Birkins unique!! 

Please enjoy my little episode of "FLORAL EXPLOSION & PRINTS GALORE WITH HERMES BAGS"
First off, my very first Special Order which I've waited for 14 months since September 2009!  May I present to you....

Hermes Vert Veronese Togo Shoulder Birkin

Specs of my Special Order:
- Shoulder Birkin Togo in Vert Veronese
- Hardware: Gold
- Stitching color: Vert Olive (tone-on-tone stitching)
- Interior Leather Lining: Potiron
- Special Personalization: Leather-covered Padlock; Initials on Clochette

ODJ No.1
- As Know As De Base peach floral pattern turtle neck
- Mango rust/navy/orange/brown floral loose fit blouse
- Rabbit Fur Vest in Brown/Gray bought from Paris
- Mango Wide Leg Jeans
- Hermes Vert Veronese Togo Shoulder Birkin with Gold HW, Vert Olive Stitching, Potiron contrast lining, Leather Covered Lock
- Forever21 gold leaf dangling earrings
- Pierre Hardy gray/mustard/black chunky heels suede platform sandals
- Tom Ford sunnies

On the wrist..


And of course on the shoulder!!

I have to highlight that I love my shoes!!! Pierre Hardy, who is also the shoe designer of Hermes, is great!!!

And my leaf earrings....

ODJ No.2
- Colour 18 sheer white polka dot blouse
- Kookai brick red camisole underneath
- Rebecca Taylor navy polka dot cropped denim jacket
- Kookai Wide Leg Jeans
- Hermes "Soleil" Jersey Pointe in Bleu/Blanc/Marron
- Hermes Vert Veronese Togo Shoulder Birkin with Gold HW, Vert Olive Stitching, Potiron contrast lining, Leather Covered Lock
- Chanel dangling white camellia earrings
- YSL cognac suede peeptoe Mary Jane pumps
- Tom Ford sunnies

After matching the Vert Veronese with a warm color palette above, now with a cool color palette..

Hahaha....trying on different effects for the pix...LOL!

I kind of like the mixed-print effect here....stripes on the Hermes "Soleil" jersey pointu (also a new score from Paris) and my polka dots tops.....with the hint of olive green on the jersey matching my vert veronese

Just realized my jeans are too long so you can't see my YSL shoes...... here you go!

Sorry for the dark spots on the shoes as it was raining outside when I took the pictures.....(phew but my shoulder birkin is perfectly OK! LOL!)

My Chanel white camellia earrings from a few seasons back...

ODJ No. 3:
- Kookai red camisole
- Kookai beige flower/butterfly/bird print shirt dress with red ribbons
- Mango wide leg jeans
- Hermes Vert Veronese Togo Shoulder Birkin II with Gold HW, Vert Olive Stitching, Potiron contrast lining, Leather Covered Lock
- Hermes Rouge Vif Swift leather belt with gold hammered buckle
- Hermes Green Kelly En Perles 140cm scarf
- Valentino Nude pointed toe 3D Bow pumps (bought from Paris)
- Chanel 11P gold leaf earrings with beads (bought from Paris)
- Chloe "Litchi" Brown frame sunglasses

The Kelly En Perles green scarf matches the green leaves print on the shirt dress..

While the red color beads on the Kelly En Perles matches the red flower prints on the shirt dress and the Red of H belt...

Showcasing my Vert Veronese Shoulder Birkin.....
I opted for Vert Olive stitching as I want a tone-on-tone effect for this bag, and I was so glad the SA showed me a file of different thread colors (with the real threads inside) so I used the threads to match against the leather swatch.....

More natural daylight pix of my Vert Veronese Shoulder Birkin..

Vert Veronese is really a great neutral color!!

Second Special Order which I've ordered together with my Vert Veronese Shoulder Birkin above and also waited for 14 months since September 2009!  May I present to you....

Hermes Gris Tourterelle Togo Birkin 35cm

- Birkin 35cm Togo in Gris Tourterelle
- Hardware: Palladium
- Stitching color: White (contrast stitching)
- Interior Leather Lining: Rose Shocking
- Special Personalization: Leather-covered Padlock; Initials stamped underneath strap

ODJ No. 1
- b+ab white tunic with lace & mesh hem
- no brand double breast baby blue linen blazer
- Acne multicolor chiffon brush-strokes print pants
- Adia Kibur chunky teardop bead necklace in Nude color
- no brand silver hoop earrings
- Hermes 35cm Birkin in Gris Tourterelle Togo with Palladium HW, white contrast stitching, Rose Shocking contrast lining and leather wrapped lock
- Nicholas Kirkwood suede teal blue peeptoe mary jane pumps
- Chanel "Cambon" edition sunnies (new purchase from Paris)

Close-up of my outfit with my printed Acne chiffon sheer pants...

Close-up of my statement necklaces!

Love Nicholas Kirkwood shoes!!


ODJ No. 2
- Kookai blush camisole underneath
- Lilith sheer chiffon floral top (bought from Paris)
- Lilith gray taffeta asymmetrical volume skirt (bought from Paris)
- Hermes 35cm Birkin in Gris Tourterelle Togo with Palladium HW, white contrast stitching, Rose Shocking contrast lining and leather wrapped lock
- Kron by KronKron (from Iceland) multicolor peeptoe pumps in mint green/yellow/pink/gray/brown/black
- Chanel "Lady Knot" dangling earrings
- Chanel "Barocco" ring from 10 Cruise
- Tom Ford sunnies

Close-Up pix of my Chanel accessories...

Showcasing my Gris Tourterelle Birkin 35cm...

I did a little twist and chose white contrast stitching because I love the white contrast stitching on the Etoupe color, but then I love Gris T more for a birkin. So, why not combine the white stitching with Gris T? It won't be too strong a contrast on Gris T but still it will be different from others....hehe!

My initials stamped on the inside of the leather strap....this time in matching silver color

I love leather wrapped lock a lot so I specifically requested this on my special order when I made my order in 2009.....(but too bad that this year, leather wrapped lock is no longer offered unless you're ordering a white or exotic birkin...)

And comparing the padlock size of Shoulder Birkin and 35cm Birkin...

Last but not least....smaller grained togo on my Gris Tourterelle Birkin without any veins.....and larger grained togo on my Vert Veronese Shoulder Birkin with some veins...(maybe not everyone's cup of tea, but I actually like more veins on the leather as it gives more "character" to the bag)

And outdoor pictures of my Gris T special order under natural daylight..

Now, this is my 3rd Special Order Birkin which I've ordered in September 2010, and to my surprise, it was ready after ONLY 6 months of wait!  May I present to you....

Hermes IRIS Togo Birkin 35cm

- Birkin 35cm Togo in Iris
- Hardware: Gold
- Stitching color: Cyclamen (tone-on-tone stitching)
- Interior Leather Lining: Vert Anis
- Special Personalization: Leather-covered Padlock; Blind-stamped initials on Clochette

ODJ No. 1
- Kookai silk multicolor floral jumpsuit
- Kookai dark gray linen blazer
- Kookai tan color belt
- Hermes special order IRIS Togo 35cm Birkin Gold HW with Cyclamen tone-on-tone stitching, Vert Anis contrast lining and leather wrapped lock
- Chanel pink camellia dangling earrings
- Chanel pink camellia trio necklace
- Chanel camellia ring in red and pink
- YSL Crackled Leather Tributes 105 sandals in Sahara (Gold) color
- Tom Ford sunnies

Close-up of my ensemble.....I am really in a "floral mood" these days because of Spring!!

My all-time favourite sandals.....YSL Tribute 105!

My Chanel camellia accessories from past seasons...

ODJ No. 2 (trying out contrast colors with Iris)
- Kookai prune/pink/red/khaki multicolor chiffon sleeveless top with lace
- Kookai nude camisole underneath multicolor floral jumpsuit
- Zara khaki green loose fit blazer
- H&M dark red pants
- Hermes special order IRIS Togo 35cm Birkin Gold HW with Cyclamen tone-on-tone stitching, Vert Anis contrast lining and leather wrapped lock
- Chanel pink/blue flower dangling earrings
- Chanel "Coco Country" floral ring set
- Chanel 11C "Hippie Chic" light gold necklace with pearls and CC crystal charms
- YSL patent prune "Tribute" pumps
- Tom Ford sunnies

Purple + Red + Green actually goes well together...

Close-Up of my Floral the lace in front..

Close-Up of my Chanel necklace, ring and earrings...

Forgot to take picture of my Chanel ring set so I used one of my old pictures instead..

Showcasing my Iris Birkin 35cm

These 2 close up pictures below show more of the true purple color of Iris....not bluish AT ALL...

And of course, natural day light outdoor pictures of Miss Iris!

I ordered this 4th Special Order Birkin together with my Iris Birkin above, and it was ready in March together with Miss Iris after ONLY 6 months wait!!  May I present to you....

Hermes RUBIS Togo Birkin 35cm
- Birkin 35cm Togo in Rubis
- Hardware: Gold
- Stitching color: original Rubis stitching color (didn't change)
- Interior Leather Lining: Pink
- Special Personalization: Leather-covered Padlock; Initials on Clochette

ODJ No. 1
- Coigirl Magic black tank top with white print
- Zara white boyfriend blazer
- Benetton black harem pants
- Hermes special order RUBIS Togo 35cm Birkin Gold HW with Pink tone-on-tone lining and leather wrapped lock
- Hermes "Kelly En Perles" 140cm GM Silk in Rouge Brique
- Hermes "Collier De Chien" leather ring in Rouge H Chamonix with Gold HW

- Chanel pearl CC dangling earrings from past season
- Ann Demeulemeester black buckled open-toe wedge booties
- Chanel "Cambon" edition sunnies (new buy from Paris)

 I really love the pattern of Kelly En Perles especially in this 140cm GM version...

Close Up of my new Hermes CDC Ring in Rouge H Chamonix with Gold happy to find this in my size!!

And one of my fave shoes...Ann D buckle open-toe wedge booties!

Close-up of my Chanel earrings..

ODJ No. 2
- Zara leopard print blouse
- Zara camel blazer with black lapels
- Vintage sheer black 2-layer wide leg Kulat Palazzo pants
- Hermes special order RUBIS Togo 35cm Birkin Gold HW with Pink tone-on-tone lining and leather wrapped lock
- Hermes 24mm Reversible Belt in Chocolat chamonix with "Quia" brushed gold buckle
- Chanel 09A Paris-Moscou "Lioubov" burgundy/gold heart dangling earrings
- Dior FW2010 runway "Cavaliere" brown buckled booties
- Chloe "Myrte" sunglasses with brown/matte gold rim & gradient brown lens

Got this vintage sheer black 2-layer wide leg Kulat Palazzo pants from it!

Rubis is a nice splash of color on anything leopard....

Close-up of my Chanel "Lioubov" earrings..

And I have to highlight this pair of Dior booties!!! I have been lusting for it since I saw it at the Dior runway show pix!!! I am so happy to find it at Nordstrom!!

Showcasing my Rubis Birkin 35cm

Decorating Miss Rubis with Hermes "Brides de Gala Bayadere" Pink Twillies..

I was originally thinking of doing a tone-on-tone or contrast stitching for this Rubis color. But then, I want this lovely raspberry color to be a nice neutral for me, and it is such a lovely leather color on its own, so instead I opted to keep its original stitching color. Besides all my other 3 SOs are with a different stitching color from the original version, so why not keep a Birkin with the original stitching color? (I really put a lot of thoughts on the specifications of my special orders before I take the plunge.)

My favorite leather covered lock and my initials blind stamped on the clochette...

I chose Pink because I wanted the pink undertone of Rubis to come out more (especially for this Togo leather which is more pinkish than the other leathers). I've originally thought of Rose Tyrien as the lining, but then the depth of pink is too similar to the Rubis, so I opted for this lighter Pink to have a tone-on-tone effect.

Decorating Miss Rubis with Hermes "ExLibris en Camouflage" Pink Twillies..

Outdoor pictures of Miss Rubis/Pink under natural day light...

Now, let us go to the other non-Birkin Hermes bags which I've scored in Paris....:)

All-Leather Kelly Lakis 28cm in Etoupe Swift Palladium HW
(This bag is NOT mine.  I bought this for my good friend as she has been looking for one for a long time. This is such a lucky find as Kelly Lakis, esp. this all leather version in swift, is extremely rare, even rarer than Birkins!!  I am still waiting for my perfect Kelly Lakis in Size 32 or 35cm in Vert Bronze or Bleu de Malte or Prune color......hope I can find it next year!)

Can you believe a Kelly Lakis 28cm swift is more expensive than a Birkin 35cm or shoulder birkin?  It must be the massive hardware used on the bag....

Lindy 34cm in Rubis Taurillon Clemence Palladium HW
(This bag is NOT mine again.  It is for my college friend in Manila.  It was such a lucky find as it wasn't available the 1st 2 days when I visited the H mothership store, and then one day, I just saw it sitting on the shelf of the H mothership store and I immediately asked if I can buy it and the SA said yes!!! It was the only piece in the whole of Paris!!  When I told my friend I got her dream bag, she was in Cloud 9!!!)

Comparison pictures of Rubis: 
 My friend's Lindy in Taurillon Clemence and my Rubis Birkin in Togo..

Left is Togo of my Rubis Birkin, Right is Taurillon Clemence of my friend's Lindy...

As you can see, Rubis in Taurillon Clemence is darker than Rubis in Togo...

Now, the following 2 non-Birkin Hermes bags are MINE! :)  

Paris Bombay PM size in Raisin Box leather with vache naturelle lining
(I really didn't expect to see this because the bag was a 2006 release, and both the leather and color had been rested for a long time already.  You can imagine when I saw this at the shelf, I just had to bring it home!  Again a RARE FIND!)

Box leather and Raisin is just soooo divine!!! My first Box leather in my small H bag collection and I want more!!!!

Comparing the colors of Iris Togo Birkin with Raisin Box Paris Bombay....both shades of purples are DIVINE!!

Totally different right? Justified to have a Raisin birkin in the future? LOL!

ODJ No. 1:
- Kookai taupe drape neck top
- No brand purple chiffon tunic
- Baby Jane by Cacharel navy jacket
- No brand indigo jeans
- Hermes 24mm Sanguine Belt with Brushed Gold Oval buckle (a new buy from Paris)
- Hermes Paris-Bombay PM in Raisin Box

- Chanel dangling earrings
- Roger Vivier coral suede peeptoe pumps (a new buy from Paris)
- Chanel purple sunnies with bow (a new buy from Paris)

I really love this brick red Hermes "Sanguine" which is perfect with the gold buckle.  This is a new color from the SS2011 collection...

This is my 1st pair of Roger Vivier it!!  So comfy and very understated French chicness!  I totally bought 4 pairs of Roger Vivier during my Paris trip....:P

My new Chanel purple sunnies with bow!

ODJ No. 2:
- b+ab black tunic with asymmetrical hem
- b+ab lilac cardigan with ruffles
- Kookai dark gray stretch pants
- Hermes "Lalbhai" 140cm Summer Twill
- Hermes Paris-Bombay PM in Raisin Box
- Chanel pink/gold dangling earrings from 2010
- Chanel multicolor ring
- Missoni multi-color wedge
- Black straw hat from Japan
- Chanel purple sunnies with bow (a new buy from Paris as well)

With my Fedora straw hat...

Close-up of Hermes Lalbhai summer twill.....this is a super light-weight silk from Hermes which is a new "invention" for the SS2011 collection

Chanel earrings and ring..

Missoni wedge..

Day light pix of my Raisin Box Paris Bombay...

Miss Iris with Miss Raisin Box Paris-Bombay again....I think I can't stop with only 2 purples....LOL!

Marwari GM in Gold Taurillon Clemence with Ebene strap
(I've been wanting to find a nice understated and discreet shoulder bag from Hermes which can be used as a daily casual bag.  Birkins and shoulder birkins or even Kellys are great, but they are too "high profile" where everybody will know you're carrying a Hermes bag.....which I am not that comfortable esp. when I am with my in-laws. :P  I am so happy to find my perfect Marwari GM because I have been looking for this exact GOLD color!  I love Marwari in gold color due to the "tan" hue which is a very versatile neutral color!)

I have my initials blind stamped hiding under the strap...hehe!

 Inside of bag...


Comparing the color of Gold Taurillon Clemence with my new Hermes Fauve Barenia "Cab" leather bracelet...

My outfit details:
- Kookai black/beige/orange striped knit top with shimmer
- H&M sleeveless beige trench dress/coat
- Kookai dark gray stretch pants
- Hermes Marwari GM in Gold Taurillon Clemence
- Hermes Tonkin Buffalo Horn & Laquer necklace in yellow
- Hermes "Cab" leather bracelet in Fauve Barenia
- Topshop gold owl dangling earrings
- Chanel beige/black wedge (a new buy from Paris trip)
- Chloe "Litchi" sunglasses

More outdoor picture of my Hermes Marwari GM under natural day light...

My new Hermes "Cab" leather bracelet in Fauve Barenia...

As you might already know, I collect all sorts of owl accessories....:)

And my new Chanel wedge...

 Last but not least, family pictures of my Special Order Birkins...


I am loving each and every single piece to the bottom of my heart. Yes, they are special orders, but they are even more special to me because each Birkin represents a sweet memory of my wedding anniversary as my hubby has promised to gift me 2 Birkins per year as my anniversary present. :)

Hope you've enjoyed all the pictures!  Next up will be my very mini Chanel reveal...:)  Stay tuned!  Happy Mother's Day!

Gros Bisous,


  1. ohhhh finalllyyy!!!
    congratulations mia for the long awaited hermes treasures!
    u definitely deserve an ultimate reveal!
    love the jewellery and twillies!
    how fabulous is that!

    i was about to ask if there's a lindy in rubis, then i saw the picture and it really took my breath awayyy!! ohhhh i sooo am loving that rubis shade!

    and the iris! wow!
    i'm still speechless!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE them all over & over again! Both the colors of iris & rubis are really growing on me, especially with the GOLD hardware! Congrats with your special gifts again!

  4. They are all so pretty! I can't pick a favorite! Just stunning! xoxox Megan

  5. STUNNING! I have to pick up my jaw from the floor. ;-) Love the colors you picked out for the contrasting linings and loving the way you combine colors, patterns, etc. Miss you! xo. -k

  6. Mia, I truly enjoyed your pictures! I always love to see your action pictures, really!

    Hey, love your Iris Birkin. It looks a little lighter in color to me. Have not seen this color IRL, but from other pictures, thought it's a darker purple! Love Rubis as well.

    And I remember you have a soleil Lindy as well? You really picked all the best color! :)

    Keep the pictures coming! Looking forward to your next post on your "mini" Chanel reveal. Mini??? I doubt it! :)


  7. I just came across your blog! I love your taste for bags! ^^

  8. Hey Mia , i have not seen you for quite some times..and i am so happy to see you back to your blog again. And WOW you have really some drop dead beautiful brikins..and i am loving the one in rubis. May I know how did you place order at the Paris Boutique? and i tried to find the lindy in the Hermes website, but i could not find it , i wonder why? I am very new to Hermes so I would appreciate it if you could enlighten me plss.....
    I wish you and your family have a very good day :D

    Cheers, Shan Ty

  9. Oh i forgot to mention about your ANN D sandals ! they are truly amazing, you look absolutely fab in these sandals and i like the way you wear your long skirt. Beautiful!

  10. Yay! I'm finally in! Thanks again for the invite. ^_^

    With all these beauties, It's so hard to even say which one is my favorite but currently, that Iris with Vert Anis inside is just taking my breath away. It's so unexpected but the combo looks so perfect together. Great, great job on picking out all the details.

    I'm so glad to see you still pulling out your Chanel accessories and wearing them because I adore them as well. The camelia collection is one of my fav so I love seeing how you match them up with your wardrobe.

    Anyway, can't wait to see more of your outfits with your H.

    Take care!

  11. Hi Mia,
    As you already know I love your new purchases and I still get overwhelmed everytime I see that incredible huge orange H tower, lol! Love your style and your blog :)
    All the best,
    Anne Mari (purses & pugs)

  12. Hey jelita, as per our emails, hope you find your perfect ferrari red from Hermes soon! Keep searching and never give up! :D

  13. Hey Betsy,

    How are you doing? I sent you an email last Wednesday....not sure if you got it? Anyway, thanks so much for your compliments! Yes, I still love my Chanel costume jeweleries....but I'm really quite done with Chanel bags. :P I guess you will see more posts in the future with my H bags instead...LOL! Hope you find your dream reissues soon! Thanks again for dropping by! :) Take care!

  14. Hi Anne Mari, thanks so much again for your sweet compliments! :D Love your Balenciaga collection too! Hehe!

  15. Oh what a wonderful Hermes collection!I guess it will grow very very fast so hm if you need to make place for it and decide to sell some of your Chanel bags tell me please :-)

  16. Ive really enjoyed catching up with your blog Mia, what a fantastic collection you are growing! I still havent made my first Hermes purchase as I know I wont be able to stop once I start ha ha xxx


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