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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Chanel tweed jackets from Cruise 2010!!

I have too many Chanel bags, costume jeweleries and shoes already. So, I think it's time to explore the world of Chanel RTW. Chanel tweed jackets are so classic and I think investing in them is a wise choice. Of course, if you score them during the sale season, even better!

I'm done with Chanel Paris-Moscou stuff already, and waiting for my Fall stuff to hit the stores. So, I'm looking into the Cruise 2010 fashion show! Love Venice!! It's one of my favorite places! My wedding (both ceremony and banquet) in 2006 was suppose to be in Lido, Venice. That was our first choice. But the wedding planner said that the venue was full already. So, we went for plan B instead which was wedding ceremony and banquet in Switzerland. And we took our wedding photos in Rome Italy instead.

OK....back to Chanel. So, I was browsing the fashion show, and these 3 tweed jackets caught my eye.

I esp. like this 1st one because of the rich colors and I can already imagine wearing it with jeans and kind of thing. It's perfect for casual chic.

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This jacket is classic, except that it's in a bright red color. Well, if it's in black/white or navy or grayish color, or even burgundy/magenta color, I will definitely love it. Hope it comes in a different color.

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This one is more tailored, and I am thinking that the standing collar is cool! Ooh...don't you just love that statement necklace?!!! Umm, no bra tops for moi.

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What do you think? If you have to choose one, which will it be?


  1. For me, black tweed as I have a red already...hha......

    Oh, yap, no bra top for MOMs. hahahahaha...

  2. i'd choose the 3rd one.

    bra top + Chanel tweed jacket = subtle sexy + elegant.

  3. I'll choose the red one, so gorgeous.....


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