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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mason and his swimsuit parade....

I was looking at some of the recent and old pics of Mason, and I find these cute pictures where he's wearing his "swim suit". From a baby to a toddler....time flies!

This was taken when he's 7 months old.....preparing for his first swimming class. It's so much easier to take his pictures when he's younger. He was really chubby when he's a baby. We bring him to a nutritionist to "control" his diet because from his monthly check-ups, he's already way up exceeding the 100% line. LOL! Good that he's not that chubby now.

Now that Mason can run around, he just won't stand/sit still to let you take pictures. I had a hard time taking these pics.....phew!!


  1. Ok, what you have been feeding Mason? He is another 100% healthy boy i Know. haha....

  2. Haha!! Rachel! I'm feeding Mason really normal stuff. And he's actually allergic to a lot of things, like chicken, beef, eggs, fish/seafood, grapes, his choices are so limited.

    In his bowl of congee, I make sure that there is starchy vegetable, green vegetable, meat (he can only eat pork or mutton) and carbo. So, the combination is always like that. 2 times a day for congee and 3 times a day for milk (formula milk at 220ml each time). I didn't breast-feed Mason at all because I don't have milk after giving birth. That's my only regret.


  3. He has changed a lot.

    kids grow in different pace. my neighbor's daughter used to be very chubby, now she is like a stick.

    kids look cute when they are a little round.

  4. Haha...yes Julia! I love chubby kids too!! Always want to bite their arms and legs and cheeks! LOL!!

    Well, people still say that my son is "BIG"/"CHUBBY" even now that he's slimmer.....but I think he's just the normal size.

    As long as my son grows to at 5ft 8in tall, I'm happy. :D

    Oh...I think your son will be a 6-footer as he has a tall father, no?


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