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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Givenchy New Scores....on sale!!

I've been obsessed with these 2 pairs of Givenchy shoes since I saw them at Net-A-Porter. Even if those are in British pounds with tax refund shipping to my place, the prices are still pretty expensive. So, I waited and waited and waited.....till the USA big sale!!

So, here they are!!

This 1st pair is from Saks. The original price is US$840. I scored them at the 1st cut when the discount was 30% off. So, I paid only US$587.90. I'm so happy!

I love this lace effect on mesh, and the all-in-one "bootie-sandal" style. Haha! I plan to wear this with cropped pants.
(Side Note: What's with the mesh material these days? I can't help but notice a lot of designer brands are using mesh for their shoes!! I've seen it on Chanel, Givenchy, Valentino, Christian Louboutin...just to name a few. Maybe it's the trend.)

Quick modeling pics...

Now....on to the 2nd pair.....

I bought this from Barney's New York. I've asked my SA to keep an eye for me when this pair hits the sale. The original price was US$890. My SA contacted me for pre-sale before it hits the sales rack at 40% off. So, I paid for it at US$619. Then, after 1 week, I saw on Barney's website that this exact same pair had further made it to the 2nd cut!! So, I asked for a price adjustment (I learned about this US-exclusive tactics from my Purse Forum friends) and she did it! So, I finally paid only US$464.25 for this pair!! What a great price for a pair of Givenchy!

The heels and platform are all coated with chocolate brown leather...

I love taupe/gray colors very much (I don't really wear black that much so taupe/gray/khaki are my kind of "black"), that's why I fell in love with this pair when I saw it in this taupe/brown color combo. I love the lace-up style of this peep toe ankle bootie. The "shoe lace" is made of leather and the actual taupe color of the body of the shoes has some sort of "brush" effect which makes the leather even more unique. I love the color combo very much. It will go well with any kind of outfit, be it casual or formal.

Quick modeling pictures.....

Hope you enjoy the pictures. :D


  1. Mia: they look fab. on you.

    I did order one pair of G. heels in fuchsia as the lace style of yours...but returned it as the craftsmanship is not that good and my DH said it looks not so good on me...well.....I think he is just saying that so i can return it. haha...

    However, the second pair is a eye-popping heels ... it is edgy and fun. It suits your funky side well. :)

  2. Oh R!! Thanks! I saw the fuchsia one too! Do you have wider feet around the toe area? Coz this style is narrow in front (the horizontal strap). Or maybe it's because of the color? Too shocking maybe?

    Did you see this lace style? I think the craftsmanship is good for this lace style. But fuchsia one is not. Maybe it's because of the different leather.

    Oh well.....hehe.

    Thanks for stopping by again!


  3. Mia,
    Found your blog through Rachel's. I have the exact same lace givenchy! Got it from DSW for $199 a few months ago. Haven't had a chance to wear them out yet... Can't wait to see what you pair them with~ :)

  4. Hi hi!! Oh Wow!! Only US$199???! What is DSW? Gosh it's a really great price!! So, I bought it at an expensive price still....

    Congrats again!! We're twins!! I'll try to do a modeling picture with this pair of Givenchy's then. Hehehehe!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.


  5. First: Nancy....when did DSW carries Givenchy? Did you mean a duplica? or inspiration? Well..... Please enlighten me...I am very confused.

    Michelle: it is a chain store for shoes. :)


    yap, I have wider range around "BONEs" not TOES. haha... I used to dance a lot so I have slightly what they called bunion. (foot deformities) Not serious though. :( I still can wear strapped heels but very selective.

    Irene (white skin) also tried black Given. w/ grains on leather when we are in Vegas and we both love it too.

  6. Yeah, DSW is a discount shoe "warehouse" :) I was also pleasantly surprised when I found out they carry high end (or luxury according to their site) designer shoes. They are not replicas or inspirations.. they are the real deal! Certain stores carry more while others rarely have any. It's definitely hit or miss but great deals when you find them. :)

  7. those two pairs of Givenchy shoes are so gorgeous! i saw the first pair on magazine. i could not believe some of us bought them. they are dressy shoes, will make a statement in the party!

    did i spot a bister on your feet? haha.. i got a couple lately. it made me afraid of buying shoes for now.

    i wish i could just wear sneakers all the time.

    well, i could. but i choose not to. hm... if only i was 5'9 tall.

  8. a typo from above post: blister, not bister.

  9. hi, i love following your amazing fashion purchases. i found the second pair of givenchys online in black, but i am wondering about the sizing of the givenchy booties. could you help me out? do they recommend i go up a half size like most european designers? how do they feel after you break-in the shoes? please let me know at thanks so much!


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