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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

"How to Marry A Millionaire".....for more shoes???!!! it every girl's dream to marry a millionaire? Well, I don't think so. Not for me anyway....coz I don't think money alone can buy happiness!

Well, I'm not posting to teach you how to marry a millionaire or billionaire. That's out of my league. :P This "How to Marry A Millionaire" is actually a very whimsical shoe box from a brand named "Stella Luna". This brand is originally from Hong Kong. However, we don't have any Stella Luna shops here. Instead, the company's strategy is to launch the brand in China as the main market. Stella Luna boutiques are mostly located in various regions of China, as well as some other Asian countries such as Philippines, Taiwan, and Thailand. More information at the official website below:

Two of my friends from the Philippines, Charmaine and Kat, introduced me to this brand and they are the main "enablers" for my SL addiction! Well, I don't blame them coz these shoes are really cute and reasonably priced with good quality (less than US$200~250 a pair). it's not really an addiction yet, but I think I will buy more when I visit Manila this October. I think I'll go crazy when I'm actually at the store! LOL!!

Right now, I only own 3 pairs of Stella Luna and Charmaine helped me buy all of them in Manila. Then, I asked for my uncle's help to bring them here in HK to me. Too bad Stella Luna doesn't have online ordering system with overseas shipping yet......(but that's good in a sense so my wallet is safer...LOL!!)

So, without further are the cute boxes!

1st Pair: Patent Lipstick Red Pumps with Satin 3D Bow

I told you I have a weakness for bows....really love the 3D look of these satin bows...

Quick modeling pix...

2nd Pair: Black&White Satin Zebra Print Pointed Flats with Bow

Yet another pair of shoes with Bow! I fell in love with this pair of zebra flats after seeing my friend Rachel wear it. Thanks to Rachel's inspiration, I caved in and bought it! This pair is really comfortable and it spices up any outfit with these cool zebra prints!

Some quick modeling pix...

3rd Pair: Champagne/Light Gold/Blush/Cream Multicolor Satin Strappy Platform Sandals

I didn't plan to buy this originally. But my friend Charmaine kept telling me how pretty it is (she actually bought it too!!)....and under "peer pressure" (LOL!), I finally bought it! And Charmaine is soooooooo right! THIS IS SUCH A BEAUTIFUL PAIR OF STRAPPY SANDALS!

I am in love with the colorway so much! The colors are so subtle and perfect for summer! I have already planned to debut this pair of sandals with my DVF gold silk slouchy "harem" pants which I bought last month. I'll post modeling pix when I wear them later.

Love the knot in the middle of the satin straps, and the nice golden "studs" decorations on the sides to hold the straps together....

Love how the back of the sandals are weaved together....

Some quick modeling pix...

Back of the shoes...

Finally, a family picture of my "Millionaire" Stella Luna shoes.....

I'm looking forward to buying more in October when I am in Manila! Stella I come!! Yay! :D


  1. Those zebra bow shoes are insane! I think I want them!

  2. Love the shoes! esp the red bow!

    If I remember correctly... there's a stella luna in The Venetian, Macau...
    Just a ferry ride away from HK.

  3. love the red pumps,they are gorgeous

  4. Hi Dream Sequins, judebabe and nookie! Welcome to my blog....! Thanks for dropping me a line here. And thanks for your sweet compliments too!

    Yup...these shoes are really nice for the price. Try them try them!

    Oh yes! Thanks for reminding me that Macau Venetian has a Stella Luna boutique. Too bad I don't really go to Macau that often even though it's only 1.5 hours ferry ride. But I'll surely check it out if I go to Macau in the future.

    Thanks again for visiting my blog. I'll try to update my blog as often as my schedule permits. :P


  5. Mia, I am in love with your shoe purchases. I especially love the 2nd and 3rd pairs. You always have excellent tastes!!!!

    When are you going to do a total reveals of your purchases?? :)


  6. Yummmmmmmm! I'll take all of the above. What gorgeous foot candy!

  7. Hi Michele!! Welcome to my blog!! How are you doing? Thanks for your sweet compliments!

    Oh my great reveal will be around end of next week. I have more than 40 items to reveal so need time to take the pictures with modeling pix as well.

    So stay tuned! :P


  8. Hi Kristin! Welcome welcome! love shoes too? I try to post more eye candies next time...I still have like 14 pairs of Louboutins to reveal and also some Chanel shoes...hehe! Stay tuned!

    Thanks for visiting my blog!


  9. Hi, Mia: I love your/my zebra print flat very much too.

    Oh, I must say the bloody, melting red bow heels is gorgeous....they are so so adorable. I didn't see that pair in Taipei though.

    You know, when we girls went to Vegas, I ordered the DVF golden harem pants but end of not getting they would go on sale...lucky you that you found them. :) My friend, Pei, ask me to get them since they are on sale but I guess I past the frenzy to get them. So I just watch you model it and drool over then. haha.......

  10. LOve the red pair x

  11. cant wait to see you here in Oct Mia!!! we are twins w/ all 3 pairs wheeeee! Ive been marni crazed thanks to you hehehe!!!

    Omg. I envy you lots.

  13. lol...i think i need a pair just for the shoe box!!! and yes, i am one of those girls who would marry a millionaire just for the sake of more shoes and purses :P i'm semi-kidding...


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