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Saturday, September 12, 2009

My new Chanel shoes.....

I promised myself to at least post some pictures of my Chanel reveal before I leave for Paris for those who didn't get a chance to see my reveal on tPF.

So, here are the group shots of the 14 pairs of Chanel shoes I've bought the past few months!
- 2 pairs of peeptoe heels
- 3 pairs of pumps
- 4 pairs of high-heeled sandals
- 4 pairs of ballerina flats
- 1 pair of thongs

** Click on the pictures to enlarge**

Now I'm very contented with my Chanel shoes collection which comprise of 15 pairs of flats and heels (I also have a pair of mary jane flats in dark fuchsia with Chanel charms which I haven't posted here because it was a past year purchase). Maybe I'll add a pair or 2 every now and then, but won't splurge as crazy as I did the past months. LOL!! I'll see if I can score a pair of Chanel tweed pumps or booties when I'm in Paris. I'm also eyeing a pair of Chanel "2-Tone Around" platinum-black karung platform slingback. :P

Hahaha.....a woman can never have enough shoes!! But I'll go slowly this time....LOL!

Have a nice weekend everyone!

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  1. OMG!! Mia i love all the shoes and i think we are eyeing on the same pairs! Lol! i think i have around 10 pairs now and i am looking for a few more pumps and peep toes from this season to go on sale!! Lol!! yepp take it one at a time now!! you got so many gorgeous pair already!!the one thats eating me alife right now is the bow pump!!


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