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Friday, September 18, 2009

Winter Wool Coat...which one?

I'm sorry to be M.I.A. as I'm busy packing for my house move. I don't have much time left to pack after I come back from Paris, so I'm doing as much packing as I can now before I leave for Paris next Tuesday. I'm really so exhausted!! Not to mention taking my son to school and accompanying him inside the classroom everyday. I really think I deserve my short break!! LOL!

Anyway, I tend to buy a new wool coat every fall/winter...and I'm now thinking about which one to buy this year...hopefully buy it from Paris as I think it will be cheaper there.

I tried on these 3 coats last month (1 from Stella McCartney and 2 from Sonia Rykiel), and I can't make up my mind at all!! I love coats which are classic enough but with some sort of details / with a twist. So, I've selected these 3 coats...all special in their own unique ways. If you were me, which one will you choose? I have all sorts of wool coats in my wardrobe, so it doesn't really matter what I already have.....

1. Stella McCartney Black Long Wool Coat with Drape Pleats at the Back (Around US$2300)
==> I originally thought that the drape pleats will make my hips look bigger, but when I tried it on, it fits so well and that drape pleats at the back is really cool and chic! Not at all bulky or clumsy. You can't even see the drape from the front.....but when you look sideways and at the back, the "drama" is there!
** It doesn't look too good in the pictures, but it looks really good when tried on...hehe.

2. Sonia Rykiel Navy Double-Breasted Wool Coat with asymmetric Mongolian wool trim (Around US$2000)
==> the fluffy mongolian wool "collar"/trim is detachable. Also, the shoulders are quite "architectural" as it's not really flat and squarish, but a bit like "Balmain" exaggerated shoulders except that it's not THAT exaggerated. I totally love the "luxurious" and uptown look of this coat. This has the shortest length among the 3.
(You can also see this coat from net-a-porter below in black color:

3. Sonia Rykiel Black Long Wool Coat with flare "bell" sleeves (Around US$2000)
==> love the "kimono" look of this coat, esp. the special flare "bell" sleeves that were used. The shoulders are also the exaggerated type like Balmain (but not too much). Oh...that "Lips" belt looks so cute too on this coat (too bad it's sold separately...). Instant "Parisien" chic look....!

I welcome your votes! Hehehehe!



  1. definitely go for the Stella! I think it's best to stay with a coat that looks great open too, especially if you want to wear it out in HK sometimes. I think the fur will date the Rykiel coat quickly, and I just love the simplicity of the first coat.

  2. I'm instantly attracted to #3 because it's got all the elements that I love, cinched waist, bell sleeves, and funky details (lip belt). It would be an eye-catcher no matter where you go. That said, I'm not sure how long the look can last compared to the more classic looking ones though.

    With a Paris trip coming up, I don't know how you juggle packing, unpacking, Mason, and etc.! You and Rachel are like supermoms, I swear. :)

    Did you and Wai have a fun meet? We definitely miss her tons on tPF. Hope her wedding planning is going well.


  3. Hi Mia, I love the Stella coat. Like you, I also tend to get a coat every year. I guess it's because I get cold easily, LOL! so I always have some kind of coats with me at all times, hehe.

    For me, I have the tendency to grab for the classic coat a lot because I am worried about my coat clashing with my outfit. For those rare occasions when I do have time to really plan my outfit, then I'd would work my other coats into the mix.

    All the coats you have in mind are gorgeous, can't wait to see which one you end up getting :) Have a good weekend!

    Peachbaby from tPF

  4. Hey Mia,

    I was automatically drawn to #3 but they are all classy and you won't go wrong with any of one of them (or maybe two??)

    So Paris trip is coming, hope you score everything you're looking for. Have loads of fun!!!!! Be sure to share with us your goodies and good luck with your move too! :)

    BTW, did you get my tpf PM (to your reply)?


  5. hi mia,

    i think i would go with the first one, since it can be dressed up or down. ^^ but just a kind suggestion that i hope you would be resisted from the temptation of buying any animal fur! if you see videos of how they are made (especially from premium designers), you would know how cruel and heartless those people are! sorry for the rant, but i hope you have a safe and funnn trip (lots of shopping i hope, so i can see all the pretty things from paris :p)

  6. No 3 for me! Are you sure the Stella McCartney is actually wool? She uses vegan materials, and wool is not vegan...

    Also I highly recommend you go and check out the new Donna Karan coats, they are fabulous!

  7. OH, I just saw your post. YOu are probably in Pairs now.

    But here is what think. Their price are insane...of course for full price, they always are.

    I scored a Marc Jacob big coat last year when its original price is like $4000 down to $1500 around. It is alpaca wool and very very pretty beige/light camel, and it has that elegant boat neck design (which is not so plain classic but the whole style turns out very classic). So my point is you pick the right color (ex. black is always classic) and even there is something unique design on the coat, it won't kill its "long lasting" purpose. Small details will always add "exciting" elements and just like my Emporio Armani black wool coat which I wore to Pairs last year, "tuxedo" style at back and we never get tired of its look even it is like 5 years ago buy. :)

    Ok. but the price do matter, if you didn't pick the classic classic simple look, they go on sale like crazy eventually!!!!! That would kill you if you bought them in full price at the first place. haha..

  8. Dont know if i am too late but my favorite is the last one!! I think the the first two looks great but the last is the perfect one

  9. I KNOW I'm too late! What did you end up deciding? I guess you didn't look at Sweden's Camilla Wellton? Since you mentioned architectural, they might well have appealed?!


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