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Monday, November 9, 2009

A Couple of My New Shoes.....:D

Hi gals!

I promised to post pictures of a couple of my "newly bought" shoes. Some were bought in Paris when I was there in September, a couple in Hong Kong and Manila. I didn't have time to take pictures of my little shoes loot since I was moving home and lots have happened.

So, here they are now...

1. Guiseppe Zanotti Black Booties with Zipper Details
(I have loved this pair of boots since I tried them on locally at Lane Crawford. I saw them in Guiseppe Zanotti boutique at Rue St. Honore in Paris, and I must have them!! LOL!!)

2. Guiseppe Zanotti Purplish-Electric Blue Peeptoe Booties
(I really love the special cutting of this booties. Reminds me of Tulips..hehe! And the color is just to die for!! The color in real life is much more purplish than you see from these pix. :D)

3. Miu Miu Bow Platform Peeptoes in Washed/Brushed Nude-Pinkish Taupe Lambskin Leather
(It was love at first sight when I saw these in Hong Kong before I left for Paris! I love bows and peeptoes very much! I own so many different pairs of shoes with all sorts of bows...hehe! I esp. love the special color of this pair, since it feels so vintage. So hard to find this color where you can see different color patches around the shoes. So "brushed-effect"! And I was extremely happy to get it when it was the only one around town in my size. I'm lucky! Hehe! And surprisingly, it's comfy to walk on even though it's almost 5" in height coz the platform is thick enough. :D)

4. Stella Luna electric/cobalt blue Satin Peeptoes with Jewel Details
(I have loved this pair of Stella Luna the first time I saw the pictures from my tPF friend Charm. So, she hunted it down for me in Manila and helped me buy it! I finally got them when I met with Charm and they are just so perfect! :D)

The heels are in darker metallic patent navy color for contrast against the satin material....

Love the jewel details!!

5. Stella Luna black Gladiator platform Sandals
(When I found out that I don't really have a pair of black gladiator sandals (well, I've got all sorts of colors but not weird is that! LOL!), I remember seeing this from Rachel and she said it's comfortable. So, I asked my friend Charm to help me look for them in Manila and this was the last pair in my size! I'm lucky again! I tried them on when Charm gave them to me in Manila and they are really comfortable. Thanks Charm!!! :D)

So, that's it for my previous shoe purchases. Well, I still have 2 pairs of Louboutin coming from I'll reveal them when I get them. :D

And I want to share some belated Halloween pictures of my Mason. It's his first Halloween celebration at school (he goes to 2 schools hence 2 outfits), so it's really special to us. Thanks to Charm for lending one of her son's Carl's outfits! Hehehehe! Hope you enjoy the pix!



Mason riding his bike back home.....


Mason and his cute little classmate in her adorable witch outfit...

Mason's mischievous smile....(after doing something naughty...LOL!)

Love the fingers and the pumpkin paint on Mason's hand...

So that's all folks for now. I'll post pictures during the weekend for my ensembles. I hope I will be able to wear heels soon as my knees haven't completely recovered yet, but I really want to incorporate some of my new shoes above with my ensembles. :D

Have a nice day!



  1. wow those are really hot heels!! great buys

    come check out the first ever fashion blog from a guys POV, let He know what you think

  2. Awesome shoes Mia. Each pair is unique and special but all gorgeous and some sexy shoes!! I really like the Zipper Details on the Giuseppe Zanotti booties- fierce and edgy design.

  3. your son is looking very cute on those costumes. I especially like the vampire outfit. I think he is a sweet vampire with that smile ;)

  4. Beautiful shoes, I especially adore the Zanotti with the zipper details :)
    BTW, your son looks so cute as Buzz Light Year

  5. Ohlala!
    It's amazing!
    I've never seen so many shoes!
    Lucky you!
    You've got a lovely son too.
    Very nice blog, I love coco Chanel too!
    Coralie from Paris

  6. Oooh amazing buys! I especially love the little booties - what a colour!
    Your Mason is so cute in his outifts!!
    Have a great week
    Pearl x

  7. helooooo mare, I guess you have not recieved my emails, anyhoooooo, was w/ charm a while ago, actually we see each other every wed and sundays,had to comment when I saw the SL's black glads and blue booties, wheeeeee we are twins w/ all the Stella's you have, as in! oh are you meeting us in HK ba? will be there dec 27-30, Marco polo hotel namin. Keep me posted babe! stunning buys!!!! love. love,love!

  8. love the miu mius! They are so cute and wearable. And your boy is darling.

  9. Hi Fashion by He! Thanks so much! I dropped by your blog and it's a fun blog from a guys point of view. Great job! Some are just hilarious. Hahahaha...I hope I won't end up in your "not-approved-by-He" list...!! Thanks for dropping by!

    Hi Claudia, thanks thanks for your compliments. Haha...that Guiseppe Zanotti zipper booties...I love them, but my husband doesn't. He said it's like the stock market is going down with those "arrows" going downwards! Well, he works in the Finance sector so that's why he's so sensitive. Hahahahaha! Thanks for your compliments on Mason's vampire outfit too. You know what? It's so hard to ask him to put the cap on!

    Engineering Fashionista, hi there! Hey, may I know your name too? I remember you're from tPF, right? Sorry, too much anesthesia these days and my memory is not working too well. :P Anyway, thanks so much for your compliments! I'll be posting my new Louboutin shoes later as well. Stay tuned. :D

    Bonjour Coralie! Welcome to my blog. Wow, so you're from Paris?! It's my favourite city of all! I think it's pretty cold there now, right? When I was there in September, it's so hot and I think I've brought too many thick clothes. Hahahahah! Anyway, thanks for your compliments! I'm so happy that you like Chanel as well. Have you checked out my Chanel collection in my previous posts? Well, it's an endless addiction but I'm trying to slow down a bit now...hehe. Welcome again and merci beaucoup!

    Hi Pearl, thanks so much for your compliments! Yes, the color of that purplish blue peeptoe booties is just out of this world. I will try to model them with one of my ensembles. :D Have a great week too!

    Hi Kat! Marsee!! Kamusta na! What email? Did you send me email ba? I think I haven't received it. What's it about? Can you resend it? Haha.....pinigil ko sarili ko at Stella Luna when Charm and me were there. They have lots of nice shoes, pero kasi I've bought too many shoes didn't buy any except for the 2 I've posted which Charm bought for me. Perfect perfect! Love them! I did buy a Tyler shirt....great brand! Of course I'll see you gals in HK when you come here in December. Think hard where you gals want to go ha!! I should at least spend one day with you gals for non-stop shopping including Chanel! (Did you get the price info from Charm BTW? I told her about the prices of the mini and WOC in HK already kasi she said you're asking.) And of course, one night should be at Lan Kwai Fong for a drink! Hehehehehe! See you soon Mars! Take care!

    Hi Angela, thanks thanks! Yes, the miu miu's are just lovely! Love them! Thanks again!


  10. Mia.. i love all the shoes.. u know i was thinking about getting the zipper bootie and i was like i dont even wear my chanel and dior bootie enough and i said no, but i love the blue ones! Gosh i think i need to get those. u knw the miu miu ones has in black and yellow patent, i want it so much but i dont know where to find them, oh well. anyway i loe the two CLS too.. my sis wants the blue ones as well.. mia i just want to live in your shoes room

  11. btw mason is just way too cute! i love him best as a vampire

  12. LOVE the New Simples and glitter NPs!! Great choices, Mia :)

    LOL, you know whats funny? My brother had that same vampire costume when he was in kindergarten!!


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