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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Finally....details of my 1st GIVEAWAY :D

Hi Gals,

Sorry again for missing in action.  My flu became worse now and I even lost my voice.  Today's my son's 2nd birthday and we have also been busy preparing for his birthday.  Time flies!

Anyway, as promised I am giving away 2 things as my 1st GIVEAWAY:
1. Gay Giano Size 40 Black Cotton Blouse (approx. measurement details below):
- 15.5 inches ==> left shoulder to right shoulder
- 22 inches ==> sleeves length
- 24 inches ==> total length of blouse from collar to bottom
- 30 inches ==> waistline

Details of the blouse in front.....

This blouse is a classic piece for wearing with pants or skirts.  You can even wear something bright underneath as a layer as the cotton is not too thick for this blouse and you can see some bright colors popping out.

2. Cat Black Crystal Necklace
- I have owned this black cat crystal necklace for a while now, but have never worn it once.  Any of you out there like cats?  I think this necklace will be a great accessory for fitted V-neck outfits and some rock-style outfits.  The cat is "reversible" where you can wear it one side with the black crystals, and the other side is just matte brushed black metal.  It has a dangling/moving crown too...hehe!

 This is the other side...

This necklace is standard length...not too long nor too short...


If you wish to enter the GIVEAWAY, you just need to leave me a comment here and tell me 3 things:
- if you prefer the necklace more or the blouse more (so it's easier to do the allocation of the 2 giveaways)
- why you like my blog
- what you would like to see more on my blog in the future

Next Saturday (Dec 5), I will choose 2 lucky winners in total - one for the blouse and one for the necklace.  Then I'll announce it on my blog and will need the winners to give me their emails so that I can contact them to mail out the giveaways.  I am located in Hong Kong so it will take some time to mail it out to your place if you don't live in Asia.

Anyway, hope you like them both!



  1. i like the cat necklace more :)
    i like your blog because you have great style and taste
    in the future, i would LOVE to see more outfits and hauls : )

  2. Hi Mia,

    Your blog is something which I discovereed recently & been coming back occassionally because I'm a "new" Chanel fan. "New" meaning I've been in love with Chanel since late last year & bought my first one this Feb. Though you are totally not the typical designer brands' addicts coz you buy in bulk (that's amazing), mainly, it's your fetish for Chanel bags & all the lovable heels which kept me coming back for more. I used to write a personal blog but due to reaching the pictures upload limit, I stopped. However, Keep up the good job!

  3. I like the Cat necklace :)

    I read your blog because every entry that you've posted I feel that it has a little piece of me (my lust for Chanel and my love for clothing).

    More travels and the bags/shoes you brought/wore during your wandering days

  4. HI Mia!

    hope u feel better, i got a sore throat too and its been killing me since last night. Z is trying to get it better but its not working. Anyway,here's the list
    1. I like the blouse better (so me, black ruffles, kinda very thin fabric)
    2. I like your blog because i love your fashion sense, love looking at your haul (it makes me very happy), and i just adore you so much (you already know that) and it makes me feel closer to you (like you are right there~)
    3. I want to see more outfit shots (because they are soo creative and exciting), may be your closet shots ( i want to see the huge closets) and more pictures of Mason please (he is just the cutest kid i know)

    hope we both feel better

  5. I like the Blouse more.

    I love reading this blog because of your Chanel collection, For inspiring me to buy things i wouldn't usually buy, and your so detailed in describing what you have on :)

    I'd also love to see some closet shots. :) Other than that its already great.

    I hope You feel better

  6. Hi Mia, I hope that you have recovered by now!
    I like the top

    It's always fun to read your blog, i love to see your style but what I enjoy the most is reading the story behind the clothes, bag, shoes, etc...i still remember when you wrote about your 1st chanel bag (gift from your DH) sweet.

    Yeah...I agree with others would love to see pics of your closet.


  7. I like the blouse. So unassuming, casual yet elegant !

    Your style and fashion applies and appeals to me! You made it so easy to throw a bunch of thigs together and make it work. I love to see more!

    More pixs! Also more background history of the items you have i.e. where you found it.. what inspire you to buy..did someone special bought it for you..

    cheers, bonvic (bonnie)

  8. Thanks girls for your lovely comments and input. I really treasure all of them and will try to improve my blog with your inputs. Thanks also for your blessings. My voice is slowly recovering, but I still have cough. I hope I can recover in time to celebrate Xmas and sing Xmas carols! I love singing very very much!

    5 more days to go for the Giveaway.....:D


  9. Hi Mia,

    I love that necklace soooo much. Adorable.
    I like Ur blog, because U have a great taste and U look so gorgeous...I guess U are tooooo kind person in life. :-D
    I'd also love to see some Chanel. Haha! I'm a huge fan of Chanel...U know...

    Good luck everyone, but especially for me! Hihi!


    P.S.: I'm following U, too. :-)

  10. Hi janet! Thanks for your comments and following my blog. Good luck to you, and hope you get the necklace. BTW, I have posted my Chanel bag family portrait which I took picture in around April. My collection has even grown larger since then...hahahahahaha! Hopefully, I'll be able to take a family picture again, including my Chanel costume jeweleries and also shoes. Stay tuned. I'm so glad you're a fellow Chanel fan!! More power to you! Yay!


  11. 1. I love the blouse a lot more because of the gauzy, semi-see through material.
    2. I just discovered your blog like a couple of days ago and I'm so amazed at your style. Honestly, it's something that I'd see in Vogue or Harper's Bazaar but on a common person. It's the life I've always dreamed of but never imagined actually having it.
    3. I just started reading your blog so I'm reading through all of your old posts. I want to see more great outfits! I love them. And your Chanel collection:)



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