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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Winners of my First Giveaways....:D

Hello everyone,

Hope you are doing great.

I'm slowly recovering from my flu...still coughing, but better than last week.  Hope I can start singing again very soon!  You know, I love singing very much.  I used to be in a choir in school, participated in singing contests, love to sing to my son.....I'm singing everyday.  So, I need to get my voice back!!  LOL!

So, today's Dec 5, the lucky draw day of my 2 Giveaways (see details in my post:, which are:

1. Gay Giano black blouse

2. "Cat" black necklace with black crystals

So, 9 people left comment on my post about the Giveaway.  Thank you very much for your valuable input.  Really appreciate them.  Here are the 9 people's names:

2. soolynnie
3. livesinmnlph
4. lovelifelikefashion
5. Karla
6. Claudia
7. @~@ Bonvic
8. janettaylor
9. FashionFirst

Today, I've done the lucky draw, input the 9 names above into a lucky draw application online (courtesy of, and voila!

May I announce.....the lucky winner for my Gay Giano black blouse is....
(Congratulations to you :D)

And the lucky winner for my CAT black crystal necklace is.....

(Congratulations to you :D) 


Again, congratulations to the lucky winners this time.  I'll have more Giveaway next time.....I'm still thinking what to Giveaway...hehe!

Winners, Kareen and Claudia, what to do now?  Simple.

Just email me at  Let me know your contact name and address, and I'll mail out the gifts to you on Monday.  As you know, I'm residing in Hong Kong, so if you're not located in Asia, it may take a while to reach you.  :P

When you receive the gifts, please remember to leave me a comment here or email me so that I will know you got them safely.  Hope you like the little gifts from me.

Thanks again for visiting my blog.  Till next time.

Happy weekend everyone!



  1. congrats on your first giveaway! fun stuff.

    i am still hesitate to get a fur vest. i wouldn't want to get a faux fur because it feesl yike, and i am not into a whole piece of fur clothes. i am ok to wear fur as accessories around coat or scarf.

    between two fur vests you modeled, i like the cream/beige rabbit fur vest more. and how you wear it is just smart. the sequin belt, and the heels... - that's a fierce fashionista portrait there.

  2. Aw, get better soon! I'm coming down with a cold right now and it's horrible! The only good thing about it is that I can't taste anything, so I'm not going to get those frequent cravings for junk food. Haha.


  3. wow! I can't belive I won as I don't remember winning anything when entering giveaways.

    THANK YOU, Mia!!!
    I'll keep praying for soon and full recovery.

  4. Aw Mia you are so generous! I do hope you feel better soon, and well done to the lucky winners! xx

  5. OMG thanks so much Mia :) You made my day! I hope you feel better soon :)love from Canada

  6. Hi Mia! What a fun idea-- a giveaway. :-) I heard from Wai that you may be going to the wedding? I can't wait to meet you then. (I am working on getting tix and visa after I heard that tix were getting scarce). Love the outfit with the black vest and the red Loubs. The dark, deep red really makes the outfit pop. Hope you've recovered and that your adorable son is doing well! -kai

  7. Hi everyone! Thanks so much again! Claudia and Kareen have both contacted me already, so I'm goingto seng the giveaways to them. It's raining so hard today here, so I didn't manage to go to the post office today. I'll mail then out tomorrow then. :D

    Hey Julia No. 1, thanks! I think fur collars/scarves are just as great! I have a rainbow color of fox scarves/collar where you can just put it around your neck and voila! It's so warm and cozy! You should get one too! You will look marvelous in them. :D

    Hey Julia No. 2 (FashionFirst)....sorry have to call you Julie No. 2 coz we have another Julia here...hehehehe! Lovely name! I'm sorry to hear about your cold. Hope you will recover soon! These days, the weather is just so unpredictable. Hahaha...junk foods! I love them! I can't live without ice-creams, cakes, potato chips and chocolates! They make me happy! I think you can never completely omit them in your life, just have a little piece once in a while...hehehehhe! Take care and get well soon!

    Claudia, got your 2nd email. Will get back to you soon. :D Congrats again!

    Hi Pearl! Thanks thanks! Maybe you can join my giveaway next time too...hehehe! :D

    Hi Kareen, got your email too. But want to clarify your address. Please reply to my email if you have time....thanks! Congrats again!

    Hi Kai! Thanks thanks! How are yo doing? Yes yes, the flight to Burma is really full so better hurry up. We don't have direct flight to Burma, so we have to stop over Singapore.....(Can also stop over in Bangkok but that flight is full already and can't even wait list!) I guess coz Wai has too many wedding guests going there and that's why the plane is full! LOL!!! I finally got my tickets this afternoon. So yes, my DH and I are going together and we'll meet you there! We're leaving on the 11th early morning can't join the activities after the wedding. Hope to see you soon too! Take care!




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