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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Fur + Sequins + Lace + Chiffon + Ruffles! Mixing them all together! :D

I am loving the winter season very much as I get to wear furs. :P  Furs are great investment piece whether it's real fur or fake ones.  I own several rabbit fur pieces and also some faux furs, and I love them equally.  Some are Japanese brands, some were bought in Paris, some from the US and some were bought locally here.  Furs always make the ensembles instantly luxurious and "richer in texture".

I have 3 ensembles to share with you on how I wear my furs, whether it's a vest style or a coat style.....

Before that, this is another fur ensemble I posted 2 days ago together with several other shirt dresses ensembles titled " Shirt versatile! Different ways to wear them..."

Just visit my post below for more details on the ensemble and how I wear my other shirt dresses:

1st Ensemble:
(Rabbit Fur + Sequins + Lace)
- Bottom Layer: Beige with shimmering gold victorian-inspired top with lace and ruffles (no brand bought from a local shop)
- Top Layer: Cream color rabbit fur cropped jacket (no brand bought from a local shop)

- United Colors of Benetton black loose sarouel pants

- Chanel 09A Bronze 2.55 reissue w/ aged matte silver hw

- Guiseppe Zanotti black booties with zipper details (bought from Paris)

- Belt: Zara dark gold thick sequined belt with zipper
- Brooch: Chanel 09prefall Paris-Moscou fresh water pearls & cabochon brooch from the "Bolchoi" Collection
- Earrings: Chanel 09A black/gold dangling earrings with surrounding pearls from the "Malta" Collection
- Ring: Chanel 09A multi CC ring in gold from the "CC Follies" Collection
- Sunglasses: Tom Ford "Jaquelin" black sunglasses w/ orange rim and brown gradient lens


So, this is the complete look with the fur on.  I pinned the Chanel brooch on the fur to see how it looks.  Not bad. :P 

The most important part of this ensemble is actually the sequined belt.  Without the belt, the whole outfit will look very dull and "shapeless" as the pants are really slouchy.  I deliberately wore the belt high up for a high-waist look.  I am so glad I found this sequined belt from Zara and I bought a total of 2 colors - black and this dark gold.  They are really nice accessories to spice up lots of outfits. :D

This Bolchoi brooch was the first brooch I set my eyes upon when I saw the Chanel 09A Prefall Paris-Moscou fashion show.  This brooch was featured in the runway.  Since then, I have searched for this brooch high and low because our local Chanel boutique didn't order this entire Bolchoi collection.  I finally found it in Paris...thanks to my friend who brought it home for me!!  It's an expensive piece (more than US$1000+) because of the fresh water pearls but I think it's all worth the money.  Also, I seldom see Chanel making a square-shaped brooch that's why it's so precious to me.  There are several more styles of brooch from the Bolchoi collection (I bought 1 more with a totally different design), but I love this the most.

 I really love the fresh water pearls made into flower shapes...

Then I took off my fur jacket and pinned the Chanel Bolchoi brooch in the middle of my top.  Not bad too!  Hehehe...I love playing around with brooches.  (Next time I have to show you guys my "humble" Chanel brooch collection. :D)  Now, you can see the details of my top.  I love anything victorian-inspired.  That's why I bought 2 colors for this top - a dark gray with shimmering silver and also this beige w/ gold shimmers.

I love the slightly princess sleeves and also the lace/ruffles details, and also the silhouette of the sleeves.  I'm so happy to find this top from a local boutique.  It's really a hidden treasure.  

And these Zanotti heart heart!!

I also love the ruched details at the bottom of the pants...

 Close-up of my Chanel ring from 09A "CC Follies" collection
The texture, the size, and the style of the CC logos on the ring are all different....

Close-up of my Chanel earrings from the 09A "Malta Collection"

Love that the pearls are embedded inside the beads...and the sides are with's interesting to look from the side too....looks like the pearls are inside the "water"!

Me wearing the earrings..

2nd Ensemble:
(Faux Fur Vest + Chiffon)
- Bottom Layer: Nice Claup yellowish-green wrinkled camisole with lace neckline
- Middle Layer: Mysty Woman red/black mini-floral print chiffon blouse w/ 3/4 length princess sleeves
- Top Layer: Mysty Woman black faux fur cropped vest with velvet ribbon

- H&M washed jeans (folded up)

- Chanel 09P Valentine limited edition black lambskin flap with multi-color heart charms

- Christian Louboutin patent metallic red 120mm "New Simple" pumps with platform

- Necklace: Chanel 09 Cruise black/gold multi-CC heart necklace from the "CC Love" Collection
- Earrings: Chanel 09Prefall Paris-Moscou burgundy/gold heart dangling earrings from the "Lioubov" Collection
- Sunglasses: Chloe "Litchi" CL2161 seashell/black acetate oversized sunglasses


I'm loving my red nail polish.....:D  It's from Giorgio Armani Xmas limited edition No. 41.


Fur and chiffon really goes well together.  You can try it.  I unbuttoned the 1st few buttons of my chiffon blouse to show the lace neckline of my yellow-green camisole for some contrast.

Close-up of my ensemble...


I am loving this Louboutin New Simple 120mm heels!  They are really more comfortable than the Simple pumps or Ron Ron pumps 100mm.  I am glad that I am able to buy them back after not buying them during my Paris trip.


Close-up of my Black Valentine's flap......
(I love this funky twist to the black classic flap.  I originally own the coral/pink Valentine flap from this same collection but sold it to buy this black one because the coral/pink one is just not a true coral color which I hoped for, and it's too easy to get dirty esp. the corners.)

Close-up of my Chanel "CC Love" necklace

 Close-Up of my Chanel "Lioubov" earrings..

3rd Ensemble which I've posted on tPF before:
(Faux Fur Vest + Chiffon + Ruffles)
Bottom Layer: Coigirl Magic cream/ecru turtle neck w/ extra long sleeves
Middle Layer: As Know As De Base gray blue/taupe/purple/orange....etc patterned patchwork chiffon layered dress w/ velvet neckline & loose sleeves
Top Layer: As Know As De Base dark beige/taupe "fluffy" faux fur short vest with collar

- Option 1: Chanel 08 Cruise Lambskin Medium Icon Flap in Rouge Claire w/ silver hw and new chain
- Option 2: Chanel 08A Metallic Navy Reissue 227 w/ black hw

- Staccato gray leather high heeled long boots w/ side ribbon

- Scarf: As Know As De Base
matching chiffon ruffled scarf which comes with the dress
- Earrings: Heart-shaped hand-made murano glass dangling earrings in beige pink (no brand - bought in Italy)
- Sunglasses: Tom Ford "Jaquelin" black sunglasses w/ orange rim and brown gradient lens
- Hosiery: dark brown opaque tights

So, I'm trying this outfit w/ only the "fur" vest without the scarf ... plus my rouge claire icon flap (actually, this color looks like peach).... This kind of "fluffy" vest / coat is very popular in Japan. It's everywhere here in HK....LOL!! Super comfy!!

I chose this peach icon flap coz there are are some little orange dots on the dress.....and this color will give a good contrast to the mellow colors of this dress. What do you think?

Then, I also tried this outfit with my metallic navy reissue w/ black hw since this dark navy matches well w/ grayish/taupe colors.

Then I took off the vest and tried on the scarf. The scarf is exactly the same pattern/print as the dress, but it was made into some sort of ruffled scarf as an accessory and you can wear it any way you can to add some "volume" to the dress. Love the details and how everything is "curled".

Well, I finally decided to go with the peach flap as I love the color contrast better.
I also tried to do scarf + vest together to see if it's tooooo much....hehehehe...

Fun shot...

Close-up of my earrings..

Close-ups of my dress + scarf and fluffy faux fur vest ....

Love the patterns of this dress!

Can you see the bluish gray velvet neckline of this dress? Also, the inside lining of the fluffy vest is made of satin houndstooth pattern....interesting!

And the ruffled chiffon scarf......I look like a busy bee.....LOL!! But I love mixing everything together!!

That's all folks for my "fur" episode.  So, any favourites?  When it is colder here, I'll model more of my furs next time.  Hope you enjoyed the pictures.  Have a nice week!



  1. geez....I think I can't have enough seeing all those pretty clothes you got!! Seriously you can open a vintage shop ON LINE!!!!

    I love the last look w/ navy reissue + black chain since i can work your clothes w/ my fur vest from et Vous. hahaha... Yours is too cute and it only can work w/ YOUR ORANGE classic...hah... so willyou sell that whole ensemble to me then?? hah... JK!!

    All of the little baubles are very cute and also new simple CL heels. Love the wet maroon look. Oh, can you fold/hide a little of that too wide sequins belt since I think it is a bit overwhelmed on your tiny waist!! :P

  2. Thanks R! Haha.....vintage shop online? Maybe yes if I have the time to do it. But definitely not now....

    I love my clothes too much....I tend to keep anything which I can still wear.

    Oh...the wide sequins belt? I love it that way. I tried a thinner sequined belt but didn't look that good as my pants are really high-waist. Besides, My waist is not tiny at all, that's why this wide belt works well to cover the top part of my hips and also my belly. A thinner belt would have exposed all those parts where you will see bulges...hehehe...believe me, i know my body well...LOL! But of course if you are the one wearing this, no need to hide anything. That's the beauty of a model figure, and a challenge for the majority of us who don't possess one.

  3. Oh I love all these outfits, all so differnt but I think I love the first most as I love its Russian vibe! Your brooch is exquisite. I have a simillar one but just last week it fell off my jacket and smashed so it is now in Paris being repaired, thats what I love about Chanel they always look after your pieces for you. Lets hope it gets back to me soon! xx

  4. I LOVE your outfits!! the 2nd ensemble is my fav..beautiful!

  5. I just LOVE all your finds (Victorian tops and rabbit fur jackets) from those local HK shops! My fave outfit has to be the one with the gorgeous sequins belt! Perfection!

  6. Hi Pearl! Thanks! Oh so sorry about your Chanel brooch...but no worries. Paris will take care of that brooch for you. Their repair work is just great! But when we send our stuff to Paris from here, it takes us around 6 months before we can get back our return item. I think it will be faster since you're from Europe. What is the style of your Chanel brooch? Would love to see you model it some day! I bet it's lovely!

    Thanks Angela! Chanel really makes lovely brooches. :D

    Thanks Style Bird!

    Hi Michelle, thanks thanks! You should come her to shop shop shop! :D



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