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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Orange + Blue ..... A Perfect Combo!

Hi Dears,

Sorry for the lack of post after Valentine's Day.  Have been busy "canvassing" different properties as we plan to buy an apartment for my in-laws so that they can live nearer to our home. 

Anyway, hope all of you had a great weekend!  Now another post about color blocks!  Last time I mentioned about how I love the color blocks  "Red + Camel/Beige"  and also "Yellow + Grey" , so now, it's time for "Orange + Blue/Navy" which I adore as well!

Without further ado.......

Bottom Layer: Navy blue turtle neck
Middle Layer: Mango rust/navy/orange/brown floral loose fit blouse
Top Layer: Rust orange cropped dolman sleeves knit top with asymmetrical hem

Zara brownish charcoal wool pants (worn folded)

Celine mini size "Luggage Envelope" tote in Wine color

Chloe khaki/natural teak brown suede lace-up wedge booties from Fall Winter 2010

Orange/Navy/Cream multicolor zig zag print scarf
Mango brown/orange marble effect pendant necklace with tassels
Gold flower earrings with dangling multicolor beads (bought from a local store)
  Tom Ford "Jaquelin" black sunglasses w/ orange rim and brown gradient lens
 I simply love the art of layering....this patterned scarf with the same tone as the overall ensemble made the whole outfit "livelier"..:D
 Peek-a-boo!  Yup, there is a long necklace hiding under the scarf...
 Amazingly, these warm and cool tones blend well together....
 And do try to mix prints with the same color tone to make your outfit more interesting and original.  
(I didn't buy the scarf & the blouse at the same time, but I'm surprised that they actually match!)
 Taking off the scarf....showing only the necklace and the layering technique...
 But I really prefer this outfit with the scarf...that's why I'm a "scarfaholic" because scarves add so much fun to outfits!!
 Close-Up pictures
Even the marble pendant and the braided chain of this Mango necklace matches the whole tone of the outfit.  Hehehehe!  That's the fun of accessorizing!
 Close-up of my earrings
(chose an earrings with a flower to match the floral pattern of my blouse)
 And one of my recent new buys from the US December sale last year!  My Chloe wedge lace up booties!
 I missed out the non-suede version from 2009, so I'm happy to score this similar one last year.
 Very comfortable crazy about lace-up booties these days! LOL!
  Some more indoor pictures take for my new Chloe shoes...
 Love the knitted cuff around the ankles.....very cozy!
 With contrast laces and leather trim..

Dare to try Orange + Blue

Till my next post...probably will be about shoes. :D 



  1. oh i love the mango necklace!
    did u plan in advance what kind of accessory to buy for the clothes ensemble?
    or was it just a coincidence that it just happen to "click" fabulously??

  2. Hi Jelita, thanks! Nope I didn't plan any of these. I bought everything separately and at different times and in different places. (Actually, maybe it's better to plan in advance what to buy...hahaha! Will save more money that way. :P) But I usually buy as I see, and then I just pick the things I love. After a while, I will search in my wardrobe and see what goes well with what. It's a fun process to mix and match. :D

  3. oh p/s: hope u don't mind me adding your blog to my list on my blog side bar.
    feel free to visit me ok!

  4. Hi Jelita, my pleasure to be part of your blog. I'm actually very honored! :P Yup, will visit your blog too. Keep it up! Cheers, Mia

  5. Mia, love love your special edition luggage bag and the wedge. I always envy you can handle such high heels. I can't wear heels with more than 3" when I am running around with my kids.

  6. Nice to meet you...I am a Chanel lover too.
    I love your blog...will follow

    Please visit me and see if you want to follow me back?

    Thank you.

  7. Hi Mia-

    I love the Chloe lace-up wedge booties, they look very comfy too. And the Celine bag... the color TDF, gorgeous, gorgeous!!!


  8. Hi Mia,
    I'm a Chanel/Lanvin/Hermès lover...
    For me you are the best,you have a beautiful family, a fantastic blog and an endless collection of bags and shoes really really BEAUTIFUL...

    ps:sorry for my english!


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